Friday 30 November 2018


SCOTLAND LADIES – WEEK 18/47*New entry this week


1ANNA TURNER (Carluke) 1339 points 

2Elizabeth Donaldson (Kirkintilloch) 1281 

3Eilidh Henderson (Kirkcaldy) 1249 

4Jayne McDougall (Callander) 1224

5Linda Jack (Dumfries & Galloway) 1198 

6Fiona Norris (Hamilton) 1180    

7Jane Tough (Brechin) 1167

8Carol Fell (Douglas Park) 1149 

9Sarah Murray (Nairn Dunbar) 1144

10Orla O’Leary (Torwoodlee) 1143 

11Margaret Cairns (Dunning) 1136

12 Jane Clark (Airdrie) 1125 

13  Vicki Paterson (Inverurie) 1118 

14Corisande Lee (Dumfries & Galloway) 1117 

15Jane Grubb (Montrose Mercantile) 1113

16Carina Bunyan (Roxburghe) 1105 

17Janet Wilson (Anstruther) 1102 

T18Kerry Lockerbie (Crichton), Gillian Wallace (Milnathort) 1096

20Joan Pratt (Moray) 1089



1CARLUKE 968 points

2Torwoodlee 940

3  *Anstruther 938 

4Carrickvale 936

5Balbirnie Park 930 

6 Palacerigg 929

7Bridge of Allan 921 

8Kirkcaldy 917 

T9CloberMinto 913


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Chief executive Andrew McKinlay is looking forward to steering Scottish Golf to an App-ier future in tandem with Eleanor Cannon.

Eleanor Cannon and Andrew McKinlay

By Martin Dempster - The Scotsman

It was recently announced that Eleanor Cannon, the inaugural chair of the unified governing body, is to stand for a new three-year term at the annual general meeting next March.
Speaking as he prepared to lead the second Scottish Golf national conference in Edinburgh tomorrow, McKinlay said that he had warmly welcomed that development.

“We’ve been through such a turbulent time, it’s important we have a bit of continuity and stability,” he commented. “From that perspective, it’s good she will stay on to see us through this period. She has been a great support to me and I’m looking forward to working with her.”

Still working for the Scottish Football Association, McKinlay attended the inaugural conference 12 months ago as a club member and, along with the other delegates, was painted a picture of doom and gloom as golf clubs battle a decline in membership.
The Carrick Knowe club shutting its doors earlier this month shows that is ongoing but McKinlay says this weekend’s conference will hopefully galvanise clubs around the country.

“I’m going in with genuine positivity,” he said. “Last year was, I wouldn’t say a reality check, as we probably all knew the situation, but it was good to have it all set out, this is where we are, we have a problem here, we need to do some radical stuff to fix some of this. 
“This time it will be much more about looking forward. It’s vital we move forward. The big takeaway for me from last year was the criticism that only six per cent of our income was commercial income. 
“One of the targets we have set is to effectively double our turnover in the next four-year cycle. We don’t do that by picking up the odd commercial deal here and there. You have to do something quite radical.”

How to tackle the so-called golfing nomads has been one of McKinlay’s main objectives since he took up the post seven months ago and he’s aiming to do that through a new Scottish Golf App.
It will be part of a new computer system that is being offered free to member clubs, with the aim for clubs to get 100 per cent of the green fee from pay-to-play golfers. - READ MORE

“This new system will connect all those who play the game in Scotland,” added McKinlay. “We have a situation at the moment where circa 21 per cent of golfers are members and they are paying most of the upkeep of courses in Scotland. 
“You have another 80 per cent, who are paying some by paying green fees, but this system will look at ways of bringing them into the fold, so I think Saturday should be a much more positive experience than last year.
“That was a moment in time. We brought it together to say ‘this is it, we need to stop talking and turn the corner’. Membership is still declining, we know that. Traditional membership will continue to decline. 
“We need to redefine what that looks like because participation is not declining. We have to get that pay-per-play golfer part right.

“We have 600 clubs. Maybe 100 are doing okay, have good visitor numbers, maybe a waiting list. I might be overegging that number. There are probably 100 at the bottom who are in a really difficult position and that leaves a massive amount in the middle who may be bobbing along but need encouragement to be more open, more welcoming, change their culture and encourage more women and juniors to play golf. We don’t have a stick to beat them with.”

Thursday 29 November 2018


In 2019, ‘water hazards” will be replaced by the expanded concept of ‘penalty areas.’ As now, players will get relief with a one stroke penalty if their ball comes to rest in this area. But, there will no longer be any special restrictions when a ball is in a penalty area. 

Here’s the detail:

  • There will be two types of penalty area. The first will include all areas currently defined in the Rules as a water hazard or lateral water hazard. The second will include any other areas the Committee chooses to define as penalty areas. Recommended guidelines on this will be provided in the guidebook.
  • Penalty areas may therefore include desert, jungle, lava rock fields and so on. 
  • The two types of penalty areas will be known by the colour of their marking: yellow, which gives two relief options; and red which gives the additional option of lateral relief. Committees will be given the discretion to mark all penalty areas as red so that lateral relief will always be allowed. 
  • The term “hazard” will no longer be used in the Rules.
  • A player will be allowed to touch or move loose impediments and touch the ground with hand or club for any reason. For example, a player can ground the club right behind the ball. However, they must not improve conditions for the stroke.

AYRSHIRE, D&A,LANARKSHIRE AND RENFREWSHIRE - MYGOLF RANKING WEEK 47 - 2018 AYRSHIRE LADIES GOLFER of Week 18/47 is KELLY MCNEE (Loudoun Gowf) who retains her position at top of Ayrshire Ladies MGRanking.

1 KELLY MCNEE (Loudoun Gowf) 1056 points 
Emma Thomson (Loudoun Gowf) 1032
Sheena Murchie (Lamlash) 1021 
Christine Whitelaw (Largs) 1016 
Audrey Thompson (Loudoun Gowf) 1014
6 Catherine Garrett (West Kilbride) 1001
Jean Capes (Largs) 972
8 Aileen Anderson (Loudoun Gowf) 970 
T9 Maureen Paterson (Prestwick St Cuthbert), Pauline Patrick (Irvine) 953
11 Joanne Sharp (Kilmarnock (Barassie)) 927
12 Linda McDonald (Kilmarnock (Barassie)) 915
13 Lindsay Smith (Troon Welbeck) 909
14 Christine Fyfe (Kilmarnock (Barassie)) 908
15 Gillian Gowers (Loudoun Gowf) 905
16 Lesley Lloyd (Troon GC Ladies) 898
17 Helen Craig (West Kilbride) 897
18 Gillian Kyle (Troon GC Ladies) 896
19 Helen Love (Kilmarnock (Barassie)) 891
20 Elaine Sirel (Largs) 890 DUNBARTONSHIRE & ARGYLL GOLFER of Week 18/47 is ELIZABETH DONALDSON (Kirkintilloch Ladies) who remains top of Dunbartonshire & Argyll MGRanking.


1 ELIZABETH DONALDSON (Kirkintilloch) 1281 points 
2 Carol Fell (Douglas Park) 1149 
Shaeen Ahmad (Balmore) 1048 
4 Belinda Goldsmith (Hilton Park) 1027 
5 Ashley Duffy (Clober) 1015 
6 Susan McGrenaghan (Hayston) 1014
7 Elaine McEwan (Douglas Park) 1008
T8 Karen Haggarty (Dumbarton), Elaine Provan(Palacerigg) 1003
T10 Sandra Donnelly (Bearsden), Susan Rattray(Douglas Park) 991
12 Elizabeth Marrison (Dunaverty) 984
13 Lindsay McCubbin (Hilton Park) 975
14 Miranda McAinsh (Bearsden) 968
15 Janice Cullens (Douglas Park) 962
16 Elizabeth McMillan (Rothesay) 955
17 Olive Spicer (Bearsden) 950
18 Lorraine Campbell (Cardross) 929
19 Gillian Morrison (Clober) 927
20 Morag McFarlane (Balmore) 925 LANARKSHIRE LADIES GOLFER of Week 18/47 is ANNA TURNER (CarlukeLadies) who remains at the top of Lanarkshire Ladies MGRanking.


1 ANNA TURNER (Carluke) 1339 points
2 Fiona Norris (Hamilton) 1180
3 Jane Clark (Airdrie) 1125 
4 Jacqueline Moon (Bothwell Castle) 1004 
5 Amanda Bryce (Carnwath) 994
6 Dee Docherty (Playsport) 993 
Nichola Craig (Lanark) 989 
8 Ruth Hunter (Lanark) 984
Dorrien Malcolm (Hollandbush) 977 
10 Helen Todd (Biggar) 969
11 Fiona Argo (Playsport GC) 962
12 Susan Woodhouse (East Kilbride) 958
13 Amy McDonald (Bothwell Castle) 954
14 Christine Anne Sinclair (Carluke) 953
15 Carol Collins (Lanark) 952
16 Joyce Chalmers (East Kilbride) 938
17 Pam Connacher (Colville Park) 935
18 Kym Diamond (Colville Park) 932
19 Julie Cummings (Hamilton) 928
20 Colette Maule (East Kilbride) 923 RENFREWSHIRE LADIES GOLFER of Week 18/47 is ALLISON MURRAY (Ranfurly Castle Ladies) who remains at the top of Renfrewshire Ladies MGRanking.


ALLISON MURRAY (Ranfurly Castle) 1074 points
2 Margo Maxwell (Old Course Ranfurly) 1015 
Jan Macnab (Ranfurly Castle) 1009
4 Brenda Conway (Renfrew) 983 
5 Catherine Goldinger (Bonnyton) 981 
6 Shirley Bell (Old Course Ranfurly) 976 
7 Vivien Howe (Ranfurly Castle) 961
8 Sheila Biggart (Ranfurly Castle) 959
9 Beth Paterson (Eastwood) 941
10 Jane Ross (Elderslie) 940
11 Linda Ellery (East Renfrewshire) 914
12 Linda McDougall (Greenock) 907
T13 Patricia Davidson (Erskine), Marie Doherty (Erskine) 887
15 Anne Judge (Ranfurly Castle) 885
16 Cherry Briggs (Kilmacolm) 875
17 Sandra Chudleigh (Renfrew) 872
18 Ann McKenzie (Old Course Ranfurly) 864
T19 Birgit Clark (Old Course Ranfurly), Susan Morrow (Caldwell) 860

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Wednesday 28 November 2018


The Glenbervie Ladies Team

From the Glenbervie Golf Club Website 

El equipo de damas de Glenbervie puso en una gran actuación en el Annodata Golf Club Classic Finals en España, ganando su semifinal, pero lamentablemente perdiendo en la final. 

For the non-Spanish speakers out there, the title and first paragraph above reads:

 "Very Well Done Glenbervie Ladies. The Glenbervie ladies team put in a great performance at the Annodata Golf Club Classic finals in Spain, winning their semi-final, but unfortunately losing out in the final."

 Having won through 6 earlier rounds against teams from across the UK, the Glenbervie Ladies team travelled to the Montecastillo Golf Resort in Cadiz, Spain, to play in the finals of the Annodata Golf Club Classic. 
 After two days of practice, the Glenbervie ladies took on and beat the Lambourne GC team in their semi-final. In the final, Glenbervie faced the ladies from the Links GC in Newmarket. The first two matches resulted in 1 win each, before Links GC went on to win the remaining three matches. These were close affairs, however, with one match finishing at the 17th and the other two going the full distance. 

 What a superb performance to get all the way to the final of a UK-wide competition. Everyone at Glenbervie should be very proud of what these ladies have acheived. 

 Congratulations to the team members that played in Spain - Fiona Ross, Margaret Tough, Helen Goodwin, Alison Goodwin, Elizabeth Goodwin - and to those other ladies who played in the earlier rounds.

Tuesday 27 November 2018


Gillian Kyle, Carole Spy, Jan Macnab and Sheila Shaw

One of the 2nd round RLCGA Winter foursomes ties was played yesterday (Monday 26 November) at Caldwell Golf Club with Sheila Shaw (Caldwell) and Jan Macnab (Ranfurly Castle) taking on the East Renfrewshire pairing of Carole Spy and Past County Captain Gillian Kyle who had already beaten the 2017 - 2018 holders in the last round

It was an excellent day for golf given the time of year with sunshine and only a slight chilly wind. Winter mats were in use but the full greens were on despite an early morning frost. 

The golf was a closely contended match which swung back and forwards with Sheila and Jan being 1up at the turn and managing to cling on to win the match at the 17th after a series of good holes from Gillian and Carole looked like they were going to prevail over the back nine. 

Great shots and not-so-great shots were played by all but the match highlight was the 15th which was halved with a gross birdie 4 from Gillian and Carole, to match Sheila and Jan’s 5 (net 4)”


Thanks go to Jan Macnab for the report