Sunday 25 November 2007

Haciendo Del Alamo Women's Winter Festival now has a Silver (Division) Lining

Just to keep you up to speed with the Hacienda del Alamo Women's Winter Golf Festival.
I have had some feedback that the handicap limit of nine was stopping some ladies coming in groups with their friends because not all of them had as low a handicap as that.
With that in mind, I have raised the handicap limit to 20, i.e. Silver Division players only as well as Lady Professionals.
To Read all about it click on this link Alamo Winter Festival
Colin Farquharson
Tournament Controller

Friday 23 November 2007

The Rules of Golf 2008 - 2011

The R & A and the United States Golf Association have worked closely for more than fifty years to produce a uniform code of rules so that wherever golf is played the same laws apply. Every four years these two governing bodies, after consultation with golf authorities worldwide, agree any changes that they consider will make the Rules of Golf fairer and easier to understand.

New rules come into force on 1st January 2008. Four million copies of the ‘Rules of Golf’, sponsored by Rolex, will be printed in English. The new rules will also be printed, under licence, in twenty-five other languages. Rule books will be distributed free of charge to golf clubs and may be ordered on the R&A Website
‘Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2006 – 2007’ becomes obsolete and is replaced by the new 2008 – 2009 edition. This book is invaluable not only for Rules Officials but also for all those involved in the administration of the game (e.g. club committees). It may be purchased from the above website or from high street or on-line booksellers.

Many members will have read in the press recently that there are to be changes to 28 of the 34 rules but there is no cause for alarm. ‘Rules of Golf 2008 –2011’ contains a new ‘Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf". This is excellent and should certainly make players feel more at ease with their rule books. Many rules have simply been re-worded in order to make them easier to understand. One example is the term ‘reasonable evidence’ that was used previously used in several rules. This was difficult to interpret and has been changed to ‘known or virtually certain’ which is much clearer.

One significant change relates to hazards. Until now the rules did not giver a player the opportunity to lift a ball from a hazard in order to identify it and therefore there was no penalty for playing a wrong ball either from a bunker or from a water hazard. The restriction on identifying a ball in a hazard has been removed (Rule 12 – 2) and the exemption from penalty for playing a wrong ball from a bunker or water hazard has also been removed (Rule 15 – 3). The result is that the penalty for playing a wrong ball anywhere on the course is now loss of hole in match play or a two stroke penalty in stroke play. In stroke play the mistake must of course be corrected in order to avoid disqualification.

Several other changes are to penalties rather than to actual rules and in every case the change favours the player. When a ball in motion is stopped or deflected by the player, her partner, or either of their caddies or equipment the penalty has been reduced from loss of hole in match play and a two stroke penalty in stroke play to one stroke in either form of play (Rule 19 – 2). This is a very welcome change. Many members will have been in the situation where the ball re-bounds off the face of a bunker and it is impossible to move quickly enough to avoid being struck by it!

Until now a flagstick that had been removed and placed on the ground was not allowed to be moved whilst a ball was in motion. This left players in a ‘catch 22’ situation. Moving the flagstick in case a ball in motion struck it incurred a penalty under one rule (Rule 1- 2). Leaving it on the ground to be struck by the ball incurred a penalty under another rule (Rule 17 – 3). This situation has been resolved. A flagstick, whether attended, removed or held up may now be moved when a ball is in motion (Rule 24 – 1).

On the putting green it is sometimes very difficult to avoid standing on another player’s line without standing astride the line of one’s own putt which is of course not allowed (Rule 16 –1e). An ‘exception’ to this rule has been added to allow inadvertent standing astride the line of putt or doing so in order to avoid another player’s line.

The penalty for carrying, but not using, a non-conforming club has been reduced from disqualification to, in stroke play, a penalty of two strokes per hole at which a breach occurred, with a maximum penalty of four strokes per round. In match play the state of the match is adjusted by one hole for each hole at which a breach occurred with a maximum penalty of two holes per round (Rule 4 – 1). This is now the same penalty as that for carrying more than fourteen clubs (Rule 4 – 4).

The penalty for using a non-conforming club remains disqualification. The R & A announced four years ago that from 1st January 2008 all drivers must have a conforming clubhead and ensured that this was well publicised. Sufficient warning was given to allow players plenty of time to check and, if necessary, change their drivers. This rule applies to all golfers of all abilities and in all forms of play. The required specifications are set out in Appendix II, 5c of the new rule book and detailed lists of conforming and non-conforming driver heads may be found on the R & A website. In club golf it is the responsibility of each player to check that her equipment conforms to the Rules of Golf. Players taking part in County or National events should also check as to whether the Conditions of Competition include the Driving Club Condition. If so any driver used must be on the R & A’s ‘List of Conforming Driver Heads’. For more detailed information refer to the R & A website and in particular their ‘Frequently asked questions’ on this topic.

Space does not permit me to mention, let alone explain, every single rule change but I have highlighted those most likely to crop up in the normal course of play. For more detailed information refer to the R & A website and to ‘Principle Changes introduced in the 2008 code’ which you will find on page 6 in your new rule book. Always remember that the Rules of Golf exist to make the game fair for all players. The more familiar you become with the rules the more you will enjoy your golf.

Jenny McGahan
R & A qualified Rules Official
November 2007

Thanks Jenny for all the information

Wednesday 21 November 2007


Do you know anyone who is a good enough player to enter? Tell them about the February 10-23, six-competition programme at the five-star Murcia golf resort with excellent practice facilities in sunny southern Spain.
Open to Lady professionals and amateurs with a handicap of nine or under.
E-mail Tournament Controller Colin Farquharson at if you want to know more.

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Sunday 18 November 2007

Prizegiving and Cheese and Wine -- Douglas Park

The Main 2007 Prizegiving was held at Douglas Park Golf Club this afternoon after a light Cheese and Wine reception. Here are a few smiling faces that you may recognise that received their trophies. The Ladies Annual Meeting is held in January when all the prizewinners will receive their awards
To see enlargements of the photos above CLICK HERE

Thursday 15 November 2007

CONGU Unified Handicap System 2008 -2011

The Council of National Golf Unions has published the CONGU® UHS (Unified Handicap System) 2008-2011 manual which is the result of substantial voluntary work of the Council Members during the last four years.

The Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) is the governing body for handicapping matters in Great Britain & Ireland and is comprised of members from the men’s and ladies’ Golf Unions/Associations in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with additional representatives from The R&A and the LGU.

The UHS 2004-2007 manual included, for the first time, a unified approach for handicapping men and ladies under the same system. The 2008 UHS has built on this success and has been expanded to include a number of new concepts. These include Supplementary Scores, Nine Hole Handicap Competitions, a separate CSS calculation for “Home” and “Away” players in Open Competitions and assistance for handicap committees in carrying out the time consuming Annual Handicap Review (AHR). The manual has been totally revised to make it more user friendly to clubs and their members by placing the clauses in a more logical order and adding explanations to relevant clauses (in a blue shaded area) to clarify the system.

The section on Supplementary Scores has been included to assist golfers who, for whatever reason, play in few or no competitions each year, by allowing them to return cards outside competitions for handicap purposes. At the discretion of affiliated clubs, a limited number of Nine-Hole qualifying competitions may be run and such scores shall be used to adjust handicaps. This option is designed to attract more players into the Unified Handicapping System.

Common sense has always suggested that in Open Competitions, the ‘Away’ player is often at a disadvantage compared to the ‘Home’ player and subsequent statistical analysis showed this to be on average between one and two shots. Since this unfairly affects adjustments of handicaps, there will now be a separate Competition Scratch Score for ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ players to take account of this factor and to provide a more equitable basis for handicap alterations.

The CONGU® website – – is being updated to explain the changes and also to answer many queries about the UHS. The “Myths and Misconceptions” and “Frequently Asked Questions” sections should be of particular interest to the club golfer. All the constituent Unions/Associations websites have links to the CONGU® website.

CONGU believes that the revised manual and the incorporation of the new concepts will assist in meeting the demands of the modern game and the changing needs of club members.

Saturday 10 November 2007

Douglas Park's Maureen Rennie meets Alex Salmond

Maureen Rennie, Past Captain of Douglas Park met First Minister Alex Salmond recently at Boat of Garton. Maureen wished him good luck in the Commonwealth Games Bid.
Yesterday, Glasgow won the bid and are to host the games in 2014.
However, to see what really was said by Alex to Maureen then Click on this link

Italian Evening at Douglas Park

The Ladies Table - click to enlarge
Bunny and Avril -- click to enlarge
An Italian evening was held at Douglas Park Golf Club last night and Captain Janet Dow decided to have a ladies table only. As you can see from the smiles and laughter a good evening was had by all --- especially Avril Berry who just thought the wining and dining was just great. Click on the photos to see an enlargement

Thursday 8 November 2007

November Stableford - Ranfurly Castle

Played over 15 holes 7/11/07 16 entries
Silver - P McKenzie (13) 26 pts, V Howe (17) 24 pts
Bronze - H Abram (25) 28 pts, M Reid (23) 27 pts

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Jenna Wilson wins the 2007 SLGA Order of Merit Award

Scottish champion Jenna Wilson from Strathaven has bowed out of the amateur ranks as winner of the Scottish Ladies Golfing Association Order of Merit women's title for the second year in a row.
Jenna, who has turned professional since graduating from the recent Ladies European Tour Qualifying School, averaged a score of 1.80 UNDER the CSS in the 10 designated tournaments.
She won by the narrowest of margins - one-fifth of a stroke - from Michele Thomson, the Aberdeenshire champion and winner of the SLGA Order of Merit girls' title last year.
They were the only two players to have a minus CSS average.
Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) was 4th with a score of 0.7 OVER the CSS, and Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) was 6th with a score of 0.9 OVER the CSS.
To see all the final totals FINAL SLGA LADIES RANKINGS FOR 2007

Carly Booth (Comrie) finished No 1 in the SLGA girls’ rankings for 2007 with the outstanding average score of 4.17 under CSS in six designated tournaments.
No other girl had an average score under CSS.
Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) finished third with +0.33.Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) was 6th with +3.83 and sister Eilidh was 7th with +4.00 OVER the CSS. To see all the final totals
(To increase the magnification of the page click on the + sign)

Luxury Villa Hacienda Del Alamo golf resort

I understand that Hacienda Del Alamo golf resort in Murcia is due to host the Women's Golf Festival in February 2008.
Should it be of any interest to you or the participants, I have a 4 bed 4 bath luxury villa on Hacienda overlooking the par 3 12th hole. Full details can be found on
The price per week will be 1000 Euros (£670), and at the moment is still available. This price is discounted from the usual amount. The villa really is beautiful and one of the best on Hacienda.
I will be happy to answer any questions you may have should you wish to make contact.

Kind Regards
Angela Howells
Tel: 07967 147761 or 07787 511867

Monday 5 November 2007

Guy Fawkes Day -- Your own PC Fireworks display

When finished viewing -- click on the small thumbnails below to see a few different displays.

Sunday 4 November 2007

County Finals 2008 --- Accomodation Recommendation

Inchmarlo Advert --- click to enlarge
News for all County Captains : Colin Farquharson was wondering how the West Division go about booking accommodation for their representatives at the Scottish county finals but in 2008 at Inchmarlo Golf Centre, Banchory, there are brand new villas/apartments available within the estate.
Colin and his wife were given a conducted tour of the accommodation last weekend. It is excellent and works out per head cheaper than a hotel. Self-catering facilities available but it is only about two drivers away from the main restaurant/clubhouse at the driving range/nine-hole course first tee, so eating "out" is no problem.
Colin says he is not on any commission !! Anyhow it sounds good --- Click on the advert to read more. Could be good for whoever is representing the West of Scotland whether it is Ayrshire, D&A, Lanarkshire or Renfrewshire

Saturday 3 November 2007

Coffee Morning raises £705 for Breast Cancer Care Scotland --- Douglas Park

The Main Coffee Morning Prizewinners
80 ladies attended the annual Coffee Morning and enjoyed the committee’s home baking. Many thanks to everyone for their donations to the raffle
The Raffle which was in aid of Breast Cancer Care Scotland made £705.
Janet Dow the Ladies Captain would like to thank Colin Cruickshank from the Edrington Group for the Grouse Whisky – Glasses and Ginger Beer.
Thanks are due to The Grosvenor Hotel The Green Welly Stop TyndrumBooly Mardys, Paperino’s and Ben Bansal & Bhopinder Purewal for their very generous donations.

She would also like to thank the committee for all their hard work

The Main Prizewinners were:
Mary Pollock: Afternoon Tea at Gleneagles
Ella Morton: Dinner for 2 at the Grovenor Hotel
Pat Kennedy: Voucher for £50 for the Green Wellie Shop Tyndrum
Gillian Beattie: Lunch for 4 at Booly Mardys
Irene McLelland: Voucher for Paperino's
Lorna Neilson:£40 Voucher for Pro Shop
Margaret Brown: £40 Voucher for Pro Shop

Click on the Raffle Ticket Photograph below to see some more photographs from the event. Give Time to load and make sure your sound is turned on (Broadband users only --- sorry)

Click to play DP Coffee Morning photos
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To hear a few words from Captain Janet Dow click on the Play control (Altho' it says £700 raised at the end of the short film -- it really was £705 !!)

Friday 2 November 2007

Message from Colin Farquharson

I hear on the grapevine that we may be getting a group of Welsh seniors at the Hacienda del Alamo Women's Winter Golf Festival (Feb 10 to 23).
Are there enough single-figure handicappers in the West Vets' ranks to mount some opposition? Click on the Hacienda del Alamo Women's Winter Golf Festival link to read all about the fantastic golfing holiday you can go on

Thursday 1 November 2007

West Vets AGM

The Prizewinners at the 2007 West Vets AGM
The West Vets AGM was held today at Cowglen Golf Club. Helen Faulds (Douglas Park), Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle), Anna Telfer (Milngavie), Maureen Rennie (Douglas Park), Mary Irving (Ranfurly Castle) Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) and Cathy Morton (Eastwood)were the main prizewinners for the year. To read all about it and see some Photographs go to WEST VETS WEBSITE