Tuesday 31 March 2020

Coronavirus: Scottish Golf urged to lobby government on behalf of worried clubs

By Martin Dempster - The Scotsman Newspaper 

Scottish Golf has been urged to lobby the government to provide financial support for clubs fighting for survival during the coronavirus crisis.

The plea was made by Duddingston Golf Club secretary Duncan Ireland after he hit a brick wall trying to come up with financial help for the Edinburgh venue.
It emerged last week that a one-off grant of £25,000 is available from the government for leisure businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.
However, Duddingston is one of several capital clubs not eligible for that due to its rateable value exceeding the £50,999 cut-off.

"We can find no scheme that will help Duddingston Golf Club at present," said Ireland. "We are collecting subscriptions just now and, funnily enough, not many want to commit to paying. How can we possibly claim anything back for this lost revenue?

"We will all be looking for Scottish Golf to lobby on all clubs' behalf to try to get further help. The government must look into this because, if not, then I fear that a lot of clubs may literally not be able to survive.
"Our only hope just now seems to be trying to get a business interruption loan from the bank."

At the weekend, Crail Golfing Society manager David Roy said he feared the current closure of courses will be a "bridge too far" for some clubs in terms of being able to survive.
"There are a significant number of golf clubs currently running at a deficit and, in the absence of them being able to sell off assets or get help from a few wealthy benefactors, there is going to be an unwelcome number of clubs going to have to shut the door at the end of this," said Roy.
His comments have been echoed by Paul Gibson, the immediate past president of the Lothians Golf Association.
"Many clubs will experience extremely difficult times, indeed, are currently experiencing difficult times," he said.

"While club membership is still popular with many people, this will become more critical when the Covid-19 Virus passes. 
"Membership subscriptions are the life blood of golf clubs and without them there is no future. We now need to look 'outside the box', and identify other ways of encouraging, firstly, participation, then retention in golf. 
"There are initiatives aimed at girls, boys and ladies and that is commendable and should continue.
"But very soon we need to find a 'light bulb moment' which reaches out to full/senior members with a view to retention of membership and perhaps initiatives which will encourage them to stay and not to join the already high number of nomad golfers
"The whole structure of golf membership needs to change with the times, and the current situation we find ourselves in, may spring us into action. 
"Golf at the 'top end' is iconic throughout the world, and will survive this current and other challenges, too.
"However we must act to help and protect the 'bread and butter' of this sport, ie, the club members, or face an extremely hazardous and desperate future. 
Let's all remember that without club members, there will be no clubs."

Friday 27 March 2020


Joan at the SLGA Centenary Lunch in 2009

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of Joan Lawrence.
Joan was going to be 90 on the 20th April and had been in good health until she had a stroke last week and died last night -- With the current coronavirus situation the funeral will be private. 

Is now in the Scotsman Newspaper by Martin Dempster  - Click Here

Saturday 28th Scotsman Report
Click to enlarge

(TRIBUTES AT END OF POST) --  email CarolFellGolf if you would like to say something

Home Internationals 1960 . From L to R - Janette Wright, Ansley Lurie,
Belle Robertson, Jean Burnett

Jean McCulloch (Captain) Betty Singleton, Dorothea Sommerville,
Joan Lawrence and Margaret Myles
Some Fife County Champions including
Joan Lawrence (Centre front) Marigold Speir, Lorna Bennett,
Elaine Moffat & Dale Reid
from KirkwoodGolf

Scottish Ladies Champion 1962 to 1964 
Member of the 1964 Curtis Cup Team 
Represented Scotland in 1964 in the World Team Championship and where Scotland finished runners up 
Member of the winning Vagliano Cup team in 1963 and 1965 Represented Scotland in the European Team Championships 1965, 1967 and 1969 
East of Scotland Champion 1971 and 1972 
International Selector 1973 to 1976 
Scottish Veteran Ladies Champion 1982 to 1984 
Regular member of the Scottish team for some 12 years and a regular in the Fife County team for over 30 years 
Won the Fife Ladies Championship 18 times, the first being in 1953 

In her non-competitive roles, she was Chairperson of the Ladies Golf Union in 1989 and in 1995 appointed as President of the Scottish Ladies Golfing Association. She was also President of the Scottish Veteran Ladies Golfing Society from 1994 to 1995. Captain of the winning Great Britain and Commonwealth Team in 1971 and Vice-Captain of the 1970 Curtis Cup team. 

 In the 1999 Queen’s Birthday Honours Joan was awarded an MBE for services to golf.


Andrew McKinlay, CEO of Scottish Golf said, “On behalf of Scottish Golf, we would like to express our deepest condolences to Joan’s family and friends at this difficult time. Joan was a two-time winner of the Scottish Ladies Championship and represented Scotland with distinction at so many high profile events within the amateur game.”

"Joan was SLGA President when I first went onto the SLGA Executive in 1995.   
Her extensive experience and golfing knowledge were extremely useful to the Committee, especially when we hosted a European Team Championship at  Nairn and discussed (fruitlessly)  amalgamation with the SGU."
"I’ve emailed some of the LGU Past and Vice-Presidents and they have replied to say how much they admired Joan, as a player, selector and administrator, although many of them found her strong Fife accent difficult to understand ! "  

"She had a sharp wit and a great sense of humour, but what comes through in their emails was the great respect and fondness they held for her."

"Latterly her golf took a back seat to bowls,  but she attended both SLGA and LGU events and was always supportive and interested in what the LGU was doing." 
"Golf is a sadder place today with the news of her death."

"Sorry to hear about Joan's death yesterday. She was President when I went on to the SLGA as Treasurer in 1996, and we worked very closely together in what was quite a challenging time with the move to Drumoig and the need to manage the relationship with the then SGU. We kept in touch after she went off the SLGA and indeed she last popped in to see me at Gleneagles last year in the lead up to the Solheim Cup."

"Joan never minced her words - but I liked that because you always knew where you stood! Her contribution to golf in Scotland should never be underestimated, and she was very generous with her time and, almost as importantly, her advice - whether sought or just offered "
"She and Babs were stalwart supporters of ladies golf in Scotland, and the game will be poorer without her inimitable presence." 
Play through, Joan, RIP

ELINOR GRANT (Chairman SLGA 1997)
"Joan was a member of Aberdour Golf Club and in 1997 was elected to be the first Lady to be the Captain of the Club and, it is believed, the first Lady to be elected Captain of any Scottish Golf Club."

"When, in 1997,  the S.L.G.A. moved the Association HQ to Drumoig Joan was President and was the mainstay of the Executive Committee that year. We had new offices, a new Secretary, a new Treasurer and a new Chairman. 
Joan’s extensive knowledge of British golf infrastructure was invaluable that year and subsequently. Apart from being a very accomplished player over many years she was hard working, efficient, a good organiser and funny with it."

"She was Chairman of the L.G.U. in 1989/90 also -- 
In 1997 the Scottish Ladies team went to the European Team Championship in Finland where we came 2nd to Sweden. She was known to many of the Countries representatives there and highly respected"

"We kept in touch in spite of the demise of S.LG.A and her last comments to me were that she now knew nothing about anything." 
- I did not believe that!"
" An outstanding and proud Scotswoman who brought honour to her Club, county and COUNTRY."

"Joan and I were friends since 1949 having played together in the Girls Internationals of that year. Our paths crossed many times over the years golfing together then when I was SLGA Chairman she was Treasurer then on my appointment to the LGU Executive she was my Chairman."
"We saw each other frequently and her dedication to the game whether as a golfer or Administrator I did so admire."
 "Ladies golf in Scotland is the poorer for her loss. Sleep well friend."

"I was very sad to hear of the passing of Joan Lawrence I knew Joan well during my competitive years as both a fierce competitor and proud Scot . Sad news indeed for Scottish Golf. 


"I was sad to hear of the recent death of Joan Lawrence. She was a talented golfer, and much respected in so many different official positions. 
"I first met Joan in 1963 at the Scottish Championship at The Old Course Troon as it was known then. A friend and I were fortunate to be asked to be her ball-spotters in the Final."
" I was impressed by her controlled play and long running fairway shots, which resulted in a win. I realised how much she loved her golf, as well as being very competitive, and having a pawky sense of humour. "
"When the golf museum at St Andrews opened she donated one of her Scottish Championship Cup replicas to the museum. 
"The Scottish golfing scene has lost one of the their true characters." 

Aileen Wilson, Renfrewshire .


 Joan was a one off ...honest, direct, kind, and in all situations called a spade a spade....great golfer for the national cause...and a very astute administrator.....but a driver???  -------
Coming back from Killarney after the home internationals, the Captain and Vice captain had stayed on for a holiday thus Joan was given the job of driving our mini bus to Shannon airport. -- 6am  on a very stormy wet morning...visibility very poor ... pitch black and flooded roads. 
The golf bags and suitcases were piled in the back, the team sitting in the middle, all suffering from excellent Irish hospitality the previous evening!” -- Right Wylie (Joan always used surnames) up here beside me to help to read the road signs”  - Marjory Ferguson (nee Fowler) was sitting immediately behind Joan with dark glasses on and very much hung over! - Ten minutes into our trip from a high bank above the road came four or five donkeys. Joan braked violently and skidded into the side... the donkeys brayed and neighed and dispersed....clubs, cases, bags and bodies were hurtled all over the bus ....and Marjory let out a scream.”” -- 
"What was that?" - 
"Donkeys!" - replies Joan...
"Donkeys ?“shouts Marjory  -- “Not donkeys it’s your rotten driving” 
Joan and I were the only ones to know the truth!!

Isabel Crawford Ayrshire 

Thursday 26 March 2020

COVID-19 Update – Essential Maintenance Statement for Golf Courses during COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 Update – Advice for greens staff

Following last night’s announcement, Scottish Golf has been working with partners from across the golf industry to seek further information from the Government on guidance for greens staff.

Scottish Golf has today received the following advice from the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport:

  • For security and essential maintenance purposes, greenkeeping staff can still attend work.
  • All work must be carried out in strict accordance with government guidelines on social distancing.

We are aware that this is an uncertain time and would like thank you for your understanding during this ever-changing situation. Scottish Golf will continue to provide further updates in response to COVID-19 on our dedicated website page here.

Wednesday 25 March 2020


I'm sure that all of you, our loyal Scottish Golf View readers, will be sorry to learn that our Editor and main contributor, Colin Farquharson has decided to call a halt to updating the website.

Scottish Golf View started in 2006,  and reached it's peak audience in August 2015, when over 178.000 page views were reached..    

Colin should be justly proud that over 11 million page views have been recorded since the first post.

I'm sure you will join with me in wishing Colin a long and happy retirement.

Best wishes Gillian Kirkwood Webmaster .

From CaroFellGolf -- Colin has done a fantastic amount over the years for news covering many events including women's golf. -- I wish him well in his retirement.  

Photo taken in 2018

In 2018 Colin Farquarson received a lifetime award  from the Association of Golf Writers of which he has been a member since 1974.

He is pictured above with his very proud daughter Elaine Farquharson-Black (Captain of the Britain and Ireland Curtis Cup Teams in 2016/ 2018)  and wife Ethel.

Colin had been editor and supplier of much news to Kirkwood Golf over the years.and was the editor of the Scottish Golf View Website  

Belle Robertson endures in game of great longevity

By Nick RodgerGolf Correspondent - The Glasgow Herald 20th March
Belle Robertson has played just one round of golf this year. She’ll double that tally with another today.
In the midst of the coronavirus pandemonium, the isolated tranquillity of life in Kintyre has its benefits.
“I’ve not heard of anyone coming down with anything just yet and maybe it’s one of the advantages of living out here,” said one of Scotland’s most decorated golfers. “I have a two-ball arranged for Friday at Machrihanish. I’ve not played since January so here we go again.”    --- 
(Hopefully you got that game Belle before the course shut down)
By her own admission, Robertson is now a “fair weather golfer” and given that the weather in recent weeks has been about as uplifting as peering at a COVID-19 infection rate chart, it’s hardly surprising her outings are now few and far between.
As club golfers the world over try to muddle on as best they can and keep playing in some form or another against a backdrop of woe, worry and wearying uncertainty, Robertson doesn’t need to be reminded about the lasting lure of this grand game. Old habits die hard.
“Golf is part of my life,” said the multiple Scottish Women’s champion and Curtis Cup mainstay.
“When it’s a nice day you look out and you think a walk would be nice.
“But a walk on the golf course and a game gives that walk more purpose. There’s an excitement to it … and some frustration too. There are all sorts of emotions involved. And that keeps you going.”
Robertson’s longevity is well renowned. She won the first of her seven Scottish titles in 1965 and the last of them at the age of 50 in 1986.
As something of a trailblazer in terms of exercise and stretching regimes while in her pomp, Robertson remains a sprightly specimen as she “closes in on 84”.
The golfing mind, meanwhile, remains as sharp as a Dunaverty wind. The passing of the years, though, bring their own little vexations for this great competitor.
“When I’m golfing now I keep saying ‘I used to be away up there when I was playing my second shot’,” she said with a wry chortle. “That’s the frustrating thing about golf now; not having the power. The will is still there.
“The one thing, at least, is that I’ve been lucky with my putting.”
Robertson remains a keen observer of golf at all levels. “But what will we do without The Masters?,” she said of the demise of golf’s rite of spring on a savaged schedule.
The rise of more events where men and women compete side by side, meanwhile, has certainly received the Robertson seal of approval.
“It’s a great thing,” she declared with gusto. “I can remember they did quite a bit of this in Sweden with medals together.
“They thought we were crazy the way we played golf over here. It can only help the game, certainly the amateur game.”
It’s 60 years now since Robertson made the first of seven playing appearances for GB&I in the Curtis Cup.
She lost 8&7 to US great Judy Bell in the singles. “But we’ve been best friends ever since,” noted the Scot.
The camaraderie of golf endures. And in these turbulent times, we need that camaraderie more than ever.

Link up with an Open champion aids Clare-Marie Macaulay's golf drive

By Nick Rodger Golf Correspondent - The Glasgow Herald -24th March
In this country, where the dank, grim days of winter are as short as a resigned sigh, the onset of some decent, dry spring weather doesn’t half raise the morale. Well, it would if the coronaviruswasn’t lurking all over the parish.
While nothing is more important than the health of all and sundry, the timing of the Covid-19 assault for those in the golfing industry has been as wonky as high handicapper’s swing.
Clare-Marie Macaulay’s admirable endeavours in spreading the game’s gospel into schools has been, temporarily, plunged into the rough but her enthusiasm for getting a new generation playing and, most of all, enjoying golf knows no bounds.

Tuesday 24 March 2020


All the West Of Scotland County Captains have announced to their members over the last couple of weeks the initial decisions with regards their County Championships and Inter-County Foursomes qualifiers.  

AYRSHIRE (24th March)
Since I last wrote to you the situation with the Coronavirus has got much worse and therefore it will probably come as no surprise to you that, it is with great disappointment and regret, the Committee and I have decided to cancel the County Championship in April and the Foursomes in May
We had hoped that it may have been possible to keep these competitions going by adhering to social distancing and not using club house facilities. However, following the Prime Ministers announcement yesterday and for the safety and well being of our members and their families this will not be possible. These are very sad and unprecedented times.
Being an optimist, hopefully we will all get back to our golf in June.
Thank you for your continued understanding.
Take care and stay safe.
Joanne Sharp - Ayrshire County Captain

D&A (19th March)
In the current situation it has been reluctantly decided to cancel/postpone the County Championship and the Intercounty Foursomes/Commonwealth Spoons (qualifying rounds). The final of the Winter Foursomes scheduled for 28th March has also been postponed until later in the year. The committee will keep the situation under review and further updates will be posted.
Jean Lietch - D&A Captain

LANARKSHIRE (24th March)
Due to the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus, the committee and I have regrettably decided to cancel our County Championship at Drumpellier from 27-29th April. With the current government advice there was no option but to do this. I will keep you informed in due course about other fixtures. It's a sad decision to make but we have to be mindful of everyone's health. 
Hopefully we will be back on the fairways soon. Take care everyone.
Fiona Norris - Lanarkshire County Captain

It's with a heavy heart that Vice Captain Donna (Jackson), Honorary President Pearl (Orr), the Committee and I have decided to postpone both the County Foursomes (at Elderslie GC on 27th April) and the County Championship (at Ranfurly Castle GC between 6 - 8th May) but we feel the health and well-being of our members has to be our priority.

If possible we will try and re-arrange both these events later in the season but, at the moment, we can give no guarantees.

Unfortunately, other competitions may also be affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic and its associated restrictions but we will keep you advised as we go along.

Sadly 2020 hasn't been kind to us so far, firstly with the horrendous wet weather and now the coronavirus but let's stay positive and hope we'll be back to normal real soon.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support.

Sandra Littlejohn RLCGA Captain


The message to all of us is clear, we must stay home and play our part in containing the spread of COVID-19. 

With this in mind, Scottish Golf asks that all golfers in Scotland refrain from golfing until further notice. 

Read more 👉 bit.ly/SGCOVID19Update

Monday 23 March 2020



For the SPECIAL DISCOUNTED price of £25
(the price of just one half hour lesson)
you WILL RECEIVE 18 days worth of Putting Improvement Drills AND Online Support.


Saturday 21 March 2020


Greenlees Trophies
After considering all the options and taking on board the Government’s directives, I regretfully feel that the Greenlees League matches should be cancelled this year.

As our clubhouses are closing down, we might have considered playing our games with no hospitality but this could become impractical if various players became ill at different times. 
This could easily lead to you not being able to field a team.
At the moment there is not an end in sight so any thoughts about playing later in the season do not seem sensible.

However, as you are aware, it is the League’s 80thAnniversary this year. We have made plans for this celebration to be held at East Renfrewshire G. C. on Tuesday, 1st September.
I would like you to keep this date in your diaries with the great hope that things will greatly improve and we can enjoy the celebrations. Obviously, details cannot be finalised till later.

If things do improve later in the summer, perhaps you could consider playing some of your fixtures as ‘friendlies’ 

Please keep in touch if there is anything you would like to discuss or any news you would like to pass on.

Hopefully you will all stay safe and healthy.

Maureen Mitchell (West of Scotland Greenlees Secretary)

Friday 20 March 2020



The R&A has received a number of enquiries from organisers of golf competitions seeking guidance on the Rules of Golf in view of the COVID-19 outbreak. The purpose of this communication is to provide some guidance on the Rules of Golf.
After consulting with CONGU, the official handicapping authority for all golf governing bodies in Great Britain and Ireland, Scottish Golf would like to inform its members that all recommendations listed by The R&A below can adopted and count for handicapping purposes in Scotland with immediate effect.
In view of concerns around handling and exchanging scorecards (which may be in paper or electronic form as already provided in the Rules), on a temporary basis, Committees may choose to allow methods of scoring in stroke play that do not strictly comply with Rule 3.3b, or do not comply with the normal methods used under Rule 3.3b.
For example:
  • Players may enter their own hole scores on the scorecard (it is not necessary for a marker to do it).
  • It is not necessary to have a marker physically certify the player’s hole scores, but some form of verbal certification should take place.
  • It is not necessary to physically return a scorecard to the Committee provided the Committee can accept the scores in another way.
Committees may choose to adopt the following policies on a temporary basis:
  • Requiring that players leave the flagstick in the hole at all times. It is a matter for the Committee to decide whether it establishes this policy by way of a Code of Conduct or Local Rule, and whether it provides a penalty under the Code of Conduct or for a breach of the Local Rule.
  • Not have flagsticks at all. 
No modifications to the Definition of Hole are offered, but if a Committee chooses not to follow the requirements in the Definition of Hole, which may also have an impact on the Definition of “Holed”, the Committee should consult its national association for guidance on whether scores submitted in such circumstances are acceptable for handicapping purposes.
The following will be deemed acceptable for use in qualifying competitions: 
Clubs can invert the cup so that there is only a shallow cup allowing players to remove the ball without touching the flag please see photo below.

If rakes have been removed from the course, or if the Committee has requested that rakes not be used, it is recognised that bunkers may not be smoothed as well as when there are rakes on the course. But it is recommended that no modification is made to the Rules of Golf in such circumstances, and that players are requested to smooth bunkers using their feet or a club. 
If, as a result of there being no rakes, the Committee decides to introduce a Local Rule relating to bunkers, scores submitted under the following Local Rules acceptable for use in qualifying competitions:
Preferred lies in bunkers within 6 inches to allow players to get out of un-raked areas or bunkers marked as GUR.

If you have any further queries relating to Handicapping and qualifying competitions, please email handicapping@scottishgolf.org


In light of the recent directive from the UK Government to avoid non-essential social contact, we have taken the decision to cancel/postpone the Spring Meeting at Lanark, the Summer Meeting at Cathkin Braes along with the Championship at Renfrew.

To read more go to the West Vets Website

Tuesday 17 March 2020


Scottish Golf Coronavirus Updates - DAILY UPDATES


 Based on the new advice issued on Monday, that we should all avoid ‘gatherings’, the above Fashion Show will be postponed

At the moment we are unable to set a new date. If you have bought a ticket, please contact the person you bought it from for a refund. Any ticket money not refunded will be donated to the Glasgow Care Foundation charity.

Thank you all for your support in the planning of this event. I’m disappointed that we will not be able to run what was shaping up to be a really fun evening. However, it is not to be.

Carole Spy
Lady Captain

Martin Dempster: Why a golf course is one of safest places at the moment

By Martin Dempster - The Scotsman 

Enjoy your game”, said a nice man as myself and a friend left the first tee at Aberdour on Sunday afternoon. I’d never seen him before in my life, but, of all the days for someone to say that out of the blue, it was actually quite comforting.

Given everything going on at the moment due to the coronavirus, I had a feeling that someone could actually
have been waiting on that first tee to say we shouldn’t be going out to play golf.

If truth be told, I’d been put on edge slightly by someone highlighting on social media earlier in the day about the dilemma of having to pull out the pin or rake a bunker without touching them.

As a result of that, from start to finish I paid a lot more attention than normal to what I was doing on my way around the golf course. But, hand on heart, there was hardly anything that has left me with cause for concern about continuing to play over the weeks and months ahead.

I accessed the clubhouse with a swipe card and retrieved my clubs and golf shoes from my locker, feeling very comfortable about that. The only time, in fact, that I felt someone could have picked up on anything before actually getting out on the course was that I had 
to push a button to exit the locker-room.

As for those aforementioned concerns about pins, bunker rakes and also picking the ball out of the hole, they actually proved easy to overcome bearing in mind, of course, that golf is a game that, for most people anyway, already involves wearing a glove.

As is now permitted in the game, even in competitions, we left the pin in all the time. I normally take my glove off when I’m putting, but I didn’t on this occasion and had no worries whatsoever dipping my gloved hand into the hole. I also used that hand to pick up a rake on a couple of 

Once or twice, I had thoughts going through my head – when placing a tee in the mat, for instance – but, honestly, there was absolutely nothing that left me thinking that golf should not be encouraged in the current situation.

It has built-in “social distancing”. Rarely do you ever find yourself crowded or with someone in your face on the golf course. And, of course, the maximum number of players you can have in a group is four.

To me, it has to be one of the safest places anyone could be at the moment and, by the sounds of things, the medical experts are of the same opinion. “You’re not in contact with a whole lot of other people,” Dr Catherine Troisi, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston told golfdigest.com.

“Sunlight and other environmental conditions can kill viruses like this, so it is probable that that is true for this novel coronavirus, as well. So I would say in the actual 
playing of golf, you’re not at much risk.”

Yes, of course, adjustments need to be made around the actual playing part and that, unfortunately, is probably going to see clubhouses a lot emptier than they would normally be, especially with some better weather hopefully just around the corner.

However, at a time when an antidote is badly needed, golf can be just that. As that friendly man in the group behind us at Aberdour on Sunday would say, keep enjoying your game!

Scottish Golf Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - March 16th

Scottish Golf is taking the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) extremely seriously. Our number one priority remains the safety and wellbeing of our community of golfers, clubs, volunteers and staff, ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy our great sport in a safe environment.  

In relation to public gatherings, please click here to access the latest Scottish Government advice which Scottish Golf has received today. 
We have been asked by clubs about potential financial assistance from Government in light of announcements made last week. At present, the Government have asked that you click here to access the latest support and advice. Scottish Golf remains committed to ensuring the appropriate representations take place to ensure the concerns of our golf clubs are heard. 

In our update issued on Friday 13 March, we took the decision to cancel a number of our National Championships in April and we will continue to monitor our events calendar on an ongoing basis as matters develop.

In addition to these events, and given this evening’s update from the UK Government, we have taken the decision to cancel all non-essential face-to-face meetings involving Scottish Golf staff. This cancellation will be effective from this evening until end of April. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and where we are able to, we will look at ways to communicate using technology. 

Following last nights UK Government briefing, we are being encouraged to work from home where we can. Scottish Golf intends to implement this for all of our staff as soon as possible and is in line with our disaster recovery plans. If you need to get in touch with a member of the Scottish Golf team, we would encourage you to fill out our Contact Us form here and we will be in touch.

We are aware of clubs looking to put in place specific changes to their business operations as part of their response to COVID-19. In this regard, we would welcome clubs to share their best practice with Scottish Golf which will allow us to share it with the wider golfing community in Scotland.

Scottish Golf are aware that this is a difficult and concerning time for everyone involved in our game and we are committed to communicating with you in a timely manner regarding the latest developments relating to COVID-19. 

To support everyone during this period, we have set up a new designated area on the Scottish Golf website to ensure updates are clear and accessible to all. Click here to access all of our COVID-19 updates.