Thursday, 17 October 2019


Cathkin Braes celebrate


The Annual Greenlees Lunch and prize giving  took place today, 17th October, at Douglas Park Golf Club. 

This was attended by 57 ladies representing the 25 Clubs that are in the 3 Greenlees Divisions.

Old Ranfurly's  Maureen Taggart and Merope Dunlop helped to collect in the Greenlees Fees and Douglas Park had Lindsay Mclean and Gill Hendry welcoming the visitors to the club.   

The tables were named after  the European Countries were represented in the victorious Solheim Cup and flower arrangements  were on all the tables courtesy of D Park's Jeannie Sutherland and Elaine Macewan

SCOTLAND: Lynda Smith, Denise Macnaughton, Maureen Mitchell and Carol Fell (Top Table)

SPAIN: Cathkin Braes, East Renfrewshire and Lanark
NETHERLANDS : Douglas Park, Troon and Old Ranfurly
FRANCE: Milngavie, Loudoun Gowf, Largs and Hilton Park
NORWAY: Erskine, Prestwick St Nicholas, Kilmacolm and Williamwood
SWEDEN: Ayr Bellisle, Kilmarnock Barassie, Cowglen and Cathcart Castle
GERMANY: Whitecraigs, Bothwell Castle and Cardross
ENGLAND: Haggs Castle, Ranfurly Castle, West Kilbride and Lenzie

West of Scotland Greenlees Secretary Maureen Mitchell (Old Ranfurly) opened the proceedings by welcoming everyone to the 79th Anniversary Year of the Greenlees Trophy. 

She then introduced the top table guests - Denise Macnaughton , the Lady Captain of Douglas Park , who welcomed everyone on behalf of the Club and announced that if everyone checked behind their seat if they found a card they were invited to take home the flowers after the lunch.

She then introduced Carol Fell and said "Carol does a fantastic job keeping her website CaroFellGolf up to date which includes the  Greenlees Results which are available for all to see."

Next introduction was that of  Douglas Park's Past Greenlees Secretary Lynda Smith who was there instead of Susan Griffin (DP Greenlees Secretary) who was down in London. Susan had been the main organiser of all the the lunch arrangements and table plans and with the help of a few others enabled the event to be held. 

Everyone then enjoyed an excellent lunch and much chat could be heard.

Prior to the presentation of Trophies Carol  Fell said a few words --
Elizabeth Fazzi and Aileen Wilson (Haggs Castle) - Runners Up Division 2

She welcomed Aileen Wilson from Haggs Castle who in her first Greenlees match played for Caldwell in the 1950's and over 60  years on still represented Haggs Castle this year -- a fantastic feat !!

She then read out a piece that past Secretary Fiona Roger had said in 2010  when it was the 70th Anniversary of the Greenlees -- 

In 1931 ten teams played in one division - Troon, Prestwick St. Nicholas, Douglas Park, Paisley, Drumpellier, Sandyhills, Kilmacolm, Ranfurly Castle, Cathkin Braes and Cardross. At the end of the season Troon and Prestwick St. Nicholas both had 62 points, they had a play off over Western Gailes and Prestwick St Nicholas won by one match. Mrs Greenlees, on behalf of her husband who donated the trophy, presented it to Prestwick.

Cathkin must have found it all too much because they withdrew after year one and were replaced by Balmore!! 
Fiona also found a report written after the 1934 matches, I presume by the then Secretary. It read ----- matches have not been so keanly contested this year and certain clubs are lacking in team spirit. ----------. Our recent Secretaries would not dare to write such a report as with the usual close fought matches we have it is right up to the bitter end to decide our winners 

Now a great Cathkin Braes Team has won the trophy for the  3rd time in 6 years — Many congratulations  
Carol said "I am not too sad to be out of the 1st Division after 41 years (Ranfurly Castle - 40 ) and now playing for Douglas Park— I have enjoyed 100s and 100s of matches and love the camaraderie."

Willeen McCallum took over as West of Scotland Greenlees Secretary in 1988 and in 1990 - the 50th anniversary took place and she organised a Greenlees Jamboree over Troon Portland. A highly successful day. 3 ball best ball competition with 60 competitors. Lunch provided for some 100 people. -- No mean feat of organisation She then retired in 2007 

In 2007 I was asked at that time by Isabel Crawford the then West of Scotland Secretary if I would be the Greenlees Secretary  — Results were no longer going into the Herald and a real difficulty in communicating the results. 
It was also decided  to try to make a change of Secretary every 3 to 4 years  — I then set up the spreadsheets for the results and Fiona Roger then took over in 2008 - 2011 when the 70th Anniversary was in 2010.  
Anne Dunn from 2012 - 2016 (75th Anniversary Tri Am was so well run at Cathcart Castle in 2015 ) and then Maureen  who will still be the Greenlees Secretary in 2020 when it will be the 80th Anniversary. 

After that Maureen will then step down and we hope to fill the role of West of Scotland Greenlees Secretary for 2021 so that no-one is ever in the job for too long - Maureen is enjoying doing her roll and we thank her for all her hard work during the season.

Also it would be greatly appreciated that with the ever growing age of technology --  I am quite willing to help iron out any communication problems   -- and if anyone has ideas they would be most welcome.

East Renfrewshire GC is the next club to hold the lunch and perhaps be able hold an 80th Anniversary Celebration at their club  All help will be available. 

Finally I would like to congratulate Donna Jackson from Troon who had a hole in one at the 4th hole at Williamwood against Julie Wilson  and Julie tells me the same thing happened to her last year when Lenzie’s Evelyn Crosbie had a hole in one at the same hole against her — Julie has been having a hard time  -- 
I was then also reminded that Lindsay Mclean (Douglas Park) had a hole in one against Cathkin Braes in their  final match and June Kerr (West Kilbride) also had one in a Greenlees match this year followed by an eagle I think !!!

Well done everyone 

Finally, I like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Williamwood Annodata Team who are through to the semi-final in Spain of the Annodata UK Golf Club Classic with a hard fought 3-2 win against Kenwood Park Golf Club in a home match in the quarter finals.They are now off to play their semi finals at the Montecastillo Resort near Cadiz in Spain on 20th and 21st November. 

Maureen then informed everyone that the Greenlees AGM would be on Tuesday 19th November at Old Ranfurly -- The exchanging of dates for matches would be first at 10:15 am with the AGM at 11am.

Maureen then invited the Captain Denise to present the trophies to the winning teams - see video. -  
Bothwell Castle, Whitecraigs, Troon and Cathkin representatives all said a few words  -- Apologies to Bothwell Castle -- I missed hitting the record button  - It was an excellent speech !!

Division 3 was won by Bothwell Castle, Runners up Hilton Park.
Whitecraigs winners of Division 2 and runners up Haggs Castle.

The runners up in Division 1 were Troon who were  beaten by the overall winners - Cathkin Braes

If you would like a printout of the results for your Club noticeboard -- CLICK HERE 


Cathkin Braes - 2019 Greenlees Trophy Winners
Troon Ladies - Beth Paterson and Sara-Ann Bottomley
Greenlees Trophy Runners Up
Division 1 
Cathkin Braes 46 - Greenlees Trophy Winners 2019 
Troon 40.5 - Greenlees Trophy Runners Up 
Ranfurly Castle 29 - Relegated to Division 2 
Douglas Park 28.5 - Relegated to Division 2

Division 2 Winners -- Whitecraigs
Division 2
Whitecraigs 43.5 - Division 2 Winners
Haggs Castle 43 - Division 2 Runners Up 
East Renfrewshire 33 - Relegated to Division 3 
Lenzie 30 - Relegated to Division 3

Bothwell Castle - Division 3 Winners
Division 3 
Bothwell Castle 28 - Division 3 Winners 
Hilton Park 23 - Division 3 Runners Up 
Greenlees Divisional Winners and Runners Up - Click to enlarge 

Carol, Maureen and Denise

Maureen then concluded by wishing everyone a safe journey home.

After the event Douglas Park Captain Denise and "Greenlees Webmaster " Carol were presented with beautiful flower displays that she had made for the top table

Friday, 11 October 2019

Scottish Golf Update on the World Handicap System (WHS)

Following our last update on the new World Handicap System (WHS), on Friday 27th September, we are aware of some potentially misleading communication by 3rd parties. This has led to a number of questions and as a result we would like to provide clarity on a number of these to all our affiliated golf clubs.
If you haven’t had the opportunity to read our last WHS update, then you can read more HERE.
A reminder: what is changing?
From November 2020, the way in which handicaps are administered is changing. This change is part of the new WHS being rolled out internationally by The R&A and USGA.
As part of the implementation of WHS in November 2020, the governing bodies of amateur golf in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales will now become the official licensee for all handicap calculations in Great Britain and Ireland.
All handicap calculations will be done centrally by each home nation and no Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) will be licensed to calculate or administer any handicaps in GB&I not just Scotland.
This means that each home nation, within their own jurisdiction, will perform all handicap calculations from all authorised formats of play as outlined in the new WHS rules. Each home nation will then publish a player’s newly calculated handicap index and make this accessible to all clubs and golfers.
Are Scottish Golf working alongside the Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) to deliver WHS?
Yes, over the next 13 months, in the lead up to the implementation of WHS, Scottish Golf will be working closely in partnership with CONGU and our partners in GB&I in order to deliver the new World Handicapping System.
Upon the implementation of WHS in November 2020, each home nation will become responsible for calculating and administering the handicaps of all golfers under their jurisdiction. 
For each nation, including Scotland, this will be done using the Central Database of Handicaps (CDH).  By moving handicap calculations to the CDH, it will mean there will be one central handicap system in each nation. This will reduce the likelihood of errors such as duplications or conflicts that occur frequently in the current setup.
For clarity, Scottish Golf has always controlled their own CDH as have each of the other home nations. The key change is the CDH will now store and calculate the golfers handicap.
Under WHS, each home nation will produce a new CDH. While Scottish Golf are using a different provider for this than the other home nations, the different systems will interface with each other to ensure our golfers’ handicaps are portable across GB&I which is not currently the case as presently the different CDHs do not interface well with each other.
Are Scotland doing anything differently to the other CONGU nations?
Presently CONGU, as the authority for handicapping across GB&I, license the calculation and administration of handicapping to the eleven various ISVs.
Under WHS, CONGU becomes the licensee from The R&A/USGA to perform the handicap calculation and administer handicaps across the whole of GB&I. No ISVs will have a licence to perform or administer handicapping under WHS in GB&I.
In the rest of GB&I, a new licence is currently still being finalised by CONGU and once agreed it will be shared with all ISVs. This will give ISVs an option to purchase a new licence agreement under the new terms outlined by England, Wales and Ireland. This licence will not be to perform the handicap calculation or to administer handicaps for golf clubs.
As the new ISV licence has not been finalised by CONGU, it’s not known how many ISVs will seek to purchase a new licence. Scottish Golf will not be offering any ISVs the opportunity to purchase a WHS licence in Scotland. Scottish Golf's implementation of WHS will ensure that all golfers and clubs in Scotland will have access to handicapping software.
What we have been working on is an option to ensure that ISVs still have the same functionality to allow clubs to administer their competitions and publish competition results by pushing data directly to them.
Will Scottish Golf Clubs be required to use the new Venue Management System (VMS) as part of this process?
Under WHS, each home nation has been provided with the specifications from The R&A/USGA to develop software required for the calculation of handicaps.
In all of GB&I, affiliated golf clubs will need to use the handicapping software supplied by their home nation, but for all club management functionality other than handicapping, clubs will still have the choice to use other ISV systems as they currently do.
Will there be any additional cost to the golf club if they use Scottish Golf's Venue Management System?
As stated at the 2018 conference and to shareholders at the EGM which approved the increase in affiliation fee which supported the investment in Scottish Golf VMS, the new system and all its club administration and management functionality including and beyond handicapping will be free of charge to all affiliated clubs in Scotland.
Additionally, Scottish Golf will provide one free touch screen per affiliated golf club at no additional charge. There will also be an option for clubs to purchase additional touch screens at cost price to Scottish Golf.
More detailed communication to clubs, golfers and stakeholders as a reminder of why Scottish Golf has developed VMS will follow in due course. Trials are at a progressed stage in a number of clubs and it is estimated that golf clubs across Scotland are currently spending circa £2.5 million annually on management software.
As a golfer, how will I view my handicap under WHS?
Under WHS, all golfers in GB&I will be required to view their handicap on their respective home nation’s handicapping software. This will allow them to view information such as their handicap index, handicap data and their handicap scoring record.
We will be providing access to this through our website, app, direct link with CDH or in the handicapping software provided to clubs who will also have access to all these platforms.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Douglas Park win the Mosshead Trophy at Bearsden Golf Club

Janice Cullens, Joan Gemmell, Alison Whyte and Susan Rattray
Photo courtesy of Fiona Glass

On Sunday 29th September, at Bearsden Golf Club the ladies team from Douglas Park of Janice Cullens, Joan Gemmell, Alison Whyte and Susan Rattray were victors of the Mosshead Trophy
The Mosshead trophy is a team event of 4 ladies and a team of 4 gents are invited from the following clubs :
Balmore, Bearsden, Buchanan Castle, Clober, Clydebank and District, Douglas Park, Hilton Park, Milngavie .
Each team of 4 plays Stableford , with the best 2 scores at each hole counting.

Final Totals :
Click to enlarge

World Handicap System approved by all Home Unions

CONGU are delighted to announce that the Agreement for the new World Handicap System (WHS) which will come into operation on 1 November 2020 was approved by the Board with the support of all the Home Unions: England Golf, Golfing Union of Ireland, Irish Ladies Golf Union, Scottish Golf and Wales Golf.  

The agreement was formally signed on Monday 16th September by Chairman Ann Brown.
The current CONGU Unified Handicapping System will be replaced by WHS which will unify six different handicapping structures currently in place throughout the world. 
With one single system in place golfers will be able to obtain and maintain a handicap index; use their handicap index on any golf course around the world; and compete or play a casual round with anyone else on a fair and equal basis.
More details will be posted on this website when available

Lorna Mcclymont wins the Carnoustie Autumn Test

Lorna McClymont
The Autumn Carnoustie Test was played on Sunday 6th October over the Budden Links. - Click Here for more details 
This 36 Hole Event which counts toward the Order of Merit awards.
Unfortunately due to the bad weather play was reduced to 18 holes -

Click to enlarge

Despite the poor conditions Lorna played well to have a 1 under par 67,  SSS 73, CSS 74.

Jasmine Mackintosh, Shannon McWilliam and Tara MacTaggart all finished on 71

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Past PGA Pro John McTear from Cowglen has died

From The Glasgow Herald 

McTEAR JOHN of South Beach, Troon, on 14th September 2019, aged 70, at the Ayr Hospice. Heartfelt thanks to caring staff. John, a former golf professional, was the dearly loved husband of Alison and a cherished friend to so many. Private funeral, at John's request.

John took up golf after being inspired by watching Arnold Palmer as he marched to victory at the 1962 Open Championship at Troon. He hen Scottish boys' championship trophy  at North Berwick in 1966

He competed for Scotland at amateur level and then competed on The European Tour for five years before spending 21 years as the club professional at Cowglen Golf Club

John was deeply interested in golf memorabilia and has a fine collection at his home. 

He had a total of five top ten finishes on the Seniors Tour, with his best performances coming at the Lawrence Batley tournament where he finished tied for fifth and the STC Bovis Lend Lease European Invitational where he was tied for sixth. 
During 2001, John also won the prestigious PGA Senior Club Professional title for the first time, succeeding Jim Rhodes as the champion. 

He was married to Alison who is a past member of Haggs Castle and currently a member of the Ladies Golf Club Troon and we send her our deepest sympathy.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Hole in One helps Kelsey Macdonald secure a top ten finish

Kelsey Macdonald, pictured, from Nairn secured her third top-10 finish of the season at the Hero Women's India Open at the weekend.

Kelsey finished tied ninth on level par at the Ladies European Tour event at DLF Golf and Country Club with improving rounds of 76, 72, 70 and 70 for a total of 288.

The 29-year-old Scot had a hole-in-one at the par-3 16th in her second round, using a seven-iron. It was a second competitive career-ace for Kelsey who earned £9,741for latest top-10 finish.

She is currently 32nd in the Ladies European Tour Order of Merit.
Christine Wolf (Austria) won the event by three strokes from . England's Meghan MacLaren finished third .

Winning Solheim Cup team captain Catriona Matthew finished a disappointing 26th on five over par.
Michele Thomson from Ellon tied for 61st place  with scores of 71, 76, 76 and 79.


West of Scotland Golfer of the Year is Caroline King from Clober and Clober is the Number One Club. WEST OF SCOTLAND LADIES GOLFER of the YEAR at Week 19/40 is CAROLINE KING of CLOBER LADIES who is NUMBER ONE on WEST OF SCOTLAND LADIES MGRanking and is in the TOP 50 of the OVERALL MGRANKING at No 47.


Click to Enlarge

Some WEST OF SCOTLAND clubs have not signed the MGR Permission Form required to feature on MGR. If your club wishes to participate in MGR and requires a form, please contact

For up-to-date ranking lists of Clubs, Regional, National and International Rankings, How It Works and free registration for golfers and Clubs, visit

Time to order your 2019 MyGolfRanking Medals 

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Sunday, 6 October 2019

Megan Docherty is the 2019 West Girls Champion


Lto R - Megan Docherty, Luisa Gibson, 
Helen Convery (Captain of the Ladies Golf Club Troon)
Neve Marshall and Jennifer Lynagh

The West Girls Championship was played today over Troon Portland. 
Prize winners were presented their trophies by the Ladies Golf Club Captain Helen Convery.

The Championship Semi Final results : 
 Megan Docherty (Bishopbriggs) beat Sophie Murphy (Clydebank and District) 3&2 
 Luisa Gibson (Irvine) beat Rachel Foster (Prestwick St Nicholas) 3&1 

Championship Final- Megan Docherty  (Bishopbriggs) beat  Luisa Gibson  (Irvine) - 2&1

Bronze Championship: 
Jennifer Lynagh (Caldwell) beat Neve Marshall (Cathkin Braes) 4/2 

Many thanks go to Allison Bell for the results and photograph

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Williamwood Ladies are representing Scotland in Spain

From L to R -Lorraine Morris, Mary Scott, Gill Unick,
Diane Dryden and Gill Mcleod

Williamwood Ladies are through to the semi-final in Spain of the Annodata UK Golf Club Classic with a hard fought 3-2 win against Kenwood Park Golf Club in a home match in the quarter finals.

From Carol McNally
In the Annodata 5 Person Team Tournament, Williamwood Ladies (now representing Scotland as the last remaining Ladies Scottish Team) won their quarter final match at home against Kenwick Park, Louth, Lincolnshire. 

 An extremely close match for their 7th round resulted in a 3-2 win. Particular note for Diane Dryden winning her match from 2 down with 3 to play. 

 Extra champagne for you Diane! 

 The cumulative handicaps for both teams, strangely totalled the exact same. Williamwood are now off to play their semi finals at the Montecastillo Resort near Cadiz in Spain on 20th and 21st November. 

 Well done ladies and good luck from all Scottish lady golfers.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Ireland win the Seniors Hole Internationals with reduced play format

The Irish Winning Team

Ireland has won the Women’s Senior Home Internationals for the third year running after edging out England in the weather-affected round-robin event at County Sligo.
The event was reduced to two days after severe weather was forecast for the third and final day and therefore the decision was made to reschedule and play the five singles games in each match on the second day so that a winner could be determined. 
Ireland and England finished tied for first place on 2½ points after winning their matches against Scotland and Wales, and then sharing the points in the final match against each other. 
Therefore, it was the defending champions who retained the trophy thanks to a superior points total across all three matches played – 12 to England’s 11. 
Scotland finished third after securing a point with a win against Wales.   
The 2020 Women’s Senior Home Internationals will be played at West Kilbride from 22-24 September. 

Day 2 Results
Wales 1 Ireland. 4
Scotland  1 England 4
Morning Singles ( Scottish names first)

Elaine Moffat lost to Caroline Berry 1down
Alison Davidson beat Lulu Houseman 6&4
Sheena Wood lost to Paula Carver 6&4
Donna Jackson  lost to Pyecombe Greenfield 4&3
Lorna Mckinlay lost to Jackie Foster 6&5

England 2.5 Ireland 2.5
Scotland 3 Wales 2
Afternoon Singles (Welsh names first) 

Sharon Roberts lost to Alison Davidson 1 hole
Jane Rees beat Jennifer Bryans 3&1
Julie Thomas lost to Elaine Moffat 4&3
Denise Richards lost to  Aileen Baker 4&3
Anne Lewis beat Lorna McKinlay 2&1

FINAL RESULTS  - Many congrats go to Alison Davidson who won all her 3 singles

Winners Ireland, 12 - 6, 2.5
Runners Up England 11-7 , 2.5
3rd Scotland 6.5 - 11.5,  1
4th Wales 6.4 - 11.5, 0

      Played      Won        Halved    Lost

To read all the reports -- CLICK HERE

Kirsten Brown wins Autumn Trophy at Alyth Golf Club

Kirsten Brown

From the Scottish Golf View Website 

Kirsten Brown (St. Andrews University )  held off reigning R and A Scholar Champion Lorna McClymont (SRUC) to win the 14th Autumn Trophy for students at Alyth Golf Club

Kirsten Brown started the day with a two-stroke lead over Lorna McClymont and used steady, bogey-free golf to extend that lead to three at the turn. Birdies at 10 and 12 allowed McClymont to get back within two shots and a grandstand finish looked set.
Unfortunately for Lorna, bogeys followed on 13 and 14 which allowed Brown the luxury of two dropped shots in the final four holes on the way to victory by those two strokes. 
A one under total of 212 for the tournament showed the consistently high level of golf she had produced over all three days and she was fully deserving of a first BUCS/SSS Tour victory.

In third place, St Andrews' Megan Ashley was in a contest with herself – three early bogeys meaning she was too many back to fully challenge for the lead but also confident of staying ahead of those behind. Birdies at 10 and 12, before a double at 14 and bogey at 16, left Ashley to finish +7 for the tournament, six back from McClymont but five ahead of the chasing pack.
Brown’s quality golf was enough for St. Andrew’s second team to upset their first team, Cassie Kneen and Rachel Maswi joining with Kirsten in taking the team competition by two strokes.

For all the scores —-  CLICK HERE

Scotland play England and Wales in singles Women’s Senior Home International Day 2

Due to an adverse weather forecast for Thursday 3 October, the format today (Wednesday 2 October) has been revised.  

Scotland plays England in the morning and Wales in the afternoon (Singles) 

Scotland  1 England 4
Morning Singles ( Scottish names first)

Elaine Moffat lost to Caroline Berry 1down
Alison Davidson beat Lulu Houseman 6&4
Sheena Wood lost to Paula Carver 6&4
Donna Jackson  lost to Pyecombe Greenfield 4&3
Lorna Mckinlay lost to Jackie Foster 6&5

Wales 1 Ireland. 4

Scotland 3 Wales 2
Afternoon Singles (Welsh names first) 

Sharon Roberts lost to Alison Davidson 1 hole
Jane Rees beat Jennifer Bryans 3&1
Julie Thomas lost to Elaine Moffat 4&3
Denise Richards lost to  Aileen Baker 4&3
Anne Lewis beat Lorna McKinlay 2&1

England 2.5 Ireland 2.5


Please Note
There will be no play on Thursday 3 October due to an adverse weather forecast. As such, Thursday's 5 single games in each match will be played on the afternoon of Wednesday 2 October and final team positions will be declared thereafter.

Report to follow later

Clubs wary of being forced to use Scottish Golf’s own app

by Martin Dempster: from the Scotsman Newspaper

It was a mystery why a London-based newspaper ran a prominent story on Friday about Scottish Golf’s new all-singing, all-dancing app, given that it was unveiled last December at the governing body’s second national conference in Edinburgh. 

Andrew McKinlay (Chief Executive - Scottish Golf) 
Excuse me for being cynical, but it appears to have been a smokescreen because, on the same day, affiliated clubs received a communication about a directive from Scottish Golf that has been described by one club official as a “very dangerous move”. It has even been claimed that some clubs are now looking into the possibility of joining England Golf instead.

What on earth could prompt such a thought? Well, as part of the implementation of the new World Handicapping System (WHS) in 2020, it appears Scottish Golf is trying to eliminate independent software companies – some of which have long relationships with clubs – from the Scottish market to effectively control things for themselves.

“Scottish Golf will now facilitate the administration of the handicaps of all Scottish Golf club members,” stated the WHS update. “Current Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who provide handicapping software for clubs will no longer be given any access to handicapping calculations or any handicap data through open APIs [Application programming interface] or any other means.
“Clubs will still have the option to use the other services provided by these ISVs but Scottish Golf will become the centralised control point of all handicapping in Scotland. This transformation supports our vision of growing the game in Scotland and we feel that now is the right time to make this change.”

One thing that the document doesn’t highlight is that Scottish Golf is not working in tandem with the other members of The Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) on this. Indeed, Scottish Golf chief executive Andrew McKinlay and David Kernohan, Scottish Golf Limited’s CONGU board member, walked out of a meeting last week before a discussion on the ISV licence for the WHS was discussed

I believe McKinlay almost didn’t attend the meeting at all due to Scottish Golf’s position but, in a statement, he insisted that the governing body intends to remain a full member of CONGU along with the other home nations. “We have an important part to play in the roll out of the WHS and the Rules of Handicapping going forward,” he apparently told fellow delegates before departing the room.

As the official licensee, Scottish Golf will perform all handicap calculations from all authorised formats of play as outlined in the new WHS rules. It will then publish a player’s newly-calculated handicap index and make this accessible to all clubs and golfers. This will be done through a new central database of handicaps (CDH) and other platforms that are being developed for implementation next year.

“It is very dangerous moving forward for Scottish Golf to shut out the other providers,” said one match secretary.
“It effectively means clubs will be forced to use the Scottish Golf system, even though it cannot perform essential back office tasks like member direct debits, etc.
“The new Scottish Golf Venue Management System (SMS) is impressive from the brief example I have seen, but clubs will have to pay for different systems for all of their different needs while Scottish Golf take a booking fee on every tee time booked.
“Scottish Golf don’t have a very good track record with developing computer systems and, if they are the only show in town, they have to get it 100 per cent correct as there will be no back-up option. I have to admit to being extremely worried about the impact on clubs. Sadly, I predict chaos and losing even more people to the game before this is completed.”

Speaking about the new app last November, McKinlay described it is a “game-changer that could potentially bring in millions” as Scottish Golf bids to lead the way in trying to breathe new life into the game after more than 75,000 registered golfers were lost in this country from 2005 to 2017, with two courses in the Glasgow area, Eastwood and Mount Ellen, forced to close this year and Letham Grange in Angus set to shut in a matter of weeks.

On the evidence of that aforementioned article last week,it would appear that the new app is finally ready to be launched, with the main target market being the “nomads” or, to give them their proper title, non-affiliated pay-per-play golfers.

For the app to be a success, Scottish Golf surely need to have the clubs on their side. Effectively holding a gun to their head over something else doesn’t exactly seem to be the way to go about it?

Doreen Leask is the Angus County Champion of Champions

Doreen Leask (photo courtesy of Angus county)
Champion of Champions 2019
Congratulations to Doreen Leask, who won the Champion of Champions over Montrose Medal on Sunday. Conditions were blustery for much of the round, making club selection tricky.

Top 5 Gross Scores (CSS 75)
1. Doreen Leask 80
2. Jackie Brown 81
3. Jodie Taylor 85
4. Julie Taylor 86
5. Sakuna Ramsay 89

Evanna Hynd - East Girls Merit Award Winer

Many congratulations to Evanna Hynd (pictured above ) winner of the East of Scotland Girls Order of Merit 2019

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Scotland lose to Ireland on Day 1 of the Senior Women's Home Internationals

England’s Senior Ladies have made a winning start to the Senior Home Internationals series in Ireland.
In tough and challenging conditions at County Sligo Golf Club at Rosses Point, England eked out a narrow 4.5 – 3.5 victory over Wales.

In the other game, hosts Ireland kicked off their bid to claim a hat-trick of titles with a 5.5-2.5 win over Scotland. 

Back L to R - Lorna McKinlay, Alison Davidson, Sheena Wood, Aileen Baker
Front L to R - Elaine Moffat, Fiona De Vries (Captain)
Donna Jackson and Jennifer Bryans
(Photo courtesy of Lorna McKinlay)

Scotland lost all 3 Foursomes matches and managed to half the singles with good wins by Elaine Moffat and Alison Davidson and halved match by Lorna McKinlay

Tomorrow, England will face Scotland hoping to win and set up a final day showdown with the host nation.

However due to an adverse weather forecast for Thursday 3 October, the format on Wednesday 2 October has been revised.  Matches on Wednesday 2 October will start with singles games and an update regarding afternoon play will be provided late morning.

Ireland v Scotland 

Morning Foursomes: Ireland 3 Scotland 0
G McMullen an M O'Reilly beat A Davidson an E Moffat 4&3
A Taylor and M McAuliffe beat A Baker and L McKinlay 2&1
L Webb and S Corcoran beat D Jackson and S Wood 4&3

Afternoon Singles - Ireland 2.5 Scotland 2.5
Pat Doran lost to Elaine Moffat 4&3
Alison Taylor lost to Alison Davidson 1 hole
Laura Webb beat Sheena Wood 7&5
Maria O'Reilly beat Jennifer Bryans 3&2
Suzanne Corcoran halved with Lorna McKinlay

Day 1 results. 
Ireland 5.5 Scotland 2.5
Wales 3.5 England 4.5