Thursday 31 July 2008

Anna and Suzanne make it to the quarter Finals of the Scottish Seniors

Mary Smith and Suzanne Cadden)
Tain's Mary Smith is on course for a double whammy in the Scottish senior women's amateur championships at Deeside Golf Club.
Having won the stroke-play title on her debut appearance earlier in the week, Mary (pictured above with Suzanne Cadden) as No 1 seed, is through to the semi-finals of the match-play championship for the over-50s.
She beat Ann Smart (Banchory) 2 and 1 and former Curtis Cup player Suzanne Cadden (Cardross) 3 and 1 to reach the last four at the first attempt.
Milngavie's, Anna Telfer beat Margaret Tough (Falkirk) in the morning and then was beaten by Lorna Bennett the 2007 Scottish Matchplay Champion in the quarter finals in the afternoon

Alex Glennie (Kimarnock Barassie) lost in the 1st round to Suzanne Cadden but has progressed to the semi final stages by beating Ann Smart (Banchory) in the afternoon tie of the second flight (pictured above)

Today's match-play results:
First round
M Smith (Tain) bt A Smart (Banchory) 2 and 1.
S Cadden (Cardross) bt A Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie) 1 hole.
L Bennett (Ladybank) bt N Fenton (Merchants of Edinburgh) 3 and 2.
A Telfer (Milngavie) bt M Tough (Falkirk) 2 and 1.
F De Vries (St Rule) bt P Williamson (Baberton) 5 and 4.
F Hunter (Baberton) bt H Anderson (Downfield) 6 and 5.
J Harrison (Cruden Bay) bt K Sutherland (Royal Montrose) 4 and 3.
M Thomson (North Berwick) bt P Wilson (Murcar Links) 4 and 2.
Smith bt Cadden 3 and 1.
Bennett bt Telfer 5 and 4.
De Vries bt Hunter 2 and 1.
Harrison bt Thomson 2 and 1.

Semi-finals at 8.50am, 9am on Friday.
Final at 1.40pm on Friday.

SECOND FLIGHT (first round losers)
First round
Glennie bt Smart 2 holes.
Fenton bt Tough 3 and 2.
Anderson bt Williamson 5 and 4.
Sutherland bt Wilson 5 and 4.

Semi-finals at 8.30 and 8.40am Friday.
Final at 1.30pm Friday.

For all the Matchplay results from the Scottish Seniors go to the SLGA Website

Mary McCallay Trophy Order of Merit 36-hole event is CANCELLED

The last of the season's SLGA Order of Merit 36-hole Sunday competitions, the Mary McCallay Trophy at Dumfries & Galloway Golf Club, has been cancelled due to lack of entries.
It was due to be played on Sunday, August 10.
Fiona Macgregor, Dumfries-shire Ladies county captain, said: "We will return entry fees in due course. We are sorry it had to be cancelled but we felt it was not viable to run the competition with the number of entries we had."
Earlier this week, the SLGA cancelled the Scottish women's foursomes at Brunston Castle on August 17 for the same reason.
A disturbing trend.

Wednesday 30 July 2008

Alex, Suzanne and Anna are the best in the West !!

Anna Telfer, Suzanne Cadden and Alex Glennie
Mary Smith - 2008 Scottish Seniors Strokeplay Champion
Mary Smith of Tain pictured above with her trophy donated by the late Toni Moffat is the Scottish Seniors Champion after the 2nd round played over Deeside Golf Course today. Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie), Suzanne Cadden (Cardross) and Anna Telfer (Milngavie) pictured above from right to left were the best in the West and have qualified for the Match Play stages which begin tomorrow.
Deeside Golf Club
Par 144 (2 x 72). CSS 76 76.
158 Mary Smith (Tain) 79 79.
159 Moira Thomson (North Berwick) 82 77.
160 Fiona De Vries (St Rule) 81 79, Margaret Tough (Falkirk) 77 83.
161 Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) 81 80.
162 Heather Anderson (Downfield) 83 79, Jill Harrison (Cruden Bay) 82 80, Suzanne Cadden (Cardross) 82 80.
163 Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie) 83 80, Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose) 81 82.
164 Fiona Hunter (Baberton) 85 79, Noreen Fenton (Merchants of Edinburgh) 81 83.
168 Anna Telfer (Milngavie) 87 81, Pamela Williamson (Baberton) 85 83, Pat Wilson (Murcar Links) 83 85.
169 Ann Smart ( Banchory) 88 81 (after play-off).
169 Frances Neish (Forres) 85 84, Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) 85 84 (both beaten in play-off for 16th place in match-play championship)..
170 Lesley Johnston (Gullane Ladies) 84 86, Lynne Terry (Cruden Bay) 84 86.
172 Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) 88 84, May Hughes (Lanark) 86 86, Patricia Hutton (Lanark) 85 87.
173 Johanna Carrigan (The Australian) 89 84.
174 Rose Anderson (Huntly) 87 87.
175 Ruth Brown (Lothianburn) 88 87, Barbara Biggart (North Berwick) 87 88, Anne Bowman (McDonald Ellon) 87 88, I McIntosh (Inverness) 88 87.
176 Sandy Bushby (Strathmore) 84 92.
177 Rita Dee (Kingsknowe) 88 89, Elizabeth Simpson (Murrayfield) 87 90, Morag Wardrop (Niddry Castle) 82 95, Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) 93 84.
178 Isobel Harvey (St Rule) 89 89.
179 Rosaleen Dunsmuir (Cruden Bay) 89 90, Eleanor Fisken (Nairn) 92 87.
180 Sue Penman (Gullane Ladies) 86 94, Shelagh Quinn (Stirling) 84 96.
181 Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle) 90 91, Carol Whicher (Aberdeen Ladies) 96 85.
182 Maureen McRobb (Kingsknowe) 94 88.
184 Winifred MacCallum (Falkirk) 91 93.
185 Pam Gordon (Inverness) 90 95, Carol Fell (Ranfurly Castle) 92 93, Stella Bain (Aberdeen Ladies) 93 92, Judy Slater (Aboyne) 94 91.
187 Margaret MacNaughtan (Aberdeen Ladies) 89 98, Norma Smith (Downfield) 93 94, Emma Wilson (Elie & Earlsferry Ladies) 93 94, Anne Ellen (Nairn) 95 92.
188 Doris Dunn (Dunblane New) 96 92, Moira Begbie (Murrayshall) 96 92.
189 Sheila Reid (Aberdeen Ladies) 94 95.
190 Dorothy MacKinnon (McDonald Ellon) 93 97, Maureen Neilson (Greenock) 94 96.
191 Morag Clapperton (Banchory) 94 97, Fiona Roger (Ranfurly Castle) 99 92.
192 Janice Cumming (Inverness) 94 98, Nancy Duncan (Brechin) 96 96.
193 Esme Hill (Dumfries & Co) 94 99.
194 Anne Stalker (Aberdeen Ladies) 94 100.
196 Hazel Kelly (Ladies Panmure Barry) 95 101.
201 Lindsey McNiven (Aberdeen Ladies) 102 99.
203 Pat Nile (Banchory) 101 102.
204 Elizabeth Rose (Aboyne) 104 100.
210 Gwynneth Haines (St Regulus) 105 105.
215 Anne Hood (Dunblane New) 108 107.
217 Diane Gray (Lanark) 107 110.
220 Helen MacGregor (Hilton Park) 110 110.
OVER-60s SCRATCH – Noreen Fenton (Merchants of Edinburgh 164 (81 83).
BEST NET AGGREGATE – 1 Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie) (5) 153 (78 75); 1 Heather Anderson (Downfield) (4) 154 (79 75, better second round); 3 Jill Harrison (Cruden Bay) (4) 154 (78 76).

(8min intervals)
8.0 M Smith v A Smart, Glennie v Cadden. Bennett v Fenton, Telfer v Tough.
8.32 De Vries v Williamson, Hunter v Anderson, Harrison v Sutherland, Wilson v Thomson.
Quarter-finals: 1pm, 1.10, 1.20, 1.30.

Kylie has big lead in SLGA Order of Merit standings

St Rule Trophy winner Kylie Walker (Buchanan Castle) has a commanding lead in the Scottish Ladies Golfing Association.
To read all the current standings Click Here

Tuesday 29 July 2008

Only two seniors break 80 at Deeside in the Scottish Seniors

Deeside Golf Club's women's course proved too difficult a test for the 75 competitors in the first round of the 36-hole Scottish senior women's amateur stroke-play championship.
On a wind-free day, only two players - Margaret Tough (Falkirk) with a 77 and Tain's Mary Smith with a 79 - broke 80 over a course with a par of 72. The CSS was 76 (reduction only). - SSS 73
Some players blamed the pin placements, which were chosen by club professional Frank Coutts, for the high scores.

There will be a play-off if necessary to decide the stroke-play champion at the end of Wednesday's second round. The 16 players with the lowest 36-hole aggregates will qualify for the seniors' match-play championship over the same course on Thursday and Friday.
For the first time, there will be a play-off if necessary to produce the precise number of 16 qualifiers.

Deeside Golf Club
Par 72. SSS73 CSS 76 (Reduction Only)
77 Margaret Tough (Falkirk) 37-40.
79 Mary Smith (Tain) 40-30.
81 Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) 41-40, Noreen Fenton (Merchants of Edinburgh) 41-40, Fiona de Vries (St Rule) 41-40, Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose) 39-42.
82 Moira Thomson (North Berwick) 42-40, Jill Harrison (Cruden Bay) 41-41, Suzanne Cadden (Cardross) 40-42
83 Heather Anderson (Downfield) 43-40, Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie) 42-41, Pat Wilson (Murcar Links) 41-42.
84 Lesley Johnston (Gullane Ladies) 42-42, Lynne Terry (Cruden Bay) 42-42, Shelagh Quinn (Stirling) 40-44, Sandy Bushby (Strathmore) 39-45.
85 Patricia Hutton (Lanark) 45-40, Frances Neish (Forres) 43-42, Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) 41-44, Fiona Hunter (Baberton) 41-44
86 May Hughes (Lanark) 44-42, Sue Penman (Gullane) 42-44
87 Anna Telfer (Milngavie) 47-40, Elizabeth Simpson (Murrayfield) 45-42, Barbara Biggart (North Berwick) 44-43, Rose Anderson (Huntly) 43-44, Anne Bowman (McDonald Ellon) 43-45.
88 Ruth Brown (Lothianburn) 46-42, Rita Dee (Kingsknowe) 44-44, Ann Smart (Banchory) 44-44, Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) 44-44, Isobel McIntosh (Inverness) 43-45.
89 Margaret MacNaughtan (Aberdeen Ladies) 49-40, Isobel Harvey (St Rule),46-43, Linda McDougall (Greenock) 46-43, Rosaleen Dunsmuir (Cruden Bay) 45-44, Johanna Carrigan (The Australian) 44-45, Louise Graham (Carnoustie Ladies) 43-46.
90 Pam Gordon (Inverness) 47-42, Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle) 47-42.
91 Winifred MacCallum (Falkirk) 48-43.
92 Carol Fell (Ranfurly Castle) 50-42, Eleanor Fisken (Nairn) 45-47.
93 Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) 50-43, Dorothy MacKinnon (McDonald Ellon) 50-43, Stella Bain (Aberdeen Ladies) 49-44, Norma Smith (Downfield) 48-45, Jean Bald (Aberdour) 46-47, Emma Wilson (Elie & Earlsferry Ladies) 45-48.
94 Sheila Reid (Aberdeen Ladies) 51-43, Maureen McRobb (Kingsknowe) 50-44, Morag Clapperton (Banchory) 48-46, Esme Hill (Dumfries & Co) 48-46, Judy Slater (Aboyne) 47-47, Anne Stalker (Aberdeen Ladies) 47-47, Janice Cumming (Inverness) 47-47, Maureen Neilson (Greenock) 45-49.
95 Hazel Kelly (Ladies Panmure Barry), Anne Ellen (Nairn), Ann Moffat (St Regulus).
96 Nancy Duncan (Brechin), Doris Dunn (Dunblane New), Moira Begbie (Murrayshall), Carol Whicher (Aberdeen Ladies), Elinor Grant (Douglas Park).
97 Anne Terrey (Greenock).
99 Fiona Roger (Ranfurly Castle), Catherine Bryce (Ballater).
101 Pat Nile (Banchory).
102 Lindsey McNiven (Aberdeen Ladies).
104 Elizabeth Rose (Aboyne).
105 Gwynneth Haines (St Regulus).
107 Diane Gray (Lanark).
1089 Anne Hood (Dunblane New).
110 Helen MacGregor (Hilton Park).

Scottish Women's Foursomes is cancelled

The Scottish women's foursomes golf tournament, scheduled for Sunday, August 17 at Brunston Castle Golf Club, Ayrshire has been cancelled due to lack of entries.Entry fees already paid will be refunded.

Invitation from Vivien Saunders - Calling all Lady Senior Golfers


Just to remind you all that we are holding the first English Ladies' Senior International Championship at Cambridge Meridian on August 27-28-29 with practice rounds on the Monday afternoon and/or Tuesday.
This is "Open" in that it is open to pros and amateurs, British or foreigners, handicap limit 14. There is a £1,000 first prize for professionals, a separate trophy for over 60s, some handicap prizes and also a putting championship.
You will be guaranteed a fun few days with serious golf.
The good news for many is that this seems as though it will be a non-qualifying three-day medal. It is not run by the club or a governing body but by ELSIE - English Ladies' Seniors International Events!
So please help make ELSIE a success.
You can download all information about the tournament from . Cambridge is all downhill from Scotland so we'd love to see more Scots playing!

Macmillan Cancer Support Stroke - Whitecraigs Golf Club

Date Played : 18th July 2008, SSS 72 ,CSS 73, Entries: 23
Silver Winner: Elizabeth Simpson (8) 71
Silver Runner Up: Barbara Lyle (20) 74 bih
Bronze Winner: Aileen McFadzean (26) 75 bih
Bronze Runner Up: Anne Fisher (24) 75
Scratch: Elizabeth Simpson 79

Scotland team for Vets' Jamboree at Southerness,

The Scotland team for the Veterans' Jamboree against England North, England Midlands and England South at Southerness Golf Club from August 12 to 14 is the same as the one that beat Ireland in Dublin in April:

Heather Anderson (Northern).
Lorna Bennett (Midlands).
Fiona de Vries (Midlands).
Helen Faulds (West).
Fiona Hunter (East).
Kathleen Sutherland (Northern).
Margaret Tough (Midlands).
Pamela Williamson (East).
May Hughes (West).

Monday 28 July 2008

Scottish Seniors at Deeside begins tomorrow

Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose) and Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) will be defending the Scottish senior women's stroke-play and match-play titles respectively over the next four days at Deeside Golf Club in the leafy western suburbs of Aberdeen.
The 16 players with the lowest aggregates will go forward to the match-play championship at the same venue on Thursday and Friday. Lorna Bennett beat Margaret Tough (Falkirk) in last year's final.
To see the draw for tomorrow and you will see all the West of Scotland players are in bold Click here
Want to see the Deeside Website Click Here

Pamela Pretswell wins the Mackie Rosebowl plus breaks Janice Moodies's 12 year old Course Record

Scottish universities champion Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) hit peak form in winning the Mackie Bowl, the Scottish Ladies Golfing Association 36-hole Order of Merit tournament, at Gullane yesterday.
Pamela, equalled Janice Moodie's 12-year-old course record 67 in the morning first round.
Then, in the afternoon, she clipped a shot off it with an eight-under-par round of 66for a two-round total of 15-under-par 133.
In setting the new mark, the 19-year-old +1 player (pror to these scores) had an eagle 3 at the 14th and birdies at the third, fouth, fifth, sixth, 10th, 11th and 12th in halves of 32 and 34.
Her only bogey all day came at the 17th, her second last hole of the day.
Pamela's second round figures were:
OUT: 4-4-4-2-4-3-4-4-3: 32
IN: 4-3-4-3-3-5-3-5-4: 34
Pretswell won by nine strokes from St Rule Trophy winner Kylie Walker who had scores of 74 and 68 for 142.
Third on 145 were Borders youngster Lesley Atkins (Minto), the Scottish Under-14 girls' champion, and Louise Kenney (Pitreavie).

Par 148 (2 x 74) CSS 74 74
133 P Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) 67 66.
142 K Walker (Buchanan Castle) 74 68.
145 L Atkins (Minto) 75 70, L Kenney (Pitreavie) 74 71.
147 K McNicoll (Carnoustie Ladies) 72 75, J Turner (Craigelaw) 71 76.
150 M Briggs (Kilmacolm) 76 74, C Gruber (Royal Dornoch) 76 74.
151 L Murray (Alford) 79 72, C MacDonald (Gullane) 73 78.
154 E Fairnie (Dunbar) 78 76.
Prizewinners outwith main prize list:
Round 1 scratch - J Turner (Craigielaw) 71, K McNicoll (Carnoustie Ladies) 72.
Round 2 scratch - L Murray (Alford) 72, A Niven (Crieff) 74 (better inward half).
Best handicap - G Dryburgh (Beaconsfield) (7) 147.

Thanks go to Colin Farquharson for the report

Kylie Walker has a course record at Windyhill

Bob Collinson Ladies Open was held at Windyhill Golf Club on Friday 26th July, 2008. We had 36 Competitors. Weather was good but there was a very strong wind blowing. Kylie Walker had a wonderful score of 69 gross , nett 71 as she is now playing off +2.
She broke the Course Record by 1, which was previously held by Sara Bishop and was 70.She also won the Trophy after a count back.

Sunday 27 July 2008

Helen Alfredsson claimed her third Evian Masters title with a birdie at the third extra hole of a sudden death play-off against South Korea’s Na-Yeon Choi and Angela Park of Brazil at Evian-les-Bains, France today.Mhairi McKay was 57th IN THE TOURNAMENT . To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

Saturday 26 July 2008

Mhairi McKay has a good 3rd round in the Evian Masters

West of Scotland's Mhairi McKay had an excellent 3 under par 69 in todays Evian Masters Golf Club, Evian-les-Bains, France. To read all the scores go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

British Seniors Open at Troon --- Live Scoring

Gary Player - Click to enlarge
The British Seniors Open Championship is at Royal Troon. For Live Scoring Click Here

The picture above was taken by your webmaster on Friday 25th July of Gary Player --- Click to enlarge -- unfortunately he has not made the cut
American Bruce Vaughan staged a remarkable comeback to beat compatriot John Cook in a sudden death play-off to win The 2008 Senior Open Championship on a thrilling final day at Royal Troon.

Scottish Senior Women's Stroke-Play - Championship

Tee Times for Deeside on Tuesday ---

Order of play for the Scottish Senior Women's Amateur Stroke-Play Championship first round at Deeside Golf Club, Aberdeen on Tuesday is:

8.00 Janice Paterson (Drumpellier), Rose Anderson (Huntly).
8.10 Lynne Terry (Cruden Bay), Mary Smith (Tain).
8.20 Johanna Carrigan (The Australian), Eleanor Fisken (Nairn), Patricia Hutton (Lanark).
8.30 Isobel McIntosh (Inverness), Louise Graham (Carnoustie Ladies), Shelagh Quinn (Stirling).
8.40 Anna Telfer (Milngavie), Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie), Pat Wilson (Murcar Links).
8.50 Anne Bowman (McDonald Ellon), Rita Dee (Kingsknowe), Sue Penman (Gullane).

9.00 Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle), Sandy Bushby (Strathmore), Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park).
9.10 Ruth Brown (Lothianburn), Linda McDougall (Greenock), Lesley Johnston (Gullane Ladies).
9.20 Ann Smart (Banchory), Barbara Biggart (North Berwick), Emma Wilson (Elie & Earlsferry Ladies).
9.30 May Hughes (Lanark), Rosaleen Dunsmuir (Cruden Bay), Frances Neish (Forres).
9.40 Jill Harrison (Cruden Bay), Lorna Bennett (Ladybank), Margaret Tough.
9.50 Noreen Fenton (Merchants of Edinburgh), Fiona Hunter (Baberton), Moira Thomson (North Berwick).
10.00 Pamela Williamson (Baberton), Suzanne Cadden (Cardross), Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose).
10.10 Helen Faulds (Douglas Park), Fiona de Vries (St Rule), Heather Anderson (Downfield).
10.20 Carol Fell (Ranfurly Castle), Morag Wardrop (Niddry Castle), Elizabeth Simpson (Murrayfield).
10.30 Nancy Duncan (Brechin), Esme Hill (Dumfries& Co), Carol Whicher (Abedeen Ladies).
10.40 Morag Clapperton (Banchory), Janice Cumming (Inverness), Margaret MacNaughtan (Aberdeen Ladies).
10.50 Winifred MacCallum (Falkirk), Isobel Harvey (St Rule), Dorothy MacKinnon (McDonald Ellon).
11.00 Maureen Neilson (Greenock), Moira Begbie (Murrayshall), Jean Bald (Aberdour).
11.10 Maureen McRobb (Kingsknowe), Elinor Grant (Douglas Park), Norma Smith (Downfield).
11.20 Ann Moffat (St Regulus), Judy Slater (Aboyne), Sheila Reid (Aberdeen Ladies).
11.30 Hazel Kelly (Ladies Panmure Barry), Pam Gordon (Inverness), Stella Hodge (Aberdeen Ladies).
11.40 Doris Dunn (Dunblane New), Helen MacGregor (Hilton Park), Fiona Roger (Ranfurly Castle).
11.50 Maureen Macrae (Dunblane New), Diane Gray (Lanark), Anne Ellen (Nairn).
12.00 Lindsay McNiven (Aberdeen Ladies), Gwynneth Haines (St Regulus), Pat Nile (Banchory).
12.10 Anne Stalker (Aberdeen Ladies), Elizabeth Rose (Aboyne), Anne Terrey (Greenock).
12.20 Stella Bain (Aberdeen Ladies), Catherine Bryce (Ballater), Anne Hood (Dunblane New

Eilidh Briggs has a 3rd round - 2 Over Par in France

Leader through the first and second rounds in defence of the European Young Masters girls’ golf championship, Carly Booth finished fourth behind the 13-year-old Irish wonder twins Lisa and Leona Maguire, at Chantilly Golf Club , France today.
The 16-year-old Curtis Cup player from Comrie, Perthshire, who retained the Scottish Under-18 girls’ match-play championship 10 days ago, had rounds of 72, 72 and 75 for a 54-hole total of level par 219 over the par-73 course.
Carly slipped off her pedestal with an outward half of three-over-par 40, bogeying the first, fifth and eighth. She regained her momentum with three birdies in a row – the 12th, 13th and 14th, but then let it slip again with bogeys at the 16th and 18th.
Par 219 (3 x 73)
214 Lisa Maguire (Ire) 74 71 69.
218 Leona Maguire (Ire) 78 70 70, Anna Arrese (Spa) 73 72 73.
219 Carly Booth (Sco) 72 72 75.
223 Kelly Tidy (Eng) 77 74 72, Laetitia Beck (Isr) 74 72 77, Jessica Korda (Cze) 77 78 79
234 Amy Boulden (Wal) 77 78 79 (jt 16th).
238 Alex Peters (Eng) 82 78 78 (27th).
241 Eilidh Briggs (Sco) 84 82 75 (jt 30th).
245 Kelly Miller (Wal) 78 88 78 (37th).
To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

Medal 8 - Douglas Park

Played 25th July, SSS 72 , CSS 75 (Reduction Only), 32 Entries.
Silver Division:
Sally Macfarlane 85 - 12 = 73
Lindsay McLean 90 - 14 = 76
Jinty Halley 89 - 12 = 77 (acb)
Bronze Division:
Marion Stevenson 101 - 29 = 72
Gina Rennie 99 - 24 = 75
Pat Kennedy 97 - 21 = 76
Scratch : Sally Macfarlane 85

Friday 25 July 2008

Carly Booth is leading in the Euro Young Masters

Defending champion Carly Booth is trying to make every post a winning one as she enters the final day of the European Young Masters at Chantilly Golf Club, France.
The first-round leader with a 72, the 16-year-old Curtis Cup player from Comrie again matched par with a 72 and leads by one shot on 144 with one round to go in the girls' championship.
Her closest rivals on 145 are one of the 13-year-old Irish twins, Lisa Maguire, with 74 and 71, and Spain's Anna Arrese with 73 and 72.
The second of the Irish twins, Leona is in fifth place on 148 with 78 and 70.
West of Scotland's Eilidh Briggs from Kilmacolm had an 82 for 166.

144 C Booth (Sco) 72 72.
145 Lisa Maguire (Ire) 74 71, A Arrese (Spa) 73 72.
146 L Beck (Israel) 74 72.
148 Leona Maguire (Ire) 78 70.
Other scores~
151 K Tidy (Eng) 77 74 (jt 9th).
155 A Boulden (Wal) 77 78 (jt 13th).
160 A Peters (Eng) 82 78 (jt 26th).
166 E Briggs (Sco) 84 82 (jt 37th).
167 K Miller (Wal) 79 88 (jt 39th).

Thanks go to Colin Farquharson for the report

Main Winners at the Scottish Under 21 Girls Championsips

The Main West of Scotland Winners at from the Scottish Under-21 girls' open amateur championship which finished at Powfoot Golf Club yesterday were:

BEST UNDER-15 GROSS AGGREGATE: Alyson McKechin (Elderslie) 84-81-79: 244.
Best Scratch U-21: Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) 71 (better last 3).
Best Net U-21: Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) (+1) 68.
Best Net U-18: Gillian Arnott (Kilbirnie Place) (11) 69.
Best Scratch U-15: Alyson McKechin (Elderslie) (3) 79.
2nd Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) 71-67-74: 212.
The CSS for each round was 73-72-74.
To read all the prizewinners go to Gillian Kirkwood Website

Thursday 24 July 2008

Pamela Pretswell is Runner Up in the Scottish Under 21's Stroke Play Championships

Scottish schoolgirls title-winner Kelsey MacDonald added another national tournament victory to her collection when she won the Scottish Under-21 girls’ open amateur stroke-play golf championship at Powfoot Golf Club on the shores of the Solway Firth today.
Kelsey had three fine sub-par rounds of 70, 70 and 71 against the women’s par of 74 for an 11-under-par total of 211.
She led at the end of the first round, was headed by Scottish universities title-holder Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) at the end of the second round but kept her nerve and her touch to prevail by one shot from Pamela after the third and final round.
Pamela had shot a seven-under 67 to surge to the front after 36 holes but she could manage “only” a par 74 at the last time of asking and that left the door open for MacDonald’s steadiness to win the day.

Par 222 (3 x 74)
Kelsey MacDonald Nairn Dunbar 70 70 71 211
Pamela Pretswell Bothwell 71 67 74 212
Krystle Caithness St Regulus 74 66 73 213
Holly Clyburn Woodhall Spa 77 68 72 217
Rachael Livingstone Musselburgh Old 71 72 76 219
Roseanne Niven Crieff 76 71 74 221
Eve Muirhead Pitlochry 73 76 74 223
Jane Turner Craigielaw 75 75 74 224
Rachael Watton Mortonhall 76 75 74 225
Laura Murray Alford 77 74 74 225
Michele Thomson McDonald 74 75 78 227
Elle Sandak Concord Sydney 75 72 82 229
Gillian Monteith Portpatrick Dunskey 79 72 78 229
Harriet Owers-Bradley Wollaton Park 76 76 77 229
Emma Fairnie Dunbar 72 73 85 230
Annabel Niven Crieff 74 76 80 230
Megan Briggs Kilmacolm 76 77 79 232
Jill Meldrum Dullatur 77 77 78 232
Rebecca Watson Elie & Earlsferry Ladies 81 77 74 232
Rebecca Wilson Monifieth 77 76 82 235
Sammy Vass Tain 79 75 81 235
Other West of Scotland Players:
Gillian Arnott Kilbirnie Place 78 79 84 241
Rachael McQueen Troon Ladies 78 79 85 242
Jennifer Linklater Largs 77 84 81 242
Alyson McKechin Elderslie 84 81 79 244
Natasha Qayum Ranfurly Castle 82 84 85 251
Linzi Allan Kilbirnie Place 83 87 82 252
Zoe DifferDullatur 89 91 84 264
Rachel Howie West Kilbride 97 95 96 288
Gillian Scanlan Hamilton 83 76 RD
Thanks go to Colin Farquharson for the report

Mhari McKay - 7 shots off the lead after the 1st round of the Evian Masters

World No 1 lady golfer Lorena Ochoa posted a flawless seven-under-par 65 to lead by one stroke after the first round of the Evian Masters at Evian-les-bains, France today.

Par 72
65 L Ochoa (Mexico) 35-30.
66 Sun Ju Ahn (South Korea) 33-33, A Park (Brazil) 35-31, C Kung (Taiway) 33-33.
67 L Diaz (US) 36-31, M Lee (South Korea) 33-34, A Stanford (US) 33-34, S Pettersen (Norway) 33-34, J Inkster (US) 33-34.
Other scores:
70 T Johnson (Eng) (jt 20th).
71 L Davies (Eng), A Sorenstam (Swe) (jt 30th).
72 R Hudson (Eng), M McKay (Sco) 36-36, B Brewerton ()Wal) (jt 41st).
75 C Matthew (Sco) 37-38 (jt 70th).
80 L Hall (Eng) 38-42 (jt 86th).

Ranfurly Castle Stableford

Played 27/7/08, 40 Entries , SSS 73, CSS 72
Silver Winner: Anne Judge (7) 39 pts bih
Runner Up: Nancy MacGadie (11) 39 pts
Bronze Winner: Linda MacDougall (36) 44 pts
Runner Up: Alison Murray (26) 41 pts

Wednesday 23 July 2008

Clare Queen, Mhairi McKay and Janice Moodie will all be at the British Open

SEVEN Scots will take part in final qualifying for the Ricoh Women's British Open at The Berkshire Golf Club on Monday.
Professionals Clare Queen, Kathryn Imrie and Lynn Kenny are joined by amateurs Michele Thomson, Emily Ogilvy, Krystle Caithness and Carly Booth.

LPGA Tour pros Catriona Matthew, Mhairi McKay and Janice Moodie are exempt from pre-qualifying and go straight into the field for the Women's British Open which begins next Thursday at Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire.

Pamela Pretswell starts well in the Scottish Under 21 Girls Championship

Kelsey MacDonald (Nairn) made the early running in the Scottish Under-21 girls' open stroke-play championship which began today at Powfoot golf course on the shores of the Solway Firth. West of Scotland's Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) made a great start to the tournament and was only one shot behind the leader

Par 74. CSS 73
70 K MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar).
71 P Pretswell (Bothwell Castle), R Livingstone (Musselburgh Old).
72 E Fairnie (Dunbar).
73 E Muirhead (Pitlochry),
74 K Caithness (St Regulus), M Thomson (McDonald Ellon), A Niven (Crieff).
75 J Turner (Craigielaw), E Sandak (Concorn Sydney), E MacKay (Nairn Dunbar).
76 M Briggs (Kilmacolm), R Niven (Crieff), H Owers-Bradley (Wollaton Park), R Watton (Mortonhall), F Blair (Monifieth).
77 H Clyburn (Woodhall Spa), L Murray (Alford), R Wilson (Monifieth), J Sneddon (Alyth), J Linklater (Largs), I Craigie (Torwoodlee), J Meldrum (Dullatur).
78 R McQueen (Troon Ladies), G Arnott (Kilbirnie Place), A Ingram (Fort William).

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Mackie Bowl draw for Sunday at Gullane

Tee Off Times:
9.0 & 1.18: Emma Fairnie (Dunbar) and Louise Fraser (Kingsknowe).
9.06 & 1.24: Cara Easton (Dalmahoy) and Alyson McKechin (Elderslie).
9.12 & 1.30: Linda Bain (Lochend) and Gemma Dryburgh (Beaconsfield).
9.18 & 1.36: Carly McLachlan (Withington) and Mandy Easton (Dalmahoy).
9.24 & 1.42: Lesley Atkins (Gullane Ladies) and F Millar (Carnoustie Ladies).
9.30 & 1.48: Mary Summers (Panmure Barry) and Ruth Rankin (Lanark).
9.36 & 1.54: Fiona Blair (Carnoustie Ladies) and Stephanie Crolla (Duddingston).
9.42 & 2.00: Louisa Ruane (Cardross) and partner (reserve to be confirmed).
9.48 & 2.06: STARTER'S TIME.
9.54 & 2.12: Louise Kenney (Pitreavie) and Laura Walker (Muckhart).
10.00 & 2.18: Laura Murray (Alford) and Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle).
10.06 & 2.24: Kylie Walker (Buchanan Castle) and Claire MacDonald (Guillane Ladies).
10.12 & 2.30: Katy McNicoll (Carnoustie Ladies) and Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm).
10.18 & 2.36: Roseanne Niven (Crieff) and Jane Turner (Craigielaw).
10.24 & 2.42: Clare-Marie Carlton (Fereneze) and Lesley Hendry (Routenburn).10.30 & 2.48: Alexandra Bushby (Letham Grange) and Ann Ramsay (Kirriemuir).
10.36 & 2.54: Jocelyn Carthew (Ladybank) and Cara Gruber (Royal Dornoch).
10.42 & 3.00: STARTER'S TIME.
10.48 & 3.06: Annabel Niven (Crieff) and Rachel Watton (Mortonhall).
10.54 & 3.12: Jennifer Linklater (Largs) and Jacqueline Sneddon (Alyth).
11.00 & 3.18: Louise MacGregor (Falkirk) and Jill Meldrum (Dullatur).
11.06 & 3.24: Ashlleigh Wilton (Ladybank) and Elaine Cuthill (Lanark).
11.12 & 3.30: Carol Whyte (Windyhill) and Samantha Leslie (Westhill).

Monday 21 July 2008

Kylie Walker is Captain in Northern Ireland

Laura Murray (Alford), Roseanne Niven (Crieff) and Kylie Walker (Buchanan Castle) will have their scores count for Scotland in the international team stroke-play event which will be staged in conjunction with the first two rounds of the British women’s open amateur stroke-play championship at Malone Golf Club, Belfast from August 20 to 22.
Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle), Emily Ogilvy (Auchterarder) and Michele Thomson (McDonald Ellon) are listed as 1-2-3 reserves.

Kylie Walker has been given the honour of captaining the trio in Northern Ireland.

Eilidh Briggs and Rachel McQueen selected for Girl's Home International Team

Curtis Cup player Carly Booth (Comrie) and Scottish schoolgirls champion Kelsey MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) are the only survivors from last year’s winning team in the Scotland squad chosen for the girls’ home international matches at Panmure Golf Club, Carnoustie from August 5th to 7th 2008
It is:
Lesley Atkins (Minto). Handicap 5.
Carly Booth (Comrie). Handicap +3.
Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm). Handicap 3.
Kelsey MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar). Handicap +2.
Rachel McQueen (Troon Ladies). Handicap 2.
Annabel Niven (Crieff). Handicap 5.
Sammy Vass (Tain). Handicap 3.
Rebecca Wilson (Monifieth). Handicap 4.
1 Gillian Scanlan (Hamilton). Handicap 5.
2 Jill Meldrum (Dullatur). Handicap 5.
3 Hannah McCook (Abernethy). Handicap 12.

Sunday 20 July 2008

Clare Queen and Jenna Wilson Final Result in the Italian Open

Clare Queen was joint 30th and Jenna Wilson 46th in the Italian Open. To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

Padraig Harrington wins the 2008 British Open

Padraig Harrington defended his title in stunning style at Royal Birkdale with an eagle-par finish for a round of 69 and a four-stroke winning margin over Ian Poulter. He is the first European to win back-to-back Championships since James Braid way back in 1906.
Here is a link to all the news from The 2008 Open Championship

Saturday 19 July 2008

Kilmacolm are the Best in the West --- Mail on Sunday

Kilmacolm Mail on Sunday Team -- Click to enlarge Kilmacolm Team (L- R) : Rena Simpson, Morag Turner, Annabel Kane, Marion Stewart and Megan Briggs

Kilmacolm played Douglas Park in the 7th Round of the Mail on Sunday today at Kilmacolm. The conditions were dry but exceedingly windy. Kilmacolm played well and won the Home tie 3.5 - 1.5. They now progress to the last 16 in Great Britain and wish them well in the next round.
Douglas Park Team: Carol Fell, Lindsay McLean, Joan Gemmell, Helen Robertson and Helen Faulds
Thanks go to Margie McCallum of Kilmacolm for some of the photographs. To see an enlargement of the Kilmacolm Team click on their team photograph at the top of this report. To see who are in the photos on the "widget" hover your mouse over the slideshow

Clare Queen in top 20 after third round of the Italian Open

Clare Queen will be rueing a triple bogey and a double bogey, both in her first-round 76, as she moves into Sunday's final round in joint 19th place at the BMW Ladies Italian Open in Tuscany.
The Scot, playing out of The Carrick at Cameron House, has climbed up the leaderboard with subsequent rounds of 71 and 70, her third round including four birdies, for a running total of 217.
Jenna Wilson (Strathaven) is in joint 42nd place
To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

9 Hole Stableford/ 3 Ball Best Ball - Whitecraigs Golf Club

Competition: 9 Hole Stableford
Date: 9/7/08 , SSS: 71
Bronze Win: Carol Borland (36) 20 pts.
Bronze R/Up: Elspeth Webster (22) 18 pts.

Competition: 3 Ball Best Ball
Date: 11th July 08 , SSS: 72
Winners: Susan Campbell, Alison Campbell, Lorna Howie 62
Runners Up: Sheila Robson, Morag Little, Elaine Spence 63

Stableford - Douglas Park

Played 18th July 2008, SSS 72, CSS 73, 20 Entrants
Silver Division
Joan Gemmell (6) 35
Helen Faulds (4) 33
Joan Pattison (20)29
Bronze Division:
Maureen Rennie (21) 35 acb
Yvonne Currie (32) 35
Irene Orr (21) 31 acb

Friday 18 July 2008

Clare Queen and Jenna Wilson make the cut in the Italian Open

European ladies No 1 pro golfer Gwladys Nocera from France shot a second round of one-under-par 70 to take a two stroke lead into the weekend at the BMW Ladies Italian Open at Tuscany.
Par 142 (2 x 71)
135 G Nocera (Fra) 65 70.
137 C Alonso (Spa) 67 70, M Hjorth (Swe) 64 73, B Brewerton (Wal) 66 71.
138 L H Sorensen (Den) 68 70.
139 I Tinning (Den) 68 71, M Eberl (Ger) 65 74, G Simpson (Eng) 70 69.

Some Other totals:
147 Clare Queen (The Carrick at Cameron House) 76 71,
148 L Hall (Eng) 72 76.
149 Jenna Wilson (Sco) 74 75.
150 E Pilgrim (Wal) 72 78.

Carly Booth wins the 2008 Scottish Girls Championship

Carly Booth (Comrie) retained the Scottish girls' championship at Alyth Golf Club today.She beat the No 1 qualifier, Kelsey MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) by 4 and 3 in a final played in wet conditions, both underfoot and overhead.
To read the full report Gillian Kirwood Website

Douglas Park Committee Outing to Turnhouse Golf Club

Gladys Speedie - Click to enlarge

The Douglas Park Ladies Section had their Committee Outing (+ invited guests) to Turnhouse Golf Club in Edinburgh yesterday - the 16th July 2008.
Well known past Renfrewshire County Caddy Mistress ----- Vice Captain of Douglas Park - Gladys Speedie was the organiser of the event.

Winners: Helen Robertson, Alison White and Lesley Irvine
Runners - Up: Gillian Hendry, Nancy Smith and Norma Gray
Nearest the Pin Winners: Carol Fell, Norma Campbell, Caroline Hanlon and Norma Gray
Hidden Hole: Anne Fergusson
Best Logo on ball: 1st: Anne Paton, 2nd: Pearl Slane
Thanks go to Gladys for organising the day - with lots of prizes, golf balls, laughter and FUN !!
To see some photos from the day click on the small picture of Gladys below and the click on slideshow.

Douglas Park Comittee Outing -- 2008

Thursday 17 July 2008

Gillian Scanlon just loses in the Semi Finals of the Scottish Girls

Quarter-finals - K MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) beat R Wilson (Monifieth) at 24th, G Scanlan (Hamilton) beat J Meldrum (Dullatur) at 19th, M Johnstone (Northern) beat L Atkins (Minto) 2 holes, C Booth (Comrie) beat R McQueen (Troon Ladies) 7 and 5.
Semi-finals - MacDonald beat Scanlan 1 hole, Booth beat Johnstone 7 and 6.
To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

To see all the results so far click on the following link SLGA Results

Wednesday 16 July 2008

Ranfurly Castle July Medal

Played 16/7/08 27 Entries, SSS 73, CSS 74
Silver Winner: Eunice Muir (20) 70 bih
Runner - Up: Shona Gray (18) 70
Bronze Winner: Georgina Halfnight (36) 72
Runner - Up: Vicky Rennie (32) 77
Scratch Winner: Sarah Eckford 84

Under 18's Matchplay Results

First round
– K MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) beat N Taylor (Thornton) 7 and 6, G Monteigh (Portpatrick Dunskey) beat G Dryburgh (Beaconsfield) 4 and 2, R Wilson (Monifieth) beat C Easton (Dalmahoy) 5 and 4, E Briggs (Kilmacolm) beat N Qayum (Ranfurly Castle) 7 and 6, G Scanlan (Hamilton) beat L Allan (Kilbirnie Place) 6 and 5, A McKechin (Elderslie) beat K McIntosh (Broomieknowe) 7 and 6, H McCook (Abernethy) beat S Vass (Tain) 4 and 3, J Meldrum (Dullatur) beat A Summers (Panmure Barry) 6 and 5.
L Atkins (Minto) beat L Stevenson (Elie & Earlsferry) 8 and 7, E Mackay (Nairn Dunbar) beat G MacDonald (Craigielaw) 3 and 1, M Johnstone (Northern) beat S Leslie (Murcar Links) 2 and 1, R Watton (Mortonhall) beat L McGillivray (Banchory) 4 and 3, G Simpson (Murrayfield) beat J Graham (Southerness) 2 and 1,
R McQueen (Troon Ladies)
beat F Fullerton (Huntly) 1 hole, E Muirhead (Pitlochry) beat S Alexander (Deeside), C Booth (Comrie) beat A Smith (Monifieth) 4 and 3

Second round - K MacDonald beat Monteith 3 and 2, Wilson beat Briggs 1 hole, Scanlan beat McKechin at 20th, Meldrum beat McCook at 20th, Atkins beat Johnstone 1 hole, McQueen beat Simpson 6 and 4, Booth beat Muirhead 6 and 5.

Centenary Trophy - Kilmacolm

Played 15/7/08, 42 entries, SSS 72, CSS 72
Winner: Megan Briggs (0) 39 points
Runner Up: Irene Hicks (28) 37 points

The Under 18 Scottish Girls - Jill Meldrum is leading West of Scotland Player

Kelsey MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) was the leading qualifier in the Scottish Under-18 girls championship at Alyth Golf Club today.
West of Scotland's Jill Meldrum (Dullator) Gillian Scanlon (Hamilton) and Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm) were amongst the top qualifiers
148 K MacDonald (Nairn Dunbar) 74 74.
151 C Booth (Comrie) 73 78.
152 L Atkins (Minto) 75 77.
155 J Meldrum (Dullatur) 80 75.
157 G Scanlan (Hamilton) 79 78.
158 E Briggs (Kilmacolm) 76 82, J Graham (Southerness) 79 79, R Watton (Mortonhall) 81 77.
161 R Wilson (Monifieth) 82 79, R McQueen (Troon Ladies) 80 81, S Leslie (Murcar Links) 77 84.
162 A McKechin (Elderslie) 81 81, S Vass (Tain) 81 81, G MacDonald (Craigielaw) 80 82.
163 E Muirhead (Pitlochry) 79 84, G Dryburgh (Beaconsfield) 79 84, S Alexander (Deeside) 84 679, G Monteith (Portpatrick Dunskey) 80 83.
165 E MacKay (Nairn Dunbar) 84 81, H McCook (Abernethy) 83 82, K McIntosh (Broomieknowe) 78 87.
166 M Johnstone (Northern) 87 79, F Fullerton (Huntly) 84 82.
167 N Qayum (Ranfurly Castle) 83 84, C Easton (Dalmahoy) 85 82.
168 L McGillivray (Banchory) 83 85, L Allan (Kilbirnie Place) 83 85.
169 A Summers (Panmure Barry) 88 81, L Stevenson (Elie & Earlsferry) 87 82.
172 N Taylor (Thornton) 86 85, A Smith (Monifieth) 88 83.

Tuesday 15 July 2008

Ricoh British Women's Open Qualifying

Auchterarder's Emily Ogilvy was the only Scot to survive the Ricoh Women's British Open pre-qualifier over the Blue Course at The Berkshire on Monday.

English amateur Charlotte Ellis headed the field with a stunning six under par 66.
A total of 25 competitors who finished on 75 or better progress to the Final Qualifying event to be staged at The Berkshire on July 28th where the top 18 finishers will earn places in the Ricoh Women’s British Open which starts at Sunningdale on July 31st.
Leading Qualifiers
66 – C. Ellis (Eng)
71 – N. Edwards (Eng), D. Montgomery (Eng), R. Connor (Eng)
72 – P. Lindberg (Swe), H. Zuel (Eng)

Scottish non-qualifiers:
76 J Wilson.
77 R Niven (am).
79 J Turner.
80 H MacRae.
81 K Walker

Kilmacolm v Douglas Park in the 7th round of the Mail on Sunday

Mail on Sunday Newspaper Clip - Click to Enlarge Click on the Newspaper Cutting from the Mail on Sunday to read the article.(Photo -- Taken by Carol Fell - Your Webmaster)
The last 2 West of Scotland teams, Kilmacolm now meet Douglas Park in the 7th Round of the Mail on Sunday The tie is arranged for Saturday 19th July 2008 and will be played at Kilmacolm

Click on the following links to see the Round 6 Results and Round 7 Draw

Monday 14 July 2008

Carly Booth looks the favourite for the Scottish Under-18 girls match-play championships at Alyth

Curtis Cup player Carly Booth from Comrie is the favourite to retain the Scottish Under-18 girls match-play championship at the end of the next four days - qualifying rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday - at Alyth Golf Club.
Kilmacolm's Megan Briggs, whom Carly beat by 2 and 1 in the final, is too old to challenge this year but Megan's younger sister, Eilidh, who has three of a handicap is in the field of 81.

Lesley Lloyd wins the Duffhouse Royal Tournament

Lesley Lloyd Lanarkshire County Team member Lesley Lloyd (Hayston) -- pictured left won the Doone Cup (Scratch Trophy) in the Duffhouse Royal Ladies 5 day tournament at Banff last week.

She beat Jenny Milne of Elgin in the Final on the 18th Green. This was Lesley's 3rd win and Jenny had previously won the cup 4 times.

West of Scotland were well represented in the Semi-Finals with Jane Lees, Kirkhill (Scratch) Lynn Williamson, Kirkhill & Anne Lloyd, Hayston (Low Handicap) and Anne Campbell, Hilton Park (High Handicap). Unfortunately, Lesley was the only one to progress through to the Finals.
Well done Lesley

Sunday 13 July 2008

Scottish Barclays Open at Loch Lomond

Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell has won The Barclays Scottish Open by two shots after a final round score of 68 took him to 13 under par at Loch Lomond Golf Club.
Leading Scot was Stephen Gallacher , who had a wonderful final round of 64 (-7) to finish on - 8 too be tied in 6th position
Click on the following link to see all the final scores and details Barclays Scottish Open

Pamela and Kylie win on final day of the European Women's Team Championships in Sweden

In the European women’s team championship at Stenungsund Golf Club, Sweden, Scotland won the seventh place play-0ff against Austria 4-1.
Louise Kenney (Pitreavie) and Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) won the only foursomes tie by 2 and 1.
Krystle Caithness (St Regulus) (4 and 3), Laura Murray (Alford) (2 holes) and Kylie Walker (Buchanan Castle) ( 2 holes) won the first three singles to extend the lead to a decisive 4-0 before Scottish champion Michele Thomson (McDonald Ellon) lost the last singles by 4 and 3.
Collated results:
Stenungsund GC, Sweden.
Championship Flight
Final: Sweden 5 ½, Netherlands 1 ½.
3rd place: Spain 6, England 1.
5th place: Denmark 4, France 3.
7th place: Scotland 4, Austria 1.
Flight 2
9th place: Germany 4, Norway 1.
11th place: Wales 4, Switzerland 1.
13th place: Italy 3, Belgium 2.
15th place: Ireland 3, Finland 2.

Sweden win the European Girls and Scotland win against Iceland

Sweden took the European Girls title for the third time in a row on a very stormy day at Murcar links. With a victory in the European Boys and European Ladies events also held this week, Sweden have swept the boards across the continent. The Swedish girls won the foursomes against England this morning by 2-0 and then took the singles 2.5 -0.5 in the afternoon for a 4.5 - 0.5 victory.Further down the order Scotland took both morning foursomes from Iceland and won won two of the singles with the third halved for a similar 4.5 - 0.5 scoreline.Full results can be found on the official European Girls website

Friday 11 July 2008

Janice Moodie Trophy - Windyhill Golf Club

Young golfers across the West of Scotland competed in the annual Janice Moodie Junior Girls' Open Competition Trophy at Windyhill Golf Club on Friday 4th July.
Querida Hutchison (aged 12) - Clydebank and District won the overall trophy by carding a gross 83 net 63.
Kirstin Scott (Milngavie) playing of a handicap of 12 won the 15 - 17 age group with a nett 66.
Mian other Winners:
Age Group 10 - 14: Winner - Mhairi McKay (West Kilbride) 76 (11) 65
Age Group 18 - 21: Winner - Jane Turner (Craigielaw) 72 (0) 72
Scratch : Winner - Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm)71

Scots lose two 19th hole ties in going down to France

Scotland lost two so-tight ties at the 19th in going down 3-2 to France today in the European women's amateur team golf championship in Sweden.
The Scots will complete their programme with a play-off against Austria on Saturday to decide the official seventh and eighth rankings.
Foursome: L Kenney & P Pretswell lost to B Genuini & J Klatten at 19th (0-1).
Singles: K Caithness bt M Bazin de Jessey 4 and 3, L Murray lost to V Derrey at 19th, M Thomson bt L Andre 1 hole, K Walker lost to I Boineau 4 and 3 (2-2).
To read the full report CLICK HERE

Scotland Play Iceland on the last day at Murcar

It's an England v Sweden in the championship final of the European girls' team golf championship at Murcar Links tomorrow.
Scotland play Iceland for the top spot in Flight 3.
To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

Thursday 10 July 2008

July Medal & Brown Cup - D&A County

Played at Clydebank & District Golf Club on Thursday 10th July
CSS 74 - Reduction Only, 38 Entrants
Scratch: Anna Telfer (Milngavie) 76
1st Silver: Nichola Ferguson (Clober) 77 (7) 70(BIH)
2nd Silver: Anna Telfer (Milngavie) 76 (6)70
1st Bronze: Margaret Douglas (Windyhill) 100 (24) 76
2nd Bronze: Chris McGarrity (Hilton Park) 106 (26) 80
Brown Cup: Chris Dingwall (Douglas Park) 90 (16) 74

Pamela and Kylie do their best at the European Amateur Team Championships

Scotland's outside hope of winning the European women's amateur team golf championship in Sweden - they had the lowest second qualifying round total - were crushed by the star-studded Spanish side at Stenungsund Golf Club today.
In the singles round West of Scotland's star players Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) had the unenviable task of playing Carlota Ciganda, arguably the best female amateur golfer in Europe, in the final singles and the Spanish ace won by 5 and 4, plus St Rule Trophy winner Kylie Walker (Buchanan Castle) had a very good 2 and 1 win over Maria Hernandez who has won several US college tournaments.

For the full report Click Here

Summer Meeting - Ranfurly Castle

Played 9th July 2008, SSS 73, CSS 72, 32 Entrants.
One Class
Winner: Anne Robinson (10) 69
Runner Up: Helen Crichton (26) 72 (bih)

July Medal and Douglas Bader Greensomes - Whitecraigs

Competition: July Medal
Date Played: 4th/6th July, SSS: 72, CSS: 73/71 Entries: 30
Silver Winner: Elaine Spence (20) 72 bih
Silver R/Up: Lorna Howie (14) 72
Bronze Winner: Kirsty Davidson (27) 72
Bronze R/Up: Karen Brodie (25) 74
Scratch: Lorna Howie 86
Competition: Douglas Bader Greensomes
Date Played; 7th July 2008, SSS 72, Entries: 24
Winners: Sheila Robson and Elspeth Buick 39 points
Runners Up: Alison Campbell and Susan Campbell 36 points bih

Ayrshire County Summer Meeting

WEDNESDAY 9TH JULY 2008, SSS - 72,CSS - 75, 50 Entrants


Wednesday 9 July 2008

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Troon Junior Open Entries

The Troon Junior Open for the Tom Lehman Trophies will be held on Tuesday, August 5 over the Darley, Fullarton and Lochgreen courses.
This event is open to all boys and girls who have a CONGU handicap.
On the previous day, August 4, a pre-handicap open is to be held for children who can play 18 short holes but are not at a handicap standard.
Entries close on July 22 and entries can be made online at

Scots do well in Sweden -- West of Scotland's Pamela Pretswell and Kylie Walker play well

The pressure was on Scotland to produce something special on the second day of the European women's amateur team golf championship at Stenungsunds Golf Club in Sweden - and they did!
Krystle Caithness (St Regulus), Laura Murray (Alford), Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle), Michele Thomson (McDonald Ellon), Kylie Walker (Buchanan Castle) and Louise Kenney (Pitreavie) rose magnificently to the occasion to qualify in seventh place for the championship flight match-play stages.
To read all about it go the Gillian Kirkwood Website

Lanarkshire County Winners over Colville Park

Susan Woods - Click to enlarge
Susan Woods (Drumpellier) was the winner of the Lanarkshire Ladies County 36 hole scratch competition for the Morison Cup over Colville Park yesterday with a score of 141(72,69). CSS 71,72. She was also the winner of the handicap prize with a score of 135 (69,66)
Other Scores:
Gillian Scanlan (Hamilton) 158 (77,81)
May Hughes (Lanark) 158(76,82)
Janice Paterson ( Drumpellier) 158 (74,84)
Emma Caddow 160 Coleville Park) (80,80)

May Hughes and Jean Allan - Click to enlarge

Lanakshire's Captain May Hughes presents Jean Allan, Strathaven, with the Blackjack Cup, won in an 18 hole handicap competition over Colville Park on Tuesday 8th July. Jean, handicap 20, had a net score of 66. CSS was 71

Emma Caddow and Gillian Scanlon = Click to enlarge

Emma Caddow of Colville Park GC, winner of the Handicap Salver, and Gillian Scanlan of Hamilton winner of the Scratch Cup, at Lanarkshire Ladies County Junior Championship over Colville Park on Tuesday 8th July. The CSS was 71. Emma, handicap 12 had a net score of 68. Gillian had a gross score of 77.

Thanks go to Lanarkshire's Jean Macintyre for the report and Photographs (Click on photos to see an enlargement)

European Girls Team - Scots fail to score

The golfing flowers of Scotland were outclassed in the stroke-play qualifying stages of the European girls' golf team championship at Murcar Links Golf Club.
Carly Booth, Kelsey MacDonald, Rebecca Wilson and Sammy Vass collectively finished 17th in a field of 19 teams with a team total of 40-over-par 472 (and that despite discarding their worst score in each round).
To read the full report go to the Gillian Kirkwood Website

Monday 7 July 2008

West of Scotland Girls Medal - Cawder

Medal at Keir Course, Cawder, Played 7th July CSS 71
Scratch:- Rachael McQueen, Bentinck 75
1st Silver: - Kirstin Scott, Milngavie 77-11 = 66
2nd Silver: - Lesley Cosh, Cowglen 80-11 =69
1st Bronze: - Nicole Benson, Cawder 91-26 =65
2nd Bronze : - Alexandra Duffy, Cathkin Braes 105-36 =69
18-21 Age Group: - Megan Briggs, Kilmacolm 71-Scr = 71

European Girls Team Championship begins tomorrow at Murcar

Click on European Girls' Team Championship Poster to enlarge

The European Girls' Team Championship at Murcar Links begins tomorrow --- please do go along and support
To read all about it go to the European Girls Team Championship Website

Sunday 6 July 2008

9 hole Stableford - Kilmacolm Golf Club

Played 3/7/08, SSS 72, CSS 71
1. Judith Reid (35) 36 points
2. Jean Wilson (25) 35 points

Saturday 5 July 2008

Renfrewshire County are holding a Bridge Drive

Renfrewshire County are organising a Bridge Evening at Eastwood Golf Club on Wednesday 10th September to help raise funds for the Renfrewshire Team who are representing the West of Scotland at the Scottish County Finals at Inchmarlo Golf Resort, Banchory, from 19th to 21st September, 2008. To read all about it and if you would like to book a table then go to the Renfrewhire Website

Medal 7 - Douglas Park

Played 5th July. SSS 72, CSS 73, 27 Entrants
Norma Campbell 91 - 17 = 74
Elinor Grant 90 - 12 = 78
Alison Miller 94 - 14 = 80
Joan Pattison 92 - 21 = 71
Vivien Hamilton 100 - 24 = 76
Joan Brechin 99 - 22 = 77

June Results from Whitecraigs Golf Club

Competition: Stableford
Date Played : 27th June 2008, SSS: 72 CSS: 72
Silver Winner: Gillian Gibson (14) 34 pts. (bih)
Silver R/Up: Phyllis Noble (19) 34 pts.
Bronze Winner: Sue Harvey (28) 37 pts.
Bronze R/Up: Helen Stark (28) 36 pts.
Madge Gray Cup Winner: Lorna Howie

Competition: Ladies Stroke
Date Played : 30th June 2008. SSS: 72 CSS: 72
Silver Winner: Gillian Gibson (14) 77
Silver R/Up: Moira Cameron (17) 78
Bronze Win: Aileen McFadzean (26) 76
Bronze R/Up: Anne Fisher (24) 78

Competition: Medal Finals
Date Played: 30/06/08
Silver Division:
Winner: Lorna Howie 69
Runner-up: Sheila Robson 73
Bronze Division:
Winner: Jill Carrick 71
Runner-up: Elaine Spence 73
Madge Gray Cup Winner: Lorna Howie (best net score)
2s: Sheila Robson ,Lorna Howie

Friday 4 July 2008

Its the 4th of July -- Nothing to do with West of Scotland Golf News -- the USA were the Curtis Cup Winners

Looking for all this years West of Scotland Curtis Cup news --- Click on the following link 2008 West of Scotland Curtis Cup News and here is another Curtis Cup link run by Aileen Hunter -- Fife
Curtis Cup Website


Mackie Bowl entry date is extended

The deadline for entries for the Mackie Bowl is being extended to Monday 14th July. There are still spaces so players wishing to compete in this 36 hole stroke-play event over Gullane No. 1 course on Sunday, July 27 can obtain an entry form from the SLGA website by clicking on the following link: Mackie Rosebowl
Entry is open to ladies and girls with a Category 1 or 2 handicap. For those who have already entered, please note that the draw will now be made and posted out on July 14th 2008

18 Hole -- West of Scotland Championship at Old Ranfurly

The West of Scotland 36 Hole Championship that was postponed earlier in the season is now arranged for the 5th October at Old Ranfurly. For those who have already applied can you please contact Isabel Crawford to confirm that you are able or unable to play.
If you would like to apply for entry or re - apply ---- then Click Here and send the form to Isabel

Kilamacolm and Douglas Park thro' to the 7th round of the Mail on Sunday

Douglas Park Team - Click to enlarge Douglas Park Team : Joan Gemmell, Carol Fell, Lynda Smith, Helen Robertson and Alison Miller

Last week Kilmacolm progressed to the 7th round of the Mail on Sunday by beating Hilton Park and today the last remaining West of Scotland club Douglas Park (pictured above) won 3- 2 in a very tight match against Monfieth (pictured below)

Monifieth Team - Click to enlarge

Monifieth Team: Aileen Hunter, Louise Smith, Kate Louden, Andrea Bowie and Jackie Brown

Old Ranfurly -- Open Day Greensomes Results

 Alison Thistle and Maureen Taggart - Click to enlarge
Old Ranfurly Golf Club held their annual Open Greensomes yesterday and despite the very heavy rain in the afternoon the competition was able to be completed. Alison Thistle (Lochwinnoch) and Maureen Taggart (Old Ranfurly) -- pictured above were the overall winners of the "Ramphorlie Quaich" with a net 68.5
Main Prizewinners;
1st: Maureen Taggart (Old Ranfurly) Alison Thistle (Lochwinnoch) 68.5
2nd: Mary Murphy (Old Ranfurly) Donna Murphy (Ralston) 68.5
3rd: Fiona McPhee (Old Ranfurly) Sandra Littlejohn (Erskine) 70
4th: Margaret Parrot (Ranfurly Castle) Carol Fell (Ranfurly Castle) 70.5
5th; Christine Kelly (Windyhill) Enid Young (Balmore) 71
6th: Maureen Mitchell (Old Ranfurly) Mamie Robin (Elderslie) 71.5
Scratch: Alison Miller (Douglas Park) Joan Gemmell (Douglas Park) 80

Some of the Prizewinners - Click to enlarge
There were prizes at nearly every hole on the course and pictured above are some of the prizewinners
To see the full list of winners and all the results (courtesy of Elaine Penman - Old Ranfurly) CLICK HERE and then click on the winners tab, results and sponsored holes to see all the results
Click on the photos to see enlargements

Renfrewshire County Medal over Cowglen

The RLCGA July medal was held over Cowglen yesterday. The winner was Cathy Morton (Eastwood) with a net 70 (a.c.b.) off a handicap of 10. The best gross was 16 year old Natasha Qayum (Ranfurly Castle) with a score of 79. The competition became reduction only after thunder, lightening and heavy rain.
1st Division
1st Cathy Morton (Eastwood) 80 (10) 70 a.c.b.
2nd Natasha Qayum (Ranfurly Castle) 79 (9) 70 a.c.b.
3rd Morag Turner (Kilmacolm) 81 (11) 70 a.c.b.
2nd Division
1st Sylvia McDonald (Kilmacolm) 95 (20) 75
2nd Maureen Cook (Lochwinnoch) 90 (14) 76
3rd Eleanor Black (Paisley) 97 (20) 77

Wednesday 2 July 2008

Vets Salver & AT Taylor Tankard -- Kilmacolm

Played 1/7/08, 25 entries, SSS 72 CSS 71
Winner: Norma Connell (30) 37 points
Runner up: Irene Hicks (28) 36 points