Thursday, 10 September 2020


1 Luisa Gibson (Irvine) 1224 points
2 Arlene Sinclair (Irvine) 1037
3 Gillian Gowers (Loudoun Gowf) 1032
4 Audrey Thompson (Loudoun Gowf) 1015 
5 Aileen Anderson (Loudoun Gowf) 992
6 Alison Powell (Largs) 953
7 Lorna Spencer (Largs) 931
8 Pauline Patrick (Irvine) 928
9 Liz Keohone (Loudoun Gowf) 920
10 Marie Clare (Largs) 915
T11 Jocelyn Faris (West Kilbride) 902 & Sheena Hope (Kilmarnock(Barassie)) 902 
13 Rona Walker (Kilmarnock(Barassie)) 901 
14 Jennifer Gunson (Kilmarnock(Barassie)) 900 
15 Gillian Kennedy (Troon Welbeck) 877

1 Loudoun Gowf 914
2 Irvine 913
3 Largs 873
4 West Kilbride 835
5 Troon Welbeck 812 

1 Shaeen Ahmad (Balmore) 1226 points 
2 Andrea Torrie (Bearsden) 1222
3 Carol Maclarty (Taynuilt) 1144
4 Nicola Madden (Hilton Park) 1117
5 Tracy McColgan (Hilton Park) 1064
6 Gemma Canham (Helensburgh) 1044 
7 Justine Fulton (Hayston) 1021
8 Lindsay Garrett (Dunaverty) 992
9 Ailie MacBrayne (Dunaverty) 977 
10 Morag McFarlane (Balmore) 974 
11 Carrie Irvine (Bearsden) 972
12 Jackie Lightfoot (Helensburgh) 960 
13 Heidi Mullen (Clober) 949
14 Karen McIlvaney (Hilton Park) 948 
15 Elspeth Mulholland (Hilton Park) 938

1 Dunaverty 875
2 Balmore 872
3 Clober 871
4 Taynuilt 867
5 Bearsden 861 

1 Madeleine Macgregor (Hamilton) 1246 points 
2 Jackie Carty (Hollandbush) 1163
3 Anne-Marie Livingstone (Cawder) 1162
4 Megan Docherty (Bishopbriggs) 1130
5 Lesley Watson (Cathkin Braes) 1082
T6 Katie Graham (Hamilton) 1066 & Hayley McPherson (Bishopbriggs) 1066
8 Jennifer Weir (Cawder) 1065
9 Joy Mottram (Carnwath) 1041
10 Joanne Dymock (Colville Park) 1040
11 Catrina Pickard (Wishaw) 1025
12 Margaret Wright (Carluke) 1017
13 Nichola Craig (Lanark) 1011
14 Jackie Ross (Airdrie) 992
15 Louise Thom (Bishopbriggs) 968

1 Bishopbriggs 944
2 Wishaw 934
3 Colville Park 918
4 Carluke 902 
5 Cawder 871 

1 Lynn Forsyth (Paisley) 1105 points
2 Laura McGeachy (Haggs Castle) 1051
3 Jennifer Rankine (Haggs Castle) 1020
4 Susan Ramsay (Haggs Castle) 964
5 Fiona Macphee (Old Course Ranfurly) 963 
6 Stephanie Watson (Old Course Ranfurly) 960 
7 Ann McKenzie (Old Course Ranfurly) 941
8 Susan Morrow (Caldwell) 931
9 Birgit Clark (Old Course Ranfurly) 917
10 Elizabeth Russell (Ralston) 901
11 Sandra Reid (Renfrew) 882
12 Joan Drennan (Ralston) 878
13 Moira Barnett (Bonnyton) 866
14 Sandra Bell (Old Course Ranfurly) 865
15 Fiona Cameron (Cowglen) 835

1 Haggs Castle 931
2 Old Course Ranfurly 869
3 Paisley 848
T4 Caldwell 743 & Ralston 743


Following the First Minister’s update in Parliament today (10 September), Scottish Golf would like to clarify that on-course golf activity can continue under our current Phase 3 Guidance, with up to four players from four different household allowed to participate together. 

Golf Clubs with hospitality venues should also note that the following changes are effective from Monday 14 September:

A maximum of six people from two households can meet both indoors and outdoors.

Staff will be required by law to wear face coverings.

Customers will be required to wear face coverings while moving around inside a hospitality venue such as entering or exiting a venue or going to the toilet.

We thank all affiliated clubs for their ongoing cooperation during these challenging times. To keep up to date on the latest COVID-19 updates from Scottish Golf, please click here

Tuesday, 8 September 2020


 Heather MacRae
 (pictured above) won the PGA WPGA Championship for the 2nd year in a row 
today and 3rd time in all. 
The Scot posted a 36-hole score of 3-under at Kedleston Park to finish a shot clear of Keely  Chiericato & 2 ahead of Alison Nicholas 

Full scores --- CLICK HERE

Sunday, 6 September 2020


Jennifer Rankine - 2020 Haggs Castle Ladies Champion

Haggs Castle GC Finals Day
took place today in glorious sunshine.  

The Ladies final pitted 4 times champion Jennifer Rankine against 2014 Champion Laura McGeachy, a repeat of 4 previous Ladies Championship Finals. 

Both players had been in good form recently and the final was expected to be a close contest.  So it proved.  

Jennifer was 1 up playing the 11th and both players were slightly short with their tee shots.  Laura unfortunately missed an opportunity to get back to level. After halving the 12th Laura drove into trouble at 13th and went 2 down. 

Laura was again in difficulty at 14th to go 3 down.  The 15th was halved leaving Jennifer 3 up with 3 to play.  

The 16th was played well by both players but the resultant half left Jennifer a 3& 2 winner and Champion for the fifth time. 

Many thanks go to Neal Stewart for the report and photograph

Heather Mushet Elderslie Ladies champion 2020

A family affair for the Foster Family -- Amy and Brother Gregor are Champions

Amy Foster
 (pictured above) has just won the Ratho Park Ladies Club Championship this year. 

We understand that at just 20 she is the youngest ever winner of the Ladies Championship at Ratho. 

Amy, who is a 4th year student at Heriot Watt in Edinburgh won the Championship the same weekend her brother Gregor won the Royal Burgess mens Club championship. — A double family celebration.  

Thanks go to  a very proud  Dad ... Scott.who has sent us this news and many congrats go to the Foster Family. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

West of Scotland - MyGolfRankings - Week 35 - 2020


1 Aileen Anderson (Loudoun Gowf) 1099 points

2 Janet Harkness (Skelmorlie) 1041

3 Liz Keohone (Loudoun Gowf) 1035

4 Luisa Gibson (Irvine) 1019

5 June Dempster (Prestwick St Nicholas) 1016

6 Pauline Patrick (Irvine) 999

7 Lorna Spencer (Largs) 980

8 Sheena Hope (Kilmarnock(Barassie)) 975

9 Alison Powell (Largs) 968

10 Arlene Sinclair (Irvine) 962

11 Susan Dumigan (Prestwick St Nicholas) 931

12 Rona Walker (Kilmarnock(Barassie)) 901

13 Joanne Sharp (Kilmarnock(Barassie)) 884

14 Jean Capes (Largs) 871

15 Jane Gillen (West Kilbride) 863


1 Largs 877

2 Irvine 839

3 Prestwick St Nicholas 824

T4 Loudoun Gowf 800 & West Kilbride 800 


1 Shaeen Ahmad (Balmore) 1229 points

2 Carol Maclarty (Taynuilt) 1149

3 Andrea Torrie (Bearsden) 1086

4 Gemma Canham (Helensburgh) 1057

5 Tracy McColgan (Hilton Park) 1022

6 Justine Fulton (Hayston) 1021

7 Morag McFarlane (Balmore) 993

8 Lindsay Garrett (Dunaverty) 992

9 Jackie Lightfoot (Helensburgh) 989

10 Nicola Madden (Hilton Park) 979

11 Ailie MacBrayne (Dunaverty) 977

12 Heather Rodger (Vale of Leven) 954

13 Heidi Mullen (Clober) 949

14 Karen McIlvaney (Hilton Park) 943

15 Deirdre Anderson (Dullatur) 919


1 Dunaverty 875

2 Clober 871

3 Taynuilt 861

4 Dullatur 855

5 Balmore 834


1 Jackie Carty (Hollandbush) 1163 points

2 Anne-Marie Livingstone (Cawder) 1162

3 Nichola Craig (Lanark) 1067

4 Jennifer Weir (Cawder) 1065

5 Catrina Pickard (Wishaw) 1019

6 Margaret Wright (Carluke) 1017

7 Jackie Ross (Airdrie) 992

8 Ruth Hunter (Lanark) 949

9 Karen Charnley (Wishaw) 942

10 Christine Anne Sinclair (Carluke) 937

11 Joy Mottram (Carnwath) 929

12 Katie Graham (Hamilton) 916

13 Annyse Ewing (Carluke) 915

14 Linda McKay (East Kilbride) 911

15 Madeleine Macgregor (Hamilton) 905


1 Wishaw 934

2 Carluke 902

3 Cawder 871

4 Airdrie 858

5 Hollandbush 838


1 Laura McGeachy (Haggs Castle) 1106 points

2 Fiona Macphee (Old Course Ranfurly) 963

3 Susan Ramsay (Haggs Castle) 962

4 Stephanie Watson (Old Course Ranfurly) 960

5 Ann McKenzie (Old Course Ranfurly) 941

6 Fiona Cameron (Cowglen) 927

7 Birgit Clark (Old Course Ranfurly) 917

8 Elizabeth Russell (Ralston) 901

9 Joan Drennan (Ralston) 878

10 Moira Barnett (Bonnyton) 866

11 Sandra Bell (Old Course Ranfurly) 865

12 Lynn Forsyth (Paisley) 854

13 Charmaine Morton (Old Course Ranfurly) 832

14 Jennie Scott (Old Course Ranfurly) 819

15 Marion Downie (Old Course Ranfurly) 800


1 Old Course Ranfurly 869

2 Haggs Castle 766

3 Ralston 743

4 Bonnyton 693

5 Cowglen 681

Tuesday, 1 September 2020


 Denise Cowan (Photo courtesy of R Castle)

Congratulations go to Renfrewshire's former County Team player Denise Cowan who won the Ranfurly Castle Club Championship on Sunday beating Jan Macnab in the Final - To read the full report go to the Ranfurly Castle Ladies Blog 

Fiona and Shirley (photo courtesy of Alison McGinnigle)

Also that day the Douglas Park Golf Club held their finals day with D&A county team member Fiona Rattray putting on a display of great golf to beat Renfrewshire's Shirley Back  -- (Poor Shirley got stung at the side of her eye at the 3rd green by a wasp but I believe all is ok now.)

Helen and June
The Douglas Park Ladies Senior Championship (over 70's)  was a very close encounter between Past RLCGA County Captain June Lockhart and  Helen Robertson. This was a very friendly and close battle with Helen managing to win on the 18th 

No spectators were allowed to watch these matches so no more photos as I was a caddy in the Seniors Match !! -- However here is a short video at the end with Ladies Vice Captain Paula Galloway presenting the Seniors Trophy at the end.


In March 2020 there was a post about the
ladies proam that Julie Walker is running at Irvine Bogside on the 6th October.  This week, Julie got confirmation form the PGA that they are happy to support the event,

-- CLICK HERE ---- to read more from the original post


The website is here

The entry form can be downloaded here


There is a page on the PGA website


The UK’s first ladies-only Pro-Am is back for the third year running, and this time it’s heading to The Irvine Golf Club in Ayrshire on Tuesday October 6.

We know many of you were disappointed not to be able to head to the AIG Women's Open at Royal Troon this year, but this Scottish jaunt could be the next best thing.

Designed to let you experience some light-hearted team competition (and also win some fabulous team and individual prizes), the teams consistent of three amateurs and one professional.

Don’t know a female pro who would be up for it?

Well never fear, the organisers will find someone suitable to partner you up with. All you need to provide is yourself and two pals.

Entry is £255 per team of three amateurs and £30 per pro; this includes tea or coffee on arrival and a post-comp lunch, too.

Many teams have already signed up from across the UK, but there’s still time to gather your team before registration closes on September 18. To enter simply follow the link HERE

If you’re travelling from far away, well why not turn it into an excuse for a once-in-a-lifetime Scottish golf holiday with the girls?

The organisers have secured a special rate for Ladies Pro-Am players at the charming Riverside Lodge Hotel in Irvine, and also reserved tee times especially for the Pro-Am teams as nearby courses Glasgow Gailes on Monday October 5 and Kilmarnock Barassie on Wednesday October 7.

A few days away with friends, playing golf, winning prizes (hopefully) 

To find out more email or visit

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Germany's Aline Krauter wins the 117th Women's Amateur Championship

Germany’s Aline Krauter held her nerve to claim the biggest title of her career after winning the 117th Women’s Amateur Championship at West Lancashire.

The 20-year-old fought back from three down after the opening four holes to defeat Englishwoman Annabell Fuller, 18, by one-hole in a dramatic 18-hole final. It continued feel good success for German golf after Sophia Popov’s AIG Women’s Open triumph last weekend.

On links land along the River Mersey, Krauter – ranked 71st on the World Amateur Golf Ranking® (WAGR®) – emerged victorious from an international field of almost 100 players at the renowned venue.

Exciting chances

Krauter can now look forward to exciting opportunities, with exemptions into the AIG Women’s Open and, traditionally, the US Women’s Open, The Evian Championship and Augusta National Women's Amateur Championship.

She joins a roll of honour that includes former Women’s Amateur victors including Anna Nordqvist (2008), Georgia Hall (2013), Céline Boutier (2015), Leona Maguire (2017) and her German countrywoman, Leonie Harm (2018).

Krauter said, “It’s my biggest win, 100 per cent. I won the German Girls in 2016 and then I’ve played decently in some college tournaments in the US but not been close in one.

“I felt under control out there. I’m not sure what did the trick, but I was quite unphased on the course which I think helped me in the wind and the conditions. It was so fun to play in the final.

Breezy conditions

In her semi-final, Krauter who had beaten Scotland's Hannah Darling in the first round lost the opening hole to defending champion Emily Toy (who had beaten Scotland's Chloe Goadby in the 2nd round at the 20th hole ) but then reeled off three birdies in four holes to lead two up after six. Toy, who was seeking to become the first player to retain the title since Louise Stahle in 2005, again showed the battling instincts which have typified her week to level at the turn. They exchanged holes at the 11th and 13th, before Krauter secured match-winning birdies at the 15thand 16th to win 2&1.

Despite the sunshine, the breezy conditions remained a challenge and Fuller certainly adjusted to the conditions as she raced to a three-up lead after five holes against fellow 18-year-old Emilie Alba Paltrinieri, the 2016 Girls’ Amateur champion. 

Paltrinieri clawed a hole back at the 6th but Fuller then reeled off four holes in a row, helped by back-to-back birdies at the 7th and 8th, to go six up after 10 holes. Paltrinieri arrowed an approach to three feet at the short 12th to keep her hopes alive, but Fuller ended proceedings with a half at the 14th to seal a 5&4 success.

It represented another notable success for Fuller after defeating another Italian player, the world number five Alessia Nobilio, in the quarter-finals.

Final scores from the final can be found here.

Read the full report  From the R&A Website 

The championship, which was safely played as a closed-door event this week due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is contested next year at Kilmarnock (Barassie) in Ayrshire, Scotland from 8 – 12 June.

Friday, 28 August 2020

Chloe Goadby loses out to defending champion at the 20th hole

English duo Emily Toy and Annabell Fuller produced incredible finishes on a dramatic day at the 117th Women’s Amateur Championship to reach the semi-finals.

On a fantastic Friday at West Lancashire, defending champion Toy and former Curtis Cup player Fuller joined Aline Krauter from Germany and Italy’s Emile Alba Paltrinieri in the last four.

Toy, who only qualified on the cut mark from stroke play qualifying, built on her impressive victories on Thursday with two nail-biting successes after extra holes. In her morning last-16 tie with Scot Chloe Goadby, Toy dug deep to win the 18th after Goadby found the water off the tee. The pair halved the 19th with birdies, before Toy delivered another to claim a memorable success at the 20th

More heroics from the Carlyon Bay member came in the afternoon. The 22-year-old, who is bidding to become the first player to defend the Women’s Amateur title since 2005, was four down after 10 holes to Lithuania’s Gilė Bitė Starkutė. Again, she refused to be defeated and took the match to extra time after winning the 18th with a superb up-and-down and then emerged victorious at the 19th, her 39th hole of the day. It was tough luck on Starkutė, who had beaten another English player, in-form Emily Price, 3&2 in the last-16.

Hannah Darling the other Scot in the last 16 lost 3&2 in the morning to Aline Krauter (Germany) who won in the afternoon and now meets Emily Toy in the semi finals tomorrow

To read the full report go to the R&A WEBSITE

 For Matchplay results - CLICK HERE

Thursday, 27 August 2020


England’s Emily Toy maintained her bid to successfully defend the Women’s Amateur Championship after reaching the last-16 at West Lancashire.

Draw for the last 16 

Scotland’s Hannah Darling, 17, the Girls’ Under-16 Open Champion in 2018, ended the hopes of the leading qualifier Leth-Nissen in the afternoon with a one-hole victory.

Darling said, “It feels good to reach the last-16. I was just solid out there today. In both matches I think I was two down after three, so I’m just really proud of how I ground it out and stuck in there. It’s the type of golf course where anything can happen. I wouldn’t say it is a course you can go low on, you have to grind it out and scramble.

 It’s my first time in the Women’s Amateur, but it’s match play and I’ve done well in those events in the past so I just have to keep it going. I’m probably younger than most people out there but as my dad says, age has nothing to do it with it, and it’s about performing.” 

The only other Scot to reach the last 16 was Chloe Goadby (St Regulus) 

There was disappointment for Scotland’s Hazel MacGarvie as she exited at the last-64 stage as did Clara Young, Jasmine Mackintosh, Lorna McClymont 

Penelope Brown ( Auchterarder) made it to the 2nd round by winning her first round tie at the 23rd !!


Looking out the window this afternoon on yet another awful day - with last week the AIG Women's Open at Royal Troon and this week the British Women's Strokepay Championship at West Lancashire -- it reminded me a bit about the bad weather!!! 

 So looking down Memory Lane -- Here is the 2010 British Seniors Strokeplay Championship at West Kilbride and the weather wasn't much better there either !! 

 Bev New from Lansdown, Somerset, was the 2010 Senior British ladies’ open amateur champion. 


Have a wee look at the video below !!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Seven Scots Qualify for the British Amateur Matchplay Championship

At the renowned venue in the north-west, the English trio of Emily Price, Rosie Belsham and Isabelle Simpson were joined by Carolina Melgrati from Italy and Denmark’s Amalie Leth-Nissen in signing for one-under-par rounds of 71 in the Women's 
Amateur Championship Qualifier

From a starting field of almost 100 competitors aged from 13 to 57, the quintet led the top 64 players into the match play stage.

With stroke play qualifying reduced to one round after Tuesday’s inclement weather, play was delayed a further hour on Wednesday morning due to strong winds. West Lancashire, hosting the championship for the first time, was then blessed with far more favourable conditions. 

7 Scots have qualified for the Matchplay which starts tomorrow including West of Scotland's  Hazel MacGarvie (Royal Troon) and Lorna McClymont (Milngavie) the 2019 D&A County Champion 

Scottish Players - Matchplay Qualifiers (and position in draw) 

10 Clara Young (North Berwick) 73
16 Hazel MacGarvie (Royal Troon) 73
33 Hannah Darling ( Broomieknowe)  75
37 Jasmine Mackintosh (Murcar Links) 75
43 Lorna McClymont (Milngavie) 76
44 Chloe Goadby (St Regulus) 76 
46 Penny Brown (Auchterarder) 76

MYGOLFRANKING - West of Scotland Week 34 - 2030

1 Gillian Gowers (Loudoun Gowf) 1124 points 
2 Luisa Gibson (Irvine) 1019
3 June Dempster (Prestwick St Nicholas) 1016
4 Aileen Anderson (Loudoun Gowf) 1004 
5 Pauline Patrick (Irvine) 981
6 Lorna Spencer (Largs) 980
7 Audrey Thompson (Loudoun Gowf) 976
8 Sheena Hope (Kilmarnock(Barassie)) 975 
9 Liz Keohone (Loudoun Gowf) 960
10 Susan Dumigan (Prestwick St Nicholas) 931 
11 Janet Harkness (Skelmorlie) 928
12 Alison Powell (Largs) 927
13 Arlene Sinclair (Irvine) 912
14 Rona Walker (Kilmarnock(Barassie)) 901 
15 Jean Capes (Largs) 881

1 Largs 867
2 Loudoun Gowf 848
3 Prestwick St Nicholas 824 
4 Irvine 817
5 Kilmarnock (Barassie) 751

1 Shaeen Ahmad (Balmore) 1254 points 
2 Carol Maclarty (Taynuilt) 1104
3 Andrea Torrie (Bearsden) 1086
4 Heidi Mullen (Clober) 1067
5 Morag McFarlane (Balmore) 1042
6 Justine Fulton (Hayston) 1021
7 Tracy McColgan (Hilton Park) 991
8 Gemma Canham (Helensburgh) 982 
9 Jackie Lightfoot (Helensburgh) 954 
10 Ailie MacBrayne (Dunaverty) 947 
11 Alicia Wilson (Clober) 905
12 Marcia Stirling (Dullatur) 894
13 Gillian Ross (Bearsden) 884
14 Karen McIlvaney (Hilton Park) 881 
15 Susan Ferguson (Clober) 874

1 Clober 890
2 Taynuilt 851
3 Dullatur 840
4 Bearsden 829
5 Balmore 823

1 Anne-Marie Livingstone (Cawder) 1162 points 
2 Jackie Carty (Hollandbush) 1095
3 Nichola Craig (Lanark) 1067
4 Jennifer Weir (Cawder) 1065
5 Catrina Pickard (Wishaw) 1019
6 Margaret Wright (Carluke) 1015
7 Jackie Ross (Airdrie) 992
8 Jane Clark (Airdrie) 990
9 Annyse Ewing (Carluke) 965
10 Ruth Hunter (Lanark) 949
11 Karen Charnley (Wishaw) 942
12 Joyce Chalmers (East Kilbride) 921
13 Katie Graham (Hamilton) 916
14 Edel Doherty (Cawder) 908
15 Madeleine Macgregor (Hamilton) 905

1 Wishaw 934
2 Airdrie 908
3 Carluke 893
4 Cawder 883 
5 Bishopbriggs 

1 Laura McGeachy (Haggs Castle) 1106 points
2 Fiona Macphee (Old Course Ranfurly) 963
3 Susan Ramsay (Haggs Castle) 962
4 Stephanie Watson (Old Course Ranfurly) 960 
5 Ann McKenzie (Old Course Ranfurly) 941
6 Birgit Clark (Old Course Ranfurly) 917
7 Sandra Bell (Old Course Ranfurly) 865
8 Lynn Forsyth (Paisley) 854
9 Elizabeth Russell (Ralston) 838
10 Charmaine Morton (Old Course Ranfurly) 832 
11 Jennie Scott (Old Course Ranfurly) 819
12 Marion Downie (Old Course Ranfurly) 800 
13 Sheila Swinnerton (Old Course Ranfurly) 795 
14 Gillian Lavety (Old Course Ranfurly) 794 
15 Suzanne Smith (Old Course Ranfurly) 777

1 Old Course Ranfurly 869
2 Haggs Castle 766
3 Ralston 663
4 Paisley 635
5 Caldwell 603




Good luck to Katie Graham (pictured above) who is travelling to Oaklahoma today to begin her golf scholarship. 

Everyone at Hamilton Golf Club, the West of Scotland  and Scotland sends their best wishes and we hope you have an amazing experience in America. 

Tuesday, 25 August 2020


The first round of stroke play qualifying at The Amateur Championship and The Women’s Amateur Championship has been abandoned. 

The start of play was delayed by two hours this morning due to inclement weather.  Following a second suspension of play this afternoon at both courses, Royal Birkdale for the men and West Lancashire for the women, the decision was made to cancel the first round and all scores from today. 

A cut in both championships will now be made after one round of stroke play qualifying to be played tomorrow (Wednesday 26 August). The top 64 players and ties will go through to the match play stage of The Amateur Championship. The top 64 players will progress to match play at The Women’s Amateur Championship. 

Tee times for Wednesday 26 August are now available at

Monday, 24 August 2020

Debbie Pern’s appointment as club manager of Deeside Golf Club

By her own admission, Debbie Pern’s appointment as club manager of Deeside Golf Club in Scotland 17 years ago was probably seen as a bold move.

In an industry dominated by men, Pern was one of the first women in her role, but fast forward to 2020 and Deeside’s “risk” has paid off in spades, with turnover soaring and Pern herself becoming a leading light for other females to follow.

“I think the captain and council at the time probably took a risk in taking me on,” she says. “However, I was very passionate and my gender doesn’t influence any decisions that I make.

“I think in general manager positions, it makes absolutely no difference at all whether you’re female or male. We’re all passionate about the job we do and we get the same results if we’re driven.”

In the last ten years a handful of other golf clubs across Scotland have recruited female managers, and Pern believes the trend will continue as clubs recognize the benefits of having a diverse management team.

“I think the next generation coming through will see many, many more female general managers,” she continues.

“Mostly I see a difference in Europe and particularly going over to America. Some of the top clubs in America are now run by female general managers, which is fantastic.

“I think the global industry would hugely benefit from more female club managers. We bring a completely new dynamic to the whole ethos of what golf clubs are about.”

And Pern’s influence, combined with her expertise in hospitality, has brought success to Deeside.

“When I joined, the F&B operation was virtually non-existent. They were serving tins of macaroni to the members and thought it was acceptable,” she says.

“We’ve gone from a turnover of £70,000 up to about £450,000. I’ve created completely new kitchen and front of house teams, and my passion for working at the coal face has really helped.

“I think food and beverage in the golf industry is not given high enough profile. There’s not enough investment, creativity or rebuilding of the social aspect of it.”

Pern is a shining example and wants others to follow.

“I would encourage any female to get into golf club management,” she says. “It’s the best job in the world


Updated COVID-19 Guidance Issued to Scottish Golf Clubs

Following the First Minister’s update on Thursday 20 August, Scottish Golf is now in a position to provide all Clubs with an updated version of our Phase 3 Guidance for all Golf Clubs and Golfers. 

The following changes are effective:

From Monday 24 August

  • Outdoor coaching activity in groups of up to 30 will be permitted. 

From Monday 31 August:  

  • Access to indoor locker rooms and storage areas is permitted for the dropping off and collection of sports equipment or clothing.  The golf club should ensure mitigating actions are put in place to minimise the risk of virus transmission including physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning measures. 
  • Indoor Driving Ranges may re-open and facilities should ensure mitigating actions are put in place to minimise the risk of virus transmission including physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning measures. 

Scottish Golf will continue to keep all clubs and tournament organisers updated via our dedicated COVID-19 webpage which can be accessed here. 

We would once again like to thank all of our clubs and gofers across Scotland for your continued co-operation. It is important we continue to play our part in adhering to the latest guidance in place.

Sunday, 23 August 2020


Sophia Popov (pictured above) held her nerve superbly under immense pressure to record a life-changing win in the AIG Women’s Open at Royal Troon.

Three clear at the start of play on Sunday, world number 304 Popov could have been forgiven for feeling tense as she chased her maiden main-tour victory, not least when she bogeyed the first after finding a fairway bunker off the tee.

However, the 27-year-old bounced back superbly by birdieing three of the next four holes and she duly remained at the head of the field for the entire final round, ultimately signing for a 68 to triumph by two at seven under. The only other blemish on her card came when she played cautiously and sensibly on her way to a five at the par-4 18th, knowing she could afford to double-bogey and still win.

The champion’s accomplished performance was typified by the way she kicked ahead with the winning post in sight, recording back-to-back birdies on the 15th and 16th to effectively end the hopes of her rivals.

Having come into this event without an LPGA Tour card, Germany’s first female major winner can now celebrate a remarkable victory and a prize of $675,000 that comfortably dwarfs her previous career earnings.

Catriona Matthew finished  and Michele Thomson both had 5 over par 76's to finish T59th and 74th respectively  -- To read the full report go to AEG WEBSITE

Full Leaderboard from the AIG Women's Open from Royal Troon - Click Here


Full Leaderboard from the AIG Women's Open from Royal Troon - Click Here

Watch on Sky Sports on You Tube Live  afternoon session begins at 2pm if you don't have Sky Sports  - Day 4

Saturday, 22 August 2020

‘Women allowed in the clubhouse now, but it shouldn’t have taken until 2020’

Mel Reid on golfs slow pace of change by Martin Dempster 

A welcome wind of change has blown through Royal Troon. Just ask Mel Reid, who wasn’t even allowed in the clubhouse when she won twice as an amateur at the Ayrshire venue but is now among those making history in the AIG Women’s Open

After carding a third-round 68 to surge up the leaderboard in the first staging of the event at a club that had no women members until around four years ago, the English player recalled her back-to-back wins in the Helen Holm Trophy in 2006 and 2007. The final round of that tournament is played over Royal Troon and Reid, inset, one of the most vocal players in the game over inequality in golf, has enjoyed seeing how the club has dusted off its dinosaur image along with a number of others in Scotland in recent years on her return this week.

“Women weren’t allowed in the clubhouse when I played here,” she recalled “It’s a huge step forward that we are playing here this week and we’ve got Muirfield [announced as the 2022 venue earlier this week] on the rota as well now, which is another huge step forward. 
It’s what we deserve. It shouldn’t have taken until 2020 for people to realise that, but we want to play these great golf courses like the men and really test our skills and show the world how good we are.”

Reid, a six-time LET winner, has been encouraged to hear Justin Rose, Tommy Fleetwood and Tony Finau all show support for the women’s game recently but added: “We need more voices like that because it is important that people know the standard of women’s professional golf is really good. We need them to talk about us and it’s great to see that happening.”

Sophia Popov will take a three-shot lead into the final round of the AIG Women’s Open at Royal Troon

Sophia Popov will take a three-shot lead into the final round of the AIG Women’s Open at Royal Troon, after putting together a faultless third round highlighted by a moment of breathtaking brilliance.

World number 304 Popov, whose only previous appearance in this championship came as an amateur back in 2011, was the only player in the field not to drop a shot on Saturday as she carded a four-under 67 – the joint-lowest round of the week - to reach four under.

Past Champion Catriona Matthew saw her hopes of another AIG Women’s Open title fade as she  carded a 74 to sit on eight over.

Scot Michele Thomson carded an 80 today which included 5 bogeys and 2 double bogeys to finish on +17

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