Sunday 31 May 2020

Paula Crichton has a hole in one at Douglas Park Golf Club on her 1st round after Lockdown

Paula on the 17th Green 

22 handicapper Paula Crichton had a HOLE IN ONE at the 17th Hole at Douglas Park Golf Club today.. This was Paula’s first game after Lockdown and her first hole in one. — Many Congratulations Paula.

Club Captain Iain Fergusson and Secretary Ann Scott welcomed everyone to the 1st day's play on Friday and were interviewed by Fiona Stalker of DriveTime -- BBC Radio Scotland. -- approx 35 minutes on

Alternatively Click here to get to the exact point of the interview 

Susan and Fiona Rattray - Photo Courtesy of Fiona Stalker
D&A’s County Team Player Fiona Rattray and her Mum Susan were one of the first to tee off on Friday.

Thursday 28 May 2020

MGRanking week 21 -- 2020 West of Scotland Counties

1 Gillian Kennedy (Troon Welbeck) 1064 points
2 Robina Gilbertson (Prestwick St Nicholas) 1057
3 Liz Keohane (Loudoun Gowf) 1048
4 Lorna Spencer (Largs) 1043
5 Joanne Sharp (Kilmarnock (Barassie) 1030
6 Anne Burns (Loudoun Gowf) 1007
7 Pauline Patrick (Irvine) 998
8 Aileen Anderson (Loudoun Gowf) 990
9 Janet Harkness (Skelmorlie) 932
10 Christine Whitelaw (Largs) 923

1 Largs 849
2 Loudoun Gowf 827
3 Skelmorlie 826
4 Prestwick St Nicholas 822
5 Troon Welbeck 796
6 Prestwick St Cuthbert 768
7 Kilmarnock (Barassie) 743
8 Irvine 717
9 Girvan 660
10 Brodick 356

1 Caroline King (Clober) 1133 points
2 Margaret Mackinnon (Lochgilphead) 1073
3 Katharine Hardman (Dunaverty) 1014
4 Gillian Ross (Bearsden) 989
5 Gillian Morrison (Clober) 979
6 Jackie Lightfoot (Helensburgh) 971
7 Di Raitt (Dullatur) 968
8 Shaeen Ahmad (Balmore) 959
9 Avril Leitch (Balmore) 955
10 Paula Galloway (Douglas Park) 938

1 Clober 891
2 Dullatur 866
3 Bearsden 849
T4 Balmore & Dunaverty 808
6 Palacerigg 805
7 Helensburgh 786
8 Lochgilphead 768
9 Douglas Park 731
10 Rothesay 676

1 Jane Clark (Airdrie) 1252 points
2 Sharon McPeake (Cawder) 1147
3 J J Weir (Cawder) 1065
4 M A Stevenson (Cawder) 1045
5 M A Seymour (Cathkin Braes) 1013 
6 Susan Halley (Strathaven) 964
7 Nichola Craig (Lanark) 955
T8 Catherine Gibson (Cathkin Braes) & Edel Doherty (Cawder) 946
10 Allison Bell (Strathaven) 942

1 Cawder 901
2 Airdrie 897
3 Cathkin Braes 809 
4 Lanark 804
5 Hamilton 779
6 Carnwath 775
7 Kirkhill 764
8 Strathaven 744
9 Bothwell Castle 722 
10 Langlands 718

1 Heather Climson (East Renfrewshire) 1116 points
2 Christine Wilson (Caldwell) 1084
3 Anabel Kane (Kilmacolm) 988
4 Ann McKenzie (Old Course Ranfurly) 986
5 Helen Abram (Ranfurly Castle) 920
6 Sandra Reid (Renfrew) 903
T7 Mary Aitken (Erskine) & Marion Downie (Old Course Ranfurly) 882
9 Jennie Scott (Old Course Ranfurly) 863
10 Merope Dunlop (Old Course Ranfurly) 839

1 Old Course Ranfurly 838 
2 Renfrew 799
3 Caldwell 754
4 Erskine 751
5 Ranfurly Castle 741
6 Bonnyton 667
7 Cowglen 638
8 East Renfrewshire 617 
9 Kilmacolm 606
10 Paisley 572

MyGolfRanking Club Ranking - West of Scotland Counties – Week 2020/21

1 Jane Clark Airdrie 1252 
2 Sharon McPeake Cawder 1147 
3 Caroline King Clober 1133 
4 Heather Climson East Renfrewshire 1116 
5  Christine Wilson Caldwell 1084 
6 Margaret Mackinnon Lochgilphead 1073 
7  J J Weir Cawder 1065 
8 Gillian Kennedy Troon Welbeck 1064 
9 Robina Gilbertson Prestwick St Nicholas 1057 
10 Liz Keohone Loudoun Gowf 1048 
11 M A Stevenson Cawder 1045 
12 Lorna Spencer Largs 1043 
13 Joanne Sharp Kilmarnock (Barassie) 1030 
14 Anne Burns Loudoun Gowf 1007 
15 M A Seymour Cathkin Braes 1001 
16 Pauline Patrick Irvine 998 
17 Aileen Anderson Loudoun Gowf 990 
18 Gillian Ross Bearsden 989 
19 Anabel Kane Kilmacolm 988 
20 Katharine Hardman Dunaverty 983 

1 Cawder 901 
2 Airdrie 897 
3 Clober 891 
4 Largs 865 
5 Bearsden 849 
6 Old Course Ranfurly 830 
7 Loudoun Gowf 827 
8 Prestwick St Nicholas 822 
9 Cathkin Braes 811 
10 Balmore 808 1
1 Dunaverty 806 
T12 Palacerigg 805 T12 Troon Welbeck 805 
14 Lanark 804 
15 Renfrew 799 1
16 Helensburgh 786 
17 Hamilton 779 
18 Carnwath 775 
T19 Lochgilphead 768 T19 Prestwick St Cuthbert 768 
21 Kirkhill 764 2
2 Caldwell 754 
23 Erskine 751 
24 Strathaven 744 
25 Kilmarnock (Barassie) 743

Are you wondering why the weekly MGRanking changes when golf courses/clubs are currently closed and no competitive club counting events are being played? MGRanking is based on data compiled from a rolling 52 week cycle. This week the result data from Week 2019/21 is replaced by data from Week 2020/21 which may not exist.

Wednesday 27 May 2020


David Orr and Paul Lawrie
Whitecraigs GC Professional David Orr held his last Zoom Meeting tonight to Non Members and his guest speaker was the 1999 British Open Champion Paul Lawrie. An excellent session was enjoyed by many.


Monday 25 May 2020

Frequently asked questions in relation to the Guidance for Golf Clubs and Golfers on returning to Golf in Scotland

Following the announcement that Golf Clubs can begin to prepare for a return to golf on 29 May 2020 at the earliest, subject to final confirmation by the First Minister by way of an update currently planned for 28 May, Scottish Golf has set up a new Frequently Asked Questions website page to support all Golf Clubs and Golfers in preparation for the return of golf. 
To access our new Guidance for Golf Clubs and Golfers on returning to Golf in Scotland, please click here
This page will continue to be updated on a regular basis to support everyone in the golfing community here in Scotland.

Sunday 24 May 2020

Golf to cash in on early return

Golf has a “massive opportunity for growth” when it becomes one of the first sports to emerge from cold storage in Scotland amid phase one of the easing of lockdown restrictions.
That is the view of Karin Sharp, chief operating officer of Scottish Golf, who has played a key role in discussions that are set to see the Scottish government formally give golf’s return the green light this Thursday under strict social-distancing requirements.
“Golf has been recognised as a sport that can provide both physical and mental wellbeing. It’s played from young to old and covers such a wide part of the population,” said Sharp. “There’s a massive opportunity to attract new participants, not as a detriment to other sports but as a pastime that people could see as complementing their wider activity base.

“We’re hearing from our counterparts in England and Wales, who have been a bit ahead of us in reopening, and they’ve got many positive stories coming back from clubs around spikes in membership enquiries and conversion. There’s no reason that can’t be the case in Scotland too.”
Scottish Golf has advised clubs to gear up for reopening from May 29. Two-balls will be permitted between players from different households, and groups of up to four — from no more than two households — will be allowed at the discretion of clubs. The 2m social-distancing rules will still be in place, and there will be no touching of course fixtures and equipment. Travel restrictions are another reason that this is not simply a resumption of pre-coronavirus golfing life.
“Normal as we’ve all known and possibly taken for granted for many years, is definitely going to be different for a period of time. That length of time hasn’t really been quantified as yet,” said Sharp, who was COO of the Scottish Ladies’ Golfing Association before its 2015 merger with the Scottish Golf Union to form Scottish Golf.
“Golf does lend itself to being flexible, however, and a more casual approach to the game in the first instance is probably accepted. As a sport, we’re renowned for adhering to rules and etiquette and the information we’ve circulated has been positively received. It’s a framework that outlines guidelines but gives clubs enough flexibility to determine how that works for their own facility.”
Scottish Golf, which has stripped its own operations back to the bone, has offered clubs a 25 per cent refund or rebate on affiliation fees in a bid to ease a cash-flow crisis which the governing body’s research estimates has seen the average club suffer lost revenue of £20,000 per month in the shutdown.
“Gross that up across Scotland, and it’s £9 million-£10 million per month across the industry,” said Sharp. “Clubs have been better or worse off depending on when their membership renewal dates fell, while some clubs have been able to access government support. For many clubs, a combination of using furlough schemes, grants and membership renewals means they are well placed, but that’s not the picture across the piece.
“Travel restrictions and [the impact on] visitor revenue is a real fear for a lot of clubs, and not just the big trophy courses. A lot of the smaller, holiday destinations do not command green fees of massively significant value, but it’s still a big contributor to their annual revenue.
“The immediate impact may not be overly concerning in some areas, but that longer-term piece is where a lot of clubs have significant fear. Recovery is going to be fairly prolonged.”
Sharp stepped up to lead Scottish Golf in mid-April after the resignation of chief executive Andrew McKinlay. He was the third CEO to depart in four years, which has led to stinging criticism of chairwoman Eleanor Cannon.
Sharp, who suffered a suspected case of Covid-19 towards the end of March, acknowledges there is work to do in shoring up the governing body’s image, but insists the string of high-level departures is not symptomatic of a failing organisation. “Change is inevitable in all sectors and I don’t think any of that was anything to do with anything other than it being right for the individuals at the time. In terms of how we are perceived, relationships within any member organisation can often be difficult to properly gauge, but I do think it’s something we can and will do more on.
“Strong collaboration is vital for golf in Scotland to flourish. We need to make sure we’re communicating effectively so that everyone understands and is supportive of what we’re all trying to do to grow the game.
“There’s a massive opportunity for golf in attracting new participants, and every one of us, at every level, plays a part in shaping the opinions and perceptions of external individuals who are potential new or returning golfers. We need to take collective responsibility for the image of golf.”

Thursday 21 May 2020

Guidance for Golf Clubs and Golfers on returning to golf in Scotland

Following today’s announcement from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Golf is pleased to confirm that golf clubs in Scotland can begin to prepare for a return to golf on 29 May 2020 at the earliest, subject to final confirmation by the First Minister by way of an update currently planned for 28 May.  

Scottish Golf has worked with Scottish Government, Active Scotland, sportscotland, Health Protection Scotland, The PGA and key industry partners at every opportunity to produce a clear guide for all golf clubs and golfers in Scotland.
It should be noted that a final decision will be made by the First Minister on 28 May and if any changes to the current procedures are required to align with updates provided by Scottish Government then these will be shared with you as soon as they are known to ensure re-opening plans can be updated or adjusted accordingly.

Download our Guidance for Golf Clubs and Golfers on returning to golf in Scotland 

Playing golf following extension to exercise in Scotland 

Once golf has resumed, the following groupings will be permitted to play Golf in Scotland:
  • Two Balls – may be from two households whilst maintaining physical distancing
  • Groups up to 4 four players permitted at the discretion of the golf club (ensuring that only two households are represented in the group)
Scottish Golf would like to highlight that the Scottish Government continues to monitor its response to the COVID-19 outbreak closely and have not ruled out the re-introduction of restrictions which could see golf paused again if these guidelines are not being followed. 
It is therefore imperative that golf clubs take the necessary steps outlined prior to opening their courses for play and adhere to the guidelines detailed in our guide.


By Martin Dempster - The Scotsman 
Scottish golf courses will be given the green light reopen a week on Friday, subject to final confirmation by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon next Thursday. 

Confirmation about a planned reopening date for the 550-odd courses in the home of golf following an eight-week shut down due to the coronavirus was delivered by Scottish Golf.
It came a few hours after the First Minister had announced that golf, tennis bowls and angling had been included among the outdoor sports activities being allowed in phase one of the Scottish Government's lockdown route map

Play will be allowed in two balls, which may consist of people from different households, and also in groups of up to four but from only two households at the discretion of individual clubs.

Tee time intervals will also be at the discretion of the club while travel to the course should be within the local vicinity, noted as broadly around five miles in the Scottish Government's four-phase route map.

Casual play only is recommended in the first instance to allow all membership categories the opportunity for play while clubhouse facilities must remain closed for the time being.

The date has been set to allow clubs to prepare to welcome back members, but it needs to be rubber-stamped by Sturgeon when she delivers the next official review of the lockdown restrictions next Thursday.

In a letter to clubs, Scottish Golf's chief operating officer Karin Sharp said: "We have been working with sportscotland and the government to ensure that golf aligns with the guidelines laid out for phase one easing of the current lockdown restrictions. 

"Whilst I know that in many people’s eyes this should have been a straightforward process, it certainly has not been the case, but I am delighted that we now have the opportunity to share with you the guidelines for the safe return of golf across Scotland.

"There are aspects of the document that refer to direct government advice e.g travel restrictions, physical distancing, risk groups and any changes to those policies will be for clubs and individual golfers to ensure they are adhering to. 

"I must stress that these guidelines are shared with the assumption that there is no change made in the government’s stated position on easing of restrictions. 
"It should be noted that a final decision will be made by the First Minister on 28 May and if any changes to the current procedures are required to align with updates provided by Scottish Government then these will be shared with you as soon as they are known to ensure re-opening plans can be updated or adjusted accordingly."

Courses in Scotland have been closed since the lockdown restrictions were introduced on 23 March. But they have now been given the green light to fall in line with venues elsewhere in the UK and Ireland.

"Based on the above, if they choose to do so, clubs may now prepare their course and their membership for play to commence on 29 May," added Sharp, who took over the reins of the governing body last month following chief executive Andrew McKinlay's sudden departure. 

"I hope that in giving a week’s notice, this will give clubs time to finalise any local rules and activate their tee sheets. I have looked to give direction but not prescription, as I know that all clubs will want to do what is best for their members within the framework of the facilities or operational capacity that each club will have. 

"The Scottish Golf guidance has been prepared through our collaboration with the wider golf industry but has been reviewed by appropriate Scottish Government channels to give you a flexible but consistent framework with which to prepare your own club protocols."

Courses in England reopened last Wednesday while venues in Wales and on both sides of the border in Ireland resumed business this week.

"We have heard very encouraging stories from south of the border where some clubs have seen an immediate uplift in membership, as many courses have not been open to visitors given ongoing travel restrictions applying to exercise," said Sharp. 
"Clubs have a great opportunity to show value in being a member of a club, and all the preferential benefits this can bring. I am sure that the demand for tee-times will be high and I look forward to seeing and hearing of golf courses all over Scotland full of people enjoying the sport once again.
"I would like to thank all golfers who have shown great restrain over the last eight or nine weeks in conforming with the requests of the Scottish Government.

"The team here at Scottish Golf are firm in our belief that golf is a healthy sport that can be played giving due consideration to social distancing, whilst contributing to the improved health and mental wellbeing of many people across the country and we will continue to prioritise supporting clubs and the development of the game in Scotland."


Are you wondering why the weekly MGRanking changes when golf courses/clubs are currently closed and no competitive club counting events are being played?
MGRanking is based on data compiled from a rolling 52 week cycle.

This week the result data from Week 2019/20 is replaced by data from Week 2020/20 which may not exist.

Gilbertson (Prestwick St Nicholas) & Gillian Kennedy (Troon Welbeck) 1057
3 Liz Keohane (Loudoun Gowf) 1048
4 Joanne Sharp (Kilmarnock (Barassie) 1047 
5 Lorna Spencer (Largs) 1043
6 Anne Burns (Loudoun Gowf) 1007
7 Pauline Patrick (Irvine) 998
8 Aileen Anderson (Loudoun Gowf) 990
9 Janet Harkness (Skelmorlie) 932
10 Susan Dumigan (Prestwick St Nicholas) 919

1 Largs 860
2 Loudoun Gowf 827
3 Skelmorlie 826
4 Prestwick St Nicholas 822 
5 Troon Welbeck 814
6 Prestwick St Cuthbert 773 
7 Kilmarnock (Barassie) 766 
8 Irvine 717
9 Girvan 678
10 Brodick 356

1 Caroline King (Clober) 1196 points
2 Margaret Mackinnon (Lochgilphead) 1073
3 Katharine Hardman (Dunaverty) 983
4 Gillian Morrison (Clober) 979
5 Shaeen Ahmad (Balmore) 959
6 Olive Spicer (Bearsden) 952
7 Gillian Ross (Bearsden) 948
8 Paula Galloway (Douglas Park) 938
9 Andrea Torrie (Bearsden) 932
T10 Gemma Canham (Helensburgh), Avril Leitch (Balmore) 931

1 Clober 932
2 Bearsden 842
3 Dunaverty 806
4 Palacerigg 805 
5 Balmore 803
6 Helensburgh 794 
7 Lochgilphead 768 
8 Douglas Park 731 
9 Cardross 703 
10 Rothesay 676

1 Jane Clark (Airdrie) 1252 points
2 Amy McDonald (Bothwell Castle) 1023
3 M A Seymour (Cathkin Braes) 1001
4 Elaine Johnstone (Hamilton) 979
T5 Allison Bell (Strathaven), Lisa Chan (Hamilton) & Susan Halley (Strathaven) 964
8 Nichola Craig (Lanark) 955
9 Lesley Watson (Cathkin Braes) 949
10 Catherine Gibson (Cathkin Braes) 946

1 Airdrie 897
2 Hamilton 829
3 Cathkin Braes 811 
4 Lanark 804
5 Carnwath 775
6 Strathaven 767
7 Kirkhill 764
8 Bothwell Castle 737 
9 Langlands 705 
10 Crow Wood 355

1 Heather Climson (East Renfrewshire) 1116 points 
2 Christine Wilson (Caldwell) 1036
3 Anabel Kane (Kilmacolm) 988
4 Ann McKenzie (Old Course Ranfurly) 957
5 Janette McCartney (Erskine) 915
6 Sandra Reid (Renfrew) 903
7 Mary Aitken (Erskine) 884
8 Marion Downie (Old Course Ranfurly) 882
9 Jan Macnab (Ranfurly Castle) 877
10 Jennie Scott (Old Course Ranfurly) 863

1 Old Course Ranfurly 830 
2 Erskine 809
3 Renfrew 799
4 Caldwell 785
5 Ranfurly Castle 718
6 Cowglen 698
7 Bonnyton 667
8 East Renfrewshire 639 
9 Kilmacolm 627
10 Paisley 585

21 May 2020 – A statement from Scottish Golf

“Following positive discussions with the Scottish Government, sportscotland and the governing bodies for tennis and bowls, Scottish Golf welcomes today’s news that our golfing community will benefit from the Scottish Government’s revised guidance for exercise. 

“Guidance documents containing detail on preparing facilities for the return of golf will be issued to all affiliated clubs as soon as practically possible. This will take into account details from the road map published by the Scottish Government today.”

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Whitecraigs David Orr and Iona Stephen - Catch up Interview

David Orr and Iona Stephen (Click in the link below to go to the Just Giving Page)
Yesterday Whitecraigs Golf Professional David Orr interviewed 
Iona Stephen who is now with televisions Golfing World.
Iona was Past RLCGA Team Member and Ranfurly Castle Golf Club Member

The interview was excellent and well worth a watch if you missed the session. 

To donate go to David's Just Giving Page and help him get to his £12,000 mark

This evening  David's guest is the 2019 Solheim Winning Captain Catriona Matthew 

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Golf in Scotland still in Lockdown

It’s a headache as Scots’ hopes of hearing ‘game on’ are frustrated

Bloody hell. Covering Scottish golf has given me the odd headache over the years, but this current one is a stonker and it’s not about to go away. Not with so many opinions flying about over courses all around the country continuing to remain closed.

It didn’t help, of course, that hopes about a reopening were raised by a weekend report claiming that the Scottish Government had been expected to ease lockdown restrictions this week, paving the way for the Royal & Ancient game’s imminent return.
In one fell swoop, golfers the length and breadth of Scotland began to have thoughts about being back on their local course by this weekend, perhaps, and next Monday at the latest. And why not?

Courses in England have now been open for almost a week and, by the sounds of things, guidelines in place to deliver “safe golf ” have been working a treat. Golfers are also now back out on courses in Wales and the Republic of Ireland, with courses in Northern Ireland set to follow suit as part of lockdown restrictions just being lifted there.

In Scotland, though, that return will now be 29 May, the day after the Scottish Government’s next official review of lockdown restrictions, at the earliest and, most likely, Monday 1 June.

On the one hand, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement that the first phase of a lockdown exit road map including “some limited outdoor sports” such as golf and fishing being allowed “within a few days” of 28 May should be applauded.
That, after all, is what most golfers have been waiting to hear ever since Boris Johnson gave the go-ahead a week past Sunday for courses in England to reopen and the Welsh government following suit last week.

On the other, though, she has also added fuel to a raging fire of frustration as Scottish golfers continue to be kept off their courses at a time when they are being used on an increasing basis by walkers, runners and cyclists.

Twitter went into meltdown as golfers north of the Border faced up to another ten to 14 days before they are probably back occupying those huge open swathes of land instead and enjoying the fresh air the sport affords.
Even now, a full eight weeks into lockdown, golf is still way down the list of priorities as the world continues its fight against the coronavirus, but, as the home of golf, it seems feasible to suggest the time is right for someone to open up a bit more about why the process of reopening courses in Scotland is taking longer than England, Ireland and Wales.

If it is down to concerns about people starting to travel a bit more again, venturing from built-up areas where there have been more Covid-19 cases into rural areas, then come out and get that message across.
That should probably come from the First Minister but, if not, then sportscotland and Scottish Golf are “working through final details” with the Scottish Government about a planned return, so they could be putting people in the picture a bit more.

I’m still in the camp of believing that people should be patient and a 1 June restart will still give golfers an opportunity to enjoy a decent summer season out on courses that continue to whet appetites by looking in mint condition.
However, I can also see why frustration is growing day by day among Scotland’s army of golfers as their neighbours south of the Border prepare to enter a second week back on their courses without a hint of any reported problems with social distancing.

A week ago, Scottish members of English golf clubs might have been reluctant to cross the Border for a game but not any more, by the sounds of things and, the longer the courses in Scotland stay closed, that temptation will start to grow among many others.
It’s a pity, really, that it is getting to that stage, which is why someone needs to stand up and deliver a detailed explanation about why the home of golf is staying closed as the sport is back being played in just about every country on the globe.

It’s not often the world is watching Scotland, but you get the feeling that’s exactly what is happening at the moment and, therefore, it is time for the rationale behind the Scottish Government’s position on golf to be outlined.
If not, more and more golfers around the country are going to grow frustrated over the coming days and, believe me, that is not going to allow my mother of all golfing headaches to ease!

Monday 18 May 2020

18 May 2020 – A statement from Scottish Golf

Following the First Minister’s daily briefing on Monday 18 May, Scottish Golf welcomes the announcement that more detail will be shared later this week on Scotland’s road map out of the current lockdown restrictions in Scotland.

Scottish Golf are working through final details with the Scottish Government and sportscotland to ensure that when the time is right, golf can be included in any extension to exercise guidelines and we look forward to sharing more detail of the Scottish Government’s publication on Thursday.

Sunday 17 May 2020


Up and coming Zoom Meetings 
 By Michael McEwen From Bunkered Magazine

 Jump to the present day, and the Whitecraigs Pro David Orr has become something of a virtual golfing Michael Parkinson, interviewing the likes of Paul McGinley, Robert MacIntyre and Richie Ramsay via the online video communications platform.
These live sessions started out as part of Orr’s strategy to keep the Glasgow club’s 1000-plus members engaged during the coronavirus lockdown.
In just a matter of weeks, however, they’ve become a hit with members and non-members alike and are on track to help raise an incredible £12,000 for the NHS.
“Whitecraigs has been great to me throughout all this by continuing to support me, so I was keen to repay the favour and find a way to give back,” Orr tells “With no golfers passing through my shop, I decided to park my retail operations until such times as restrictions are lifted and, obviously, there’s nobody to teach and no events to play in. That has meant that I’ve had a lot of extra time on my hands. So, very early on, I had a chat with my wife Rona about what I could maybe do.”
Whitecraig's Pro David Orr
That’s when Orr first heard of Zoom.
“I didn’t know it existed until March 25 when I was looking into video conferencing tools that I could use to communicate with the club’s members online,” he laughs. “It seemed like everybody else in the world was using it and it looked easy enough to set up so I decided to give it a go. 
"I organised our first members’ session on Monday, March 30, which was all about how to stay active in lockdown. Around 14 people tuned in for it, which was more than I’d expected, and so I decided to make it a regular thing.”
Further sessions followed on the Wednesday and Friday of that first week but, heading into week two, Orr decided he needed more content. Primarily, he needed guests.
“The Scottish Golf national coach Ian Rae got Richie Ramsay - who has been a brilliant help - to come on that week to talk to the members and do a bit of a Q&A with them,” he explains. “Then we got Robert MacIntyre. Both of those sessions were really well received and the number of people tuning in kept going up and up.”
It was at that point that Orr decided to introduce a philanthropic element.
“All of the sessions are totally free to take part in but I wanted to see if we could try to raise some money for a worthy cause whilst we were making them,” he says. “Our lady captain’s daughter works in the critical care department of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow and I know that they’ve been really struggling throughout all of this. Even just simple things like having the fridge stocked with snacks has been a challenge. So I decided to set up a JustGiving page to raise money for them.
“The message was, ‘These sessions are 100% free but, if you’ve enjoyed them and you’re in a position to contribute, here’s a worthy cause that we’re supporting.’”
Orr’s goal was to raise £2,000. To date, the fundraising total stands at now over £10,000. 
“I’m pretty astounded at how generous people have been to be honest with you,” he says. “It has been really heartening to see our members all rally around a brilliant and deserving cause, particularly in a real and present time of need.”
In the meantime, with no end to the lockdown in sight, the online sessions continue to get bigger and bigger.
“I actually had to increase my Zoom capacity to keep up with demand,” says the pro. “I’ve got a great relationship with TaylorMade [David is actually a TaylorMade Master Fitter] and they kindly arranged to have Paul McGinley come on last week, which was brilliant. We’ve also had the likes of Martin Kaymer’s caddie Craig Connelly, the European Tour’s chief referee John Paramor, and TaylorMade tour fitter Adrian Rietveld make guest appearances. 
Iona Stephen (now with Golfing World)
"Next week, we’ve got Iona Stephen from Golfing World and GOLFTV lined up, as well as our head greenkeeper. I think it’s important that, as well as providing access to people from the tour, we make sure key figures from the club are accessible, too.”
Orr sees the sessions winding down in the coming weeks as playing golf inches closer to a return and takes precedence over talking golf. However, he has already taken steps to make sure he goes out on a high. 
“We’ve got Catriona Matthew and Paul Lawrie making guest appearances soon, which will be fantastic,” he says. “It’s hard to think of two bigger names in Scottish golf than them. They’re the country’s two most recent major champions and have played pivotal parts in recent Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup victories, so I’m sure our members will love the opportunity to ask questions of them and to hear some of their memories.”
Orr readily admits that the Zoom sessions have forced him to step outside of his comfort zone. However, that, he says, is the least he could do
“For me, it’s all about customer service,” he insists. “In an ideal world, I’d be providing that from my shop at the club but, in the absence of that, you’ve got to find other ways to maintain relationships, keep people engaged and add value to their memberships at a time when they might not feel that they’re getting as much from it as they want. Every golf club member wants to play golf. But if they can’t do that, through no fault of anybody’s, you’ve got to find other ways to satisfy them.
“It’s been really encouraging to see how much people have enjoyed these sessions and The fact that we’ve been able to raise so much money for a really worthy cause has been the icing on the cake.
“Whilst it will be nice to get back to normal, part of me will be sorry to wind the sessions down. It’s been a lot of fun at a time when there hasn’t been a huge amount of that going around.”
“The message was, ‘These sessions are 100% free but, if you’ve enjoyed them and you’re in a position to contribute, here’s a worthy cause that we’re supporting.’‘

Hi -Everyone You may or may not have heard about the Whitecraigs Zoom Channel from me recently but here is list of the upcoming guest sessions whichI have the pleasure in inviting you to join and I hope contribute to our NHS charities*. 

Mon 18th May at 1130 David’s Coaching Tips & 
Pitching Comp Awards 
Tue 19th May at 1900 Iona Stephen (Pro golfer and Sky sports presenter) 
Wed 20th May at 1900 Catriona Mathews (Winning European Captain Solheim Cup) 
Thu 21st at 1500 The Peter and Andy Show – Q&A with Course Manager and Deputy And The following week – look out for the schedule but pencil in: 

Mon 25th May at 1130 David’s Coaching Tips 
Wed 27th May at 1900 Paul Lawrie (Open Champion) 

If you want to join any of these sessions, please note the following advice. If you have the Zoom app or use Zoom regularly you will have no problem so apologies to you, but for others: Ideally view the sessions on a larger screen such as your computer or tablet. Just before the session starts, say 5 mins, open-up this email on the device you choose to use and simply click on the link: 

 If you do not have this email on the device you want to use you can do the following about 5 minutes before the due meeting: 

1. If you have the Zoom App on your device you can select “Join a Meeting” and key the meeting ID and password or 
2. If you do not have the Zoom App you can go to and from there “Join the meeting” much as above. 

Note the Meeting ID is 639 4530 111 and the password is golf2140 for the month of May. 

 1. When you ask to join the meeting you will probably find Zoom tells you that you are in the “waiting room” – just be patient – we know you are there. 
2. Our club Professional, David Orr, will interview the guests and those attending will be able to ask questions before or, during the session, via the Chat function. 
3. The sessions are absolutely free but David and his team are raising money for the NHS and so we ask you contribute via JustGiving – see link below*. 
4. David runs online coaching sessions for members and guests usually at 1130 on a Monday, Wednesday and Fridays but as we are having additional guest sessions some of the coaching sessions are subject to change. 
5. The best way to keep informed is to ask David to add you to his Zoom contact list by going into the Zoom App, going to contacts, pressing the + sign and requesting makes you contact. 
 You will be able to see information about sessions on the Chat function in Zoom. 
6. If you have any questions, please email or phone me and I will try and sort things out. 
 *To help with the fund raising go to:

Here is log in for tomorrow; I think the login will be the same for ALL sessions forthcoming.  Please let me know if you experience any difficulty:

David Orr is inviting you to a scheduled Coaching Zoom meeting.

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Meeting ID: 639 453 0111
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