Monday, 25 June 2018


Lanarkshire Winning Junior Team

The West of Scotland Junior Inter County Matches for the Kennedy Salver took place today at Hamilton Golf Club.

Lanarkshire retained the trophy 

Morning Foursomes: 
Sophie Murphy &Zoe Kemp (D&A) beat Taylor White and Heather Bryce (Lanarkshire) 5/4
Aaliya Sandi & Orla Rooney (Renfrewshire) lost to Luisa Gibson & Freya Russell (Ayrshire) 3/1
Eilidh Dunbar & Jennifer Reilly (D&A) lost to Claire McLaughlan & Sarah Mason (Ayrshire) 1 hole
Romy Erskine & Hannah Carson (Renfrewshire) lost to Katie Graham & Jodie Graham (Lanarkshire) 2/1
Emily Crusher & Jennifer Lynagh (Renfrewshire) W/O (D&A)
Samantha McKay & Cristina McCracken (Ayrshire) lost to  Megan Doherty & Madeleine MacGregor ( Lanarkshire) 7/6

Foursomes Points:
Lanarkshire 2
Ayrshire 2
Renfrewshire 1 
D&A 1

Afternoon Singles:

Sophie Murphy (D&A)  beat  Sophie Kyle (Renfrewshire) 5/4
Claire McLaughlan (Ayrshire) beat Taylor White (Lanarkshire) 2up
Zoe Kemp (D&A) lost to  Louisa Gibson (Ayrshire) 1 dn
Romy Erskine (Renfrewshire) lost to  Megan Docherty (Lanarkshire) 2/1
Eilidh Dunbar ( D&A)  lost to Katie Graham (Lanarkshire)
Emily Crusher (Renfrewshire) lost to Freya Russell (Ayrshire) 1dn
Madeleine MacGregor (Lanarkshire) lost to Aaliyh Sandi (Renfrewshire) 1dn
Samantha McKay (Ayrshire) lost to  Leah Bryce (Lanarkshire ) 1 dn
D&A number 5 n/a v Christina McCracken (Ayrshire) w/o
Orla Rooney (Renfrewshire) halved Jennifer  Reilly (Lanarkshire)
D&A number 5 n/a v Jodie Graham (Lanarkshire) w/o
Jennifer Lynagh (Renfrewshire) beat  Zara Mason (Ayrshire) 2/1

Final Points 
Lanarkshire - Singles 4.5 Foursomes 2 - 6.5 points
Ayrshire - Singles 4 Foursomes 2 - 6 points
Renfrewshire - Singles 2.5  Foursomes 1  - 3.5 points
D&A - Singles 1 Foursomes 1  - 2 points

All the Team players
Thanks go to  Allison Bell for the photographs