Saturday 9 April 2022


Dear CarolFellGolf Readers, 
I am delighted to announce that Renfrewshire Ladies' County Golf Association Website (RLCGA) which I launched 19 years ago in 2003 and has had various versions since that time has a NEW WEBSITE.

Fiona Armour (Whitecraigs and RLCGA Past Results Secretary)  has just launched it using the Scottish Golf Venue Management System (VMS) which is now being used for its membership and for running the County Competitions. Fiona has done a great job  and the website the address stays the same ---         READ MORE

She has also designed and kept many of the Past Memories with image links and I thank her -- they are not lost in the void yet !! ---Go to CLUB LINK  --  HISTORY AND ARCHIVES
I  had also  been reporting on womens, girls and student golf since April 2006 on this blog. -- plus seniors golf on the WestVets blog until 2021,  Ranfurly Castle Ladies Blog 2007 - 2019  -- and  also an editor for KirkwoodGolf from 2016 -2018. 

The days of website reporting such as this blog are numbered. - Nowadays there are social media apps on phones and tablets (SG APP, TWITTER, FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM) and many people are kept up to date with golf news on a daily basis. Also this can be shared and posted instantly with their friends without the need for a dedicated blog to provide the service. 

I would like to thank Colin Farquharson for his great input before his retirement and for sharing many Ladies Golf News articles written by himself - and also to Gillian Kirkwood for her help in getting me started all those years ago.  Both of them made fantastic contributions both in content and support. Now without that support from them and having to find feeds myself for the blog -- it is time for me to take a big step back.

Counties Centenary Match 2009

This West of Scotland blog and beyond included many posts from various Scottish Counties but mainly Ayrshire, D&A, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire and many memories can be found in the search link -- 

 West of Scotland Greenlees Trophies

 I am delighted to announce that Sara Bottomley is the new West of Scotland Greenlees Secretary
Currently Sara and I  are looking to set up a dedicated Greenlees Blog for all the results to sit on for the future. Meantime the GREENLEES FIXTURES AND RESULTS LINK are still on this blog.

During that time I have made very many friends and have always been encouraged by the knowledgeable readership. Thank you for your support over the years. 

I do hope everyone continues to ENJOY THEIR GOLF as it is most certainly a great game and even when you have a bad day you can laugh and enjoy the friendship we have as you can see from a recent get together at my Home Club Douglas Park and the above photo for 2009 !!  

Finally many thanks go to RLCGA for their very kind words on their new Website --- Click Here