Monday 30 April 2007

D&A- County Championship qualifier

Dullater’s Jill Meldrum, the Scottish Under-14 girls championship winner at Deeside last summer, headed the 16 qualifiers for the match-play stages of the Dunbartonshire & Argyll women’s county golf championship at Milngavie Golf Club today (Monday).
On a bright, sunny day with a cool easterly win, Jill, who has a handicap of five, returned a 77, only three over the CSS.
Scottish senior international team player Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) claimed the No 2 seed berth with a 78, one shot ahead of another over-50s cap Anna Telfer, playing over her home course.
Three other Milngavie Golf Club members will also figure in the first round of the match-play on Tuesday morning – Karen Maxwell, the No 4 seed with an 83, Katy MacAulay and Jill Foggo, the eighth and ninth qualifiers respectively on the 88 mark.
Scotland international Kylie Walker (Buchanan Castle) is not defending her title. She is playing in the Welsh women’s open stroke-play championship at Newport Golf Club this coming weekend.
77 Jill Meldrum (Dullatur).
78 Helen Faulds (Douglas Park).
79 Anna Telfer (Milngavie).
83 Karen Maxwell (Milngavie).
85 Babs Robertson (Helensburgh), Laura McGeachy (Windyhill).
87 Isobel Harvey (St Rule).
88 Katy MacAulay (Milngavie), Jill Foggo (Milngavie).
90 Enid Young (Balmore).
93 Ann Sinclair (Hilton Park).
94 Lynn McColl (Bearsden).
95 Margaret Kinvig (Vale of Leven), Annabel Struthers (Buchanan Castle).
96 Leanne Johnston (Windyhill), Margaret Stirling (Cardross).
Meldrum v Stirling, Foggo v MacAulay, Robertson v McColl, Kinvig v Maxwell.
Telfer v Struthers, Sinclair v McGeachy, Harvey v Young, Johnston v Faulds.
Thanks go to Gillian Kirkwood for the report

April Medal Results - Old Ranfurly Golf Club

Sat 7th April 2007 – Saturday Medal – 16 Entries
SSS – 72 CSS - 73
Silver: A Moss (13)74, M Gray (17) 74
Bronze: A MacDougall (22) 75, S Fleming (21) 78
Scratch A McKenzie 84

Saturday 14th April 2007 – Stableford – 23 Entries
SSS – 72, CSS – 73
One Class: S McFall 38 points,B Clark 38 points,D Garson 37 points, A Taylor 37 points

Monday 16th April 2007 – Monday Medal – 20 Entries
SSS – 72, CSS - 71
Silver S McKnight (14) 72, M Williamson (20) 72
Bronze A Taylor (29) 72, D Garson (24) 73
Scratch S McKnight 86

Sunday 29 April 2007

Helen Holm Final Result - Jenna Wilson is the leading Scot

Pamea Pretswell (left) and Jenna Wilson (right)

First two rounds over Troon Portland, third round over Royal Troon.
Par 225 (3 x 75). CSS 74 74 77

211 M Reid (Chevin) 70 63 78.
214 R Bell (Ganton) 65 74 75.
217 A Decharne (France) 71 73 73.
219 B Loucks (Wrexham) 72 73 74.
220 J Wilson (Strathaven)-- Lanarkshire 70 73 77, C Afonso (France) 73 70 77.

Jenna was the leading Scot, officially placed fifth with scores of 70, 73 and 77 for 220, having a better last six holes than the French girl, Caroline Afonso, who also totalled 220 and finished with a 77.
(Jenna is pictured above on the RHS with the 2nd leading West of Scotland player Pamela Pretswell)

Other West of Scotland Players:

225 P Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) 74 76 75 --- Lanarkshire.
231 K Walker (Buchanan Castle) 78 76 77, --- D & A.
235 C-M Carlton (Fereneze) 79 74 82.---- Renfrewshire.
237 A Laing (Vale of Leven) 79 75 83.---- D & A.
To see all the scores click here

Saturday 28 April 2007

Helen Holm - 5 West of Scotland players qualify for final round over Royal Troon

Anne Laing from D & A

Thanks go to Jean Campbell (D&A webmaster fo the photo)
Troon Portland.
Par 150 (2 x 75). CSS 74 74
133 M Reid (Chevin) 70 63.
139 R Bell (Ganton) 65 74.
140 H MacRae (Dunblane New) 70 70.
142 C Lennarth (Sweden) 69 73.
143 J Wilson (Strathaven) 70 73, C Hedwall (Sweden) 77 66, C Afonso (France) 73 70.
149 N Muehl (Austria) 76 73, J Carthew (Ladybank) 73 76, L Herman (Belgium) 71 78, R Svahn (Finland) 74 75, K Caithness (St Regulus) 76 73, J Hodge (Knowle) 79 70.

Other West of Scotland Qualifiers:

150 P Pretswell (Bothwell Castle)
153 C-M Carlton (Fereneze) 79 74,
154 K Walker (Buchanan Castle) A Laing (Vale of Leven) 79 75.

West of Scotland players who did not qualify
157 L Hendry (Routenburn) 83 74.
160 M Briggs (Kilmacolm) 77 83.
162 L Robertson (Ranfurly Castle) 78 84.

Spring Meeting - Douglas Park

Spring Meeting Played 27th April 2007, SSS 72, CSS 74, Entries 79.
SILVER: 1ST M Rutherford 73 acb (15) 2nd O Mackay 73 (14) 3rd Karen Brodie 76 (17) acb
BRONZE: 1ST M Rennie 70 (21) 2nd P Vannet 72 (35) acb 3rd M Bryce 72 (23)
SCRATCH: H Faulds 86 acb

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Friday 27 April 2007

Helen Holm - Jenna Wilson is the best in the West after round 1

Scoreboard --- click to enlarge
Thanks go to D&A's Webmaster -- Jean Campbell for the photograph --- click to enlarge.

65 R Bell (Ganton).
69 A Vilatte(Fra), C Lennarth (Swe).
70 D Montgomery (The Lambourne), M Reid (Chevin), J Wilson (Strathaven) Lanarkshire H MacRae (Dunblane New), L Bennett (Brokenhurst Manor).

Other West of Scotland Players:
74 P Pretswell (Bothwell Castle)--- Lanarkshire
77 M Briggs (Kilmacolm)--- Renfrewshire
78 K Walker (Buchanan Castle) --- D&A, L Robertson (Ranfurly Castle)- Renfrewshire
79 A Laing (Vale of Leven) - D& A, C-M Carlton (Fereneze), Renfrewshire
83 L Hendry (Routenburn)--- Ayrshire

Coronation Foursomes - Haggs Castle

Date played:26th April 2007, Entries 24,SSS 73,

Winners:Betty Stewart and Evi Park 33 points
Runners Up Regina Quinn and Carol McAuslin 32 points

Thursday 26 April 2007

The 2007 Renfrewshire County Champion is Megan Briggs

Megan Briggs -- the 2007 Rnfrewshire Ladies County Champion
Megan Briggs has retained the Renfrewshire women’s golf championship she won for the first time at the age of 16 last year.
At Erskine Golf Club, the Kilmacolm teenager, who qualified in fourth position, beat 10 times record county champion Donna Jackson (Cochrane Castle), the leading qualifier, for the second year in a row, this time by 4 and 3 in the morning semi-final instead of in the final.
In the final Megan beat 20-year-old Stirling University student Clare-Marie Carlton (Fereneze), who won the title in 2003, by one hole in a very tight match. They were all square after 16 holes. Then Megan won the 17th and halved the last to be champion again. Megan, with the trophy, and Clare-Marie are pictured above Clare-Marie, the No2 qualifier, had beaten the No 3 seed, Gillian Kyle (East Renfrewshire) by 3 and 1 in her semi-final.

Semi-finals – M Briggs (Kilmacolm) bt D Jackson (Cochrane Castle) 4 and 3, C-M Carlton (Fereneze) bt G Kyle (East Renfrewshire) 3 and 1.
Final – Briggs bt Carlton 1 hole.

To see some photos from this years event then click on the picture below:
The 2007 RLCGA County Championship

Greenlees Result -1st Division

GREENLEES RESULT: Kilmarnock Barrasie 6 Cathkin Braes 3

Wednesday 25 April 2007

County Championship Final - Lanarkshire

Pamela Prestwell and Jenna Wilson
Bothwell Castle teenager Pamela Pretswell achieved her best golf performance todate at Cathkin Braes Golf Club today (Wed) when she beat Scotland international Jenna Wilson (Strathaven) by one hole in the final.
It was 17-year-old Pamela’s first county title success and she prevented her more experienced opponent completing a hat-trick of title wins.
Miss Pretswell, the No 2 qualifier, won the second hole to square the match and went one up for the first time with an eagle at the fourth. The sixth was halved in birdies before Pamela went two up at the 10th.
Jenna Wilson, the top seed, then squared the game with a birdie at the 13th and a par at the 15th, but Pamela’s confidence was still high and she took what proved to be a winning lead by winning the 16th. The last two holes were halved.
In the morning semi-finals on a quite windy day, Jenna had beaten Elaine Cuthill (Lanark) by 6 and 5 while Pamela beat Susan Wood (Drumpellier), the No 3 qualifier, by 5 and 4.
Today's details:
Semi-finals – J Wilson (Strathaven) bt E Cuthill (Lanark) 6 and 5, P Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) bt S Wood (Drumpellier) 5 and 4.
Final – Pretswell bt Wilson 1 hole.

Thanks go to Gillian Kirkwood for the report

Megan and Donna to meet in Renfrewshire Semi Finals

Defending champion Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) will meet record-setting 10 times champion Donna Jackson (Cochrane Castle), the No 1 qualifier, in the first of this morning's (Thu) semi-finals of the Renfrewshire women's county golf championship at Erskine Golf Club.
It will be a repeat of last year's final in which the 17-year-old Megan beat Donna by 6 and 5 with five birdies in 13 holes.
In the other semi-final, Gillian Kyle (East Renfrewshire) will play Clare-Marie Carlton (Fereneze), the 2003 county champion and No 2 qualifier this week.
The semi-finals will tee off at 9.30 and 9.45 with the final at 2pm.

First round - D Jackson (Cochrane Castle) bt B Biggart (Kilmacom) 5 and 4, J McCartney (Erskine) bt A Judge (Ranfurly Castle) 1 hole, L Robertson (Ranfurly Castle) bt Eilidh Briggs (Kilmacolm) 5 and 4, M Briggs (Kilmacolm) bt L Morrow (Erskine) 4 and 3, G Kyle (East Renfrewshire) bt F Campbell (Erskine) 7 and 6, S Smyth (Ranfurly Castle) bt C Fell (Ranfurly Castle) at 19th ,G McGinlay (Cochrane Castle) bt Denise Cowan (Cochrane Castle) 8 and 7, C-M Carlton (Fereneze) bt L McDougall (Greenock)1 hole.
Quarter-finals - Jackson bt McCartney 5 and 4, M Briggs bt Robertson 3 and 1, Kyle bt Smyth 4 and 3, Carlton bt McGinlay 4 and 3.

Tuesday 24 April 2007

West Vets - Spring Meeting --- West Kilbride

Played Tuesday 24th April, Entries 80,SSS 73, CSS 75,
Scratch: Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) 78
1 Sheila Shaw (Lochwinnoch) 86-14= 72 bih
2 Janice Patterson (Drumpellier) 78-6= 72
3 Margaret Mowat (Troon Ladies) 87-14=73
1 Sandra Carruthers (Whitecraigs) 98-22=76
2 Ann Deakin (Whitecraigs) 102-26=76

Matchplay Stages of Lanarkshire County Championship - Cathkin Braes

So bad was the weather at Cathkin Braes Golf Club today, that at one stage the organisers of the Lanarkshire women’s county championship feared they would have to abandon the second day’s play.
But the competitors struggled on in awful conditions to produce a semi-final line-up on Wedneday morning of Jenna Wilson (Strathaven) v Elaine Cuthill (Lanark) and Susan Wood (Drumpellier) v Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle).
For the second day in a row, Jenna had a eagle. This one came in her 10 and 8 first-round win over clubmate Marion Brodie. In fact, Jenna almost holed her second shot for an albatross 2. The ball came to rest so close to the flagstick, it was a “gimme.”
Jenna, bidding to complete a hat-trick of Lanarkshire title wins, went on to beat Pat Milligan (Hamilton) by 4 and 3 in the afternoon quarter-finals.
Young Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle), the No 2 qualifier, beat clubmate Fiona Scott, an experienced campaigner and the No 7 seed, by 6 and 5 to reach the last four.

First round – J Wilson (Strathaven) bt M Brodie (Strathaven) 10 and 8, P Milligan (Hamilton) bt J Scott (Cathkin Braes) 2 holes, E Cuthill (Lanark) bt I Robertson (East Kilbride) 6 and 5, M Hughes (Lanark) bt J McMillan (Hayston) 2 holes, S Wood (Drumpellier) bt L Lees (Hamilton) 2 and 1, A Devine (Hamilton) bt J Wiles (Drumpellier) 2 and 1, F Scott (Bothwell Castle) bt G Scanlan (Hamilton) 1 hole, P Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) bt D McTaggart (Cambuslang) 2 and 1.
Quarter-finals – Wilson bt Milligan 2 holes, Cuthill b Hughes 2 holes, Wood bt Devine 6 and 4, Pretswell bt F Scott 6 and 5.
Thanks go to Gillian Kirkwood for the report

Donna Jackson - Leading qualifier for Renfrewshire County Championship

Donna Jackson, 10 times winner – and that’s a record – of the Renfrewshire women’s County golf championship, headed the 16 qualifiers at Erskine Golf Club today (Tuesday) for the match-play stages.
In wet conditions, the CSS went up to 76, three over par, and so Donna's score of 74 was quite a good one in these circumstances.
She claimed the top seeding ahead of the 2003 title-winner, Clare-Marie Carlton who shaded Gillian Kyle (East Renfrewshire) on a card countback. They both had 77s.
The fourth best qualifier was the 17-year-old defending champion Megan Briggs (Kilmacolm) with a 79. Megan is on course to meet her younger sister Eilidh who qualified with an 88 in No 12 position.
If both the Briggs girls win their morning ties, they will meet in the quarter-finals.

Erskine Golf Club.
Par 73. CSS 76
74 D Jackson (Cochrane Castle).
77 C-M Carlton (Fereneze) bih, G Kyle (East Renfrewshire).
79 M Briggs (Kilmacolm).
82 L Robertson (Ranfurly Castle).
85 C Fell (Ranfurly Castle), bih, Gillian McGinlay (Cochrane Castle).
86 J McCartney (Erskine).
87 A Judge (Ranfurly Castle) bih, D Cowan (Cochrane Castle).
88 S Smyth (Ranfurly Castle) bih, E Briggs (Kilmacolm) better last hole, L Morrow (Erskine) (bih), F Campbell (Erskine).
89 L McDougall (Greenock).
90 B Biggart (Kilmacolm).
First round: 9.15 Jackson v Biggart, Judge v McCartney. 9.30 Robertson v E Briggs, Morrow v M Briggs, Kyle v Campbell, Smith v Fell. 10.0 McGinlay v Cowan, McDougall v Carlton.
Quarter-finals: 1.15 to 2pm.
Thanks go to Gillian Kirkwood for the report

Monday 23 April 2007

Lanarkshire County Championship Qualifier- Cathkin Braes

Strathaven’s Jenna Wilson made a good start to her bid to win the Lanarkshire women’s county golf championship three years in a row at Cathkin Braes Golf Club today (MONDAY).
The 22-year-old Scotland international headed the 16 qualifiers for the match-play stages on a very wet and sometimes windy day with a par-matching round of 72 which was one under the CSS.
Jenna highlighted her card with an eagle and two birdies.
Teenager Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle) did well to claim the No2 seed berth, only one shot behind Jenna.
Then there was a three-shot gap to the No 3 qualifier Susan Wood (Drumpellier).
The fourth seed, after an 81, is May Hughes (Lanark), Lanarkshire champion three times between 1993 and 2004 and also beaten finalist on three occasions.
Par 72. CSS 73
72 Jenna Wilson (Strathaven).
73 Pamela Pretswell (Bothwell Castle).
76 Susan Wood (Drumpellier).
81 May Hughes (Lanark).
82 Elaine Cuthill (Lanark).
83 Angela Devine (Hamilton).
85 Fiona Scott (Bothwell Cstle).
89 Joanna Scott (Cathkin Braes).
90 Pat Milligan (Hamilton), Gillian Scanlan (Hamilton).
91 Jennifer Wiles (Drumpellier), Isa Robertson (East Kilbride).
92 Jan mcMillan (Hayston).
98 Liz Lees (Hamilton).
99 Dorothy McTaggart (Cambuslang).
100 Marion Brodie (Strathaven).
Wilson v Brodie, Milligan v J Scott, Cuthill v Robertson, McMillan v Hughes, Wood v Lees, Wiles v Devine, F Scott v Scanlan, McTaggart v Pretswell

Thanks go to Gillian Kirkwood for the report

Jubilee Cup - Haggs Castle Golf Club

Date played:21st April 2007, Entries 22,SSS 73, CSS 73
Silver:1st: KAREN LEGRAND 90 (20) 70
2nd AUDREY STURGESS 85 (12) 73
Bronze:Scratch:CAROL McAUSLIN,95 
1st; CAROL McAUSLIN 95 (25) 70
2nd:REGINA QUINN 107(34) 73

Sunday 22 April 2007

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Saturday 21 April 2007

Medal 3 & The Centenary Cup. - Douglas Park

Played 20th April 2007, Entries 50, SSS 72, CSS 72.
Silver: 1st L. Smith (12) 68 2nd J McIlwraith (19) 70 3rd J Gemmell (7) 72
Bronze: 1st L Neilson (23) 72 2nd C Rankin (36) 73 bih 3rd M Telfer (22) 73
Scratch: J Gemmell 79

Winner of the Centenary Cup: L. Smith

Thursday 19 April 2007


L-R :- Runner Up Morag McPherson (Troon Ladies), County Captain Eleanor Taylor MBE, Troon Ladies Golf Club Captain, Denise Johnstone, who presented the prizes and 2007 County Champion Lesley Hendry (Largs Routenburn)

Lesley Hendry of Routenburg Golf Club, Largs completed a hat-trick of title wins in the Ayrshire women’s county championship over the Troon Portland course today (Thursday).
Lesley, who qualified as the No 4 seed this year, beat the top qualifier, Audrey Thompson (Loudoun) by two holes in the morning semi-finals before winning the final by 6 and 5 over Morag McPherson (Troon Ladies), the No 10 seed, in the final.
In the final, Miss Hendry had a birdie at the sixth and an eagle 3 at the 11th. Morag’s putting was not good enough to put the defending champion under pressure.
In the semi-finals Morag beat the 14th qualifier Jennifer Linklater (Largs) by 3 and 2.
Lesley Hendry is the first player to win the Ayrshire county title three years in a row for many years. The nearest was former Scottish champion Alison Gemmill (Barassie) who won the Ayrshire title in three years out of four – 1994, 1996 and 1997.
Troon Portland
Semi-finals – L Hendry (Routenburn) bt A Thompson (Loudoun) 2 holes, M McPherson (Troon Ladies) bt J Linklater (Largs) 3 and 2.
Final – Hendry bt McPherson 6 and 5.

Wednesday 18 April 2007

County Championship Matchplay ---- Ayrshire

Routenburn’s Lesley Hendry, chasing a hat-trick of title wins, will meet top seed Audrey Thompson (Loudoun) in the first semi-final of the Ayrshire women’s county golf championship today (THURSDAY) --- Played over Troon Portland
Lesley, the fourth best qualifier for the match-play stages, won a tight quarter-final against 17-year-old Troon Bentinck player Rachael McQueen by one hole while Audrey came back from three down after 13 holes to beat Rosemary Donaldson (Troon Ladies) by one hole. A birdie at the 15th was crucial to Audrey’s winning charge.
Jenny Linklater (Largs) beat the Liz Kehone (Loudon), morning conqueror by 5 and 4 of the No 3 qualifier, Alex Glennie (Barassie). Jenny was two down on the 14th tee against Liz but birdied the 14th and her opponent was bunkered at the 18th to give Jenny a one-hole victory.
Morag McPherson (Troon Ladies), the 10th qualifier, knocked out the No 2 seed, Jane Finnie (Troon Ladies) at the 19th with an eagle 3 at the first extra hole.
Collated results:
Troon Portland course
First round – A Thompson (Loudoun) bt M MacGregor (Barassie) 10 and 8, R Donaldson (Troon Ladies) bt C Malcolm (Prestwick St Nicholas) at 20th, R McQueen (Troon Bentinck) bt L Laing (Troon Ladies) at 21st, L Hendry (Routenburn) bt L Parry (Irvine) 7 and 6, J Linklater (Largs) bt A Glennie (Barassie) 5 and 4, L Keohone (Loudoun) bt D Watt (Belleisle) 4 and 2, M McPherson (Troon Ladies) bt G Smith (Ardeer) 1 hole, J Finnie (Troon Ladies) w.o. C Williamson (Prestwick St Nicholas) scr.
Quarter-finals – Thomson bt MacGregor 1 hole, Hendry bt McQueen 1 hole, Linklater bt Keohone 1 hole, McPherson bt Finnie at 19th.

April Medal - Whitecraigs

Played April 13th / 15th SSS 72, CSS 73 & 72, Entries 58.
Silver: D Cartlidge (12) 72 bih, E Simpson (9) 72
Bronze: V Davidson (36) 69, S Campbell (28) 70
Scratch: E Simpson 81

April Stableford and Texas Scramble - East Renfrewshire

Played April 9th, SSS 71, CSS 71,
One Class: R Little (24) 35, C Joyce (27) 33, T McMorris (36) 32
Texas Scramble : Played 11th April
Winners; A Barclay, E Hutchison and L McShane (7.2) 66.8.

Tuesday 17 April 2007

County Championship Qualifier --- Ayrshire

Routenburn’s Lesley Hendry, bidding to win the title for a third year in a row, qualified as the fourth seed when the Ayrshire women’s county golf championship, with a starting field of 101 players from 17 clubs, began over Troon Portland today (Tuesday).
Lesley had birdies at the third and 18th in compiling an 83 in bright and very breezy conditions which produced a CSS of 76.
Audrey Thmpson (Loudoun) led the 16 qualifiers for the match-play stages with a five-over-par 80, despite a triple bogey at the seventh. She birdied the first and 11th holes.
Jane Finnie (Troon Ladies) is the No 2 seeded after an 81.
Alex Glennie (Barassie) had the same score as Lesley Hendry, an 83, but the card comparison put her in third place.
Rachael McQueen (Troon Bentinck), only 17 years old, also had an 83 with birdies at the first, second and ninth. She was placed fifth in the draw on a card countback.
80 Audrey Thompson (Loudoun).
81 Jane Finnie (Troon Ladies.
83 Alex Glennie (Barassie), Lesley Hendry (Routenburn), Rachael McQueen.
84 Debbie Watt (Belleisle), Greta Smith (Ardeer).
86 Rosemary Donaldson (Troon Ladies), Catherine Malcolm (Prestwick St Nicholas).
87 Morag McPherson (Troon Ladies).
88 Liz Keohone (Loudoun), Lynda Laing (Troon Ladies).
89 Linda Parry (Irvine).
90 Jennifer Linklater (Largs).
94 Catriona Williamson (Prestwick St Nicholas)
97 M Macgregor (Barassie).

Spring Medal - Haggs Castle Golf Club

Played 12th April, Entries 28, SSS 73, CSS 73,
Scratch : J Mack 78
Silver: 1st J Mack(6) 72, 2nd A Sturgess (12) 74
Bronze: 1st B McCudden (36) 76, 2nd M Hunter (28) 78
Bronze Scratch: S. Gallatly 105

Monday 16 April 2007

Renfrewshire County Winter Foursomes Finals

The final of the Winter Foursomes was played over Eastwood Golf Course this afternoon between J Lockhart and R Black (Gleddoch) and E Thomson and G Kyle (East Renfrewshire).
Evi and Gillian had to give 6 shots to the opposition ----- However, June and Roisin played wonderful golf and were out in 39 --- 3 over par to be 3 up at the turn. At the 10th hole after a tremendous chip by June, Roisin, then sank the putt for a birdie 3 to go 4 up. Gillian and Evi were then only 1 over par for the next 5 holes but were unable to claw back the deficit and were eventually defeated 4 and 3
To see some photographs of the day click on this link:

Winter Foursomes Finals Photograph Album

Stroke Competition - Windyhill

Stroke Competition - Played Saturday 14th April, 2007.
20 Competitors, Par 72, CSS 75,
1st: Nan Jamieson 97 (24) 73
2nd : Roseann Ditch 102 (27) 75
Scratch: Carol Whyte 81

West of Scotland Girls` Golfing Association Medal - Troon

Medal over Troon Portland on 14th April 2007
SSS 75, CSS 74 16 entries.
Silver: Lynsey Weadon Barassie (18) 69,Linzi Allan Kilbirnie (13) 71
Bronze: Connie Jaffrey West Kilbride (27) 70,Mhairi Mackay West Kilbride (25)80 BIH Rachel Howie West Kilbride
Scratch: Megan Briggs Kilmacolm 72
Medal Finals: Silver Gillian Arnott (Kilbirnie) Bronze Natasha Qayum Ranfurly Castle

Windyhill win their Mail on Sunday tie

Windyhill beat Ballochmyle in the Mail on Sunday Competition which they played today 4 & 1 and go onto the next round

Sunday 15 April 2007

Get a lesson from Karyn Burns - Mearns Castle Golf Academy

Karyn Burns (Mearns Castle Golf Academy) can do a ladies one day school which can be tailored to cover as many areas of the game as wished. If ladies get together their own group and call her on her mobile 07720 442492 to arrange a suitable date.
The day could last as long as 10am-4pm including lunch and would cost approx £60 per person - minimum of 4 people in a group.

April Medal - Lamlash Golf Club

Played Wed 11th April - Medal
Winner: Sandra Turnbull 97-32=65
Runner up: Catherine McAdam 88-21=67
15 ladies played CSS 67

Saturday 14 April 2007

Medal 2 - Douglas Park

Played 13th April, Entries 47, SSS 72, CSS 73,
Silver: 1st H.MacNaughton (19) 70 2nd M.Rutherford (15) 73, 3rd S. MacFarlane (12) 74
Bronze: 1st N.Gray (28) 68 2nd R.Mackie (35) 71 3rd M.Bryce (24) 72
Scratch: S. MacFarlane 86

Friday 13 April 2007

Douglas Park v Kilmacolm - Mail on Sunday

Douglas Park --- Mail on Sunday Team -- click to enlarge

Lindsay McLean,Elinor Grant, Carol Fell,
Helen Faulds and Joan Gemmell

Kilmacolm - Mail on Sunday Team

Megan Briggs, Elspeth Hanlon, Morag Turner,
Marion Stewart and Eilidh Briggs

Douglas Park played Kilmacolm in the Mail on Sunday today at Douglas Park. The home team won 4.5 - 0.5 and progress to the next round.

Thursday 12 April 2007

Globespan -- Final Report

Further to the previous reports Globespan have now refunded the £30 per person handling charge for those affected by the delayed delivery of their clubs to Portugal last month (click on the travel link on the RHS).
This was after strong representations directly to Globespan and articles in the press.
Globespan admitted that they were aware that the situation was not dealt with as they would have hoped, as passengers were not kept fully updated. In the light of this they are now reviewing their procedures in dealing with offloaded baggage.
It must be emphasised you must try to book your clubs as soon as possible after booking your flight. It may be also wise to check that they will accept clubs on that flight.
These difficulties do not only apply to Globespan but can affect various flights to golfing destinations at peak golfing holiday times.
The Fells and the Faulds are happy with the outcome

WOS Players Helen Faulds and May Hughes are selected by the SLGA

Congratulations go to Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) and May Hughes (Lanark) who have been selected by the SLGA for the 2007 Senior Squad.
The players selected are: Lorna Bennett (Ladybank),Liz Campbell (Torwoodlee), Fiona de Vries (St Rule), Helen Faulds (Douglas Park), Noreen Fenton (Merchants of Edinburgh), May Hughes(Lanark),Fiona Hunter (Baberton), Lesley Johnston (Gullane), Maureen Richmond (Royal Liverpool), Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose), Moira Thomson (North Berwick), Margaret Tough (Falkirk)and Pam Williamson (Baberton)

April Medal - East Renfrewshire

Played April 4th, SSS 71, CSS 70, Entries 28,
Silver: S Garety (12) 73 acb, A Harvie (20) 73.
Bronze: L Howie (25) 71, D Reid (21) 72, R Little (24) 75.
Scratch: S Garety 85

First Eclectic - Cathcart Castle

Played April 7th, SSS 69, CSS 72, Entries 61.
Silver: S McWhirter (16) 74 bih, J McQueen (18) 74, M Mitchell (9) 76.
Bronze: M McMutrie (26) 72, M Deas (23) 73 bih, A Hood (22) 73

Greensomes - Whitecraigs Golf Club

Played March 30th and April 1st. SSS 71, Entries 53.
One Class: I Kirkwood and L Howie 40 pts.
A Young and A McFadzean 36 pts.

April Stroke ---- Buchanan Castle

Played April 3, SSS 70, CSS 73, Entries 46.
Silver: J Henderson (19) 70, N Brown (18) 76.
Bronze: W Barrett (35) 72, A Crawford (24) 73.
Scratch: A Struthers 84

March and April Medals - Greenock

March Medal Played 29th March, SSS 71, CSS 72, Entries 16.
Silver; A Terrey (20) 71, D Fisher (9) 72.
Bronze: J McKillop (34) 76, A Sweeney (22) 79.
Scratch: D Fisher 81

April Medal Played 5th April, SSS 71, CSS 71, Entries 21.
Silver; K Hughes (19) 69, L McDougall(6) 70.
Bronze: M Moore (23) 72, A Sweeney (22) 73.
Scratch: L McDougall 76

April Medal - Milngavie

Played 4th April, CSS 71, Entries 14
Silver: M Smith (16) 78, K MacCauley (6) 78.
Bronze: M Dunan (24) 70, P Bourhill (33) 70.
Scratch: K MacCauley 84

April Medal - Troon

Played April 6 & 7 SSS 73, CSS 72, Entries 45.
Silver: A McTear (11) 69 acb, F MacPherson (18) 69, S Osborne (16) 70acb
Bronze: J Will (26) 70, P Taylor (27) 72, A Greenall (29) 73.
Scratch B Robertson (-1) 78

Wednesday 11 April 2007

D&A- Inter County Foursomes at Hayston Golf Club

InterCounty Foursomes & Commonwealth Spoons
Qualifying round played at Hayston Golf Club
Wednesday 11th April 2007

Inter County Foursomes - Scratch
1. Helen Faulds - D.P.& Christine Kelly - Windyhill 80
2. Lorraine Campbell and Helen Holden both Cardross 83
3. May Myers - Clober and Elinor Grant - D.P.

1. Isobel Anderson and Isobel Whitefield - both H.P.87 - 15 - 72
2. Enid Young - Balmore and Fiona Cowan - Windyhill 87 - 13.5 73.5 B.I.H.
3. Jean Campbell- Hayston and Elizabeth Thomson - Cowal - 90 - 16.5 - 73.5

Commonwealth Spoons
1. Helen Faulds and Christine Kelly 80 - 10- 70
2. Isobel Anderson and Isobel Whitefield 87 -15 - 72
3. Enid Young and Fiona Cowan - 87 - 73.5 BIH
4. Jean Campbell and Elisabeth Thomson 90 - 73.5
5. Margaret Stewart and Sheila Steele both Hilton Park 86 - 12 - 74
6. Pat Porterand Florence Kay both Windyhill - 98 - 23.5 - 74.5

West Vets Draw at West Kilbride

The Draw for the West Vets Spring Meeting on Tuesday 24th April at West Kilbride can be viewed by clicking on the following link
West Vets Spring Meeting Draw

April Medal - Windyhill Golf Club

April Medal, Played 7th April, 2007, Par 72, CSS 75, 20 Competitors
Silver: Elaine Mathie 88 (15) 73, 2nd Caroline King 90 (12) 78
Bronze : Mary McWilliam 106 (32) 74, Moira Taylor 97 (21) 76
Scratch: Carol Whyte 84

Marie Curie Stableford - Ranfurly Castle

Played 11th April 2007 SSS 73 CSS 74
Silver L Brown (12) 42 pts, E Williamson (16) 38 pts
Bronze E Jessop (32) 40 pts, J Cairns (29) 37 pts

Tuesday 10 April 2007

RLCGA - April Medal- Gourock Golf Club

April Medal (Gourock) 33 entrants : SSS 73 CSS 75
Scratch: Sarah Kirby (Ranfurly Castle)
Scratch - 12 H'Cap:
1st Sarah Kirby Ranfurly Castle 79 10 69
2nd Cathy Morton Eastwood 84 9 75
3rd Maureen Skinner Gourock 81 5 7

Handicap 13 and above:
1st Liz Williamson Ranfurly Castle 88 17 71
2nd Lindsay Mathie Cochrane Castle 91 16 75
3rd Lynn Forsyth Paisley 90 14 76

Erskine progress to 4th Round in the Mail on Sunday

2nd Round Tie 11th March Erskine v Helensburgh Home win 3.5 - 1.5
3rd Round Tie 9th April Erskine v Dumbarton Away win 3.5 -1.5

Monday 9 April 2007

Milngavie v Clober -- Centenary Trophy Match

Milngavie's Captain Anna Telfer receives the Centenary Trophy from Jimmy Graham Captain of Clober
The annual match for the Centenary Trophy between Milngavie Golf Club and Clober Golf Club was held on Sunday April 8th. Clober was the venue for the Junior Teams and the Thomson McCrone teams, while the Donald Cameron teams and Ladies teams played at Milngavie.
Results (Milngavie 1st)
Juniors 1.5 - 2.5
Thomson McCrone 2.5 - 1.5
Donald Cameron 1 - 3
Ladies 4 - 0
Final Result: - Milngavie 9 Clober 7

Photo shows Anna Telfer, Captain of Milngavie GC receiving the trophy from Jimmy Graham, Captain of Clober GC.
Anna said " I am absolutely thrilled to have won the Centenary Trophy. This competition has been running for over 35 years and as Milngavie have only lost the trophy 3 times in all that time, the pressure was really on ! The matches are always played in a very competitive but also friendly manner as befits a contest between local rivals. The difference this year was a resounding victory by the Ladies team and I hope we carry this form on for the rest of the season."

Rhona and Ronnie's new baby --Hazel

Ronnie, Rhona and Hazel
Ronnie Murison and Rhona Wilkie (Douglas Park) are delighted with their new arrival Hazel who was born on the 4th March 2007.
To see a small slideshow of Baby Hazel's "Firsts" Click on the link below (You may need to be on broadband) ---- Alternatively click here
Baby Photographs


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Friday 6 April 2007

April Medal - Ranfurly Castle

April Medal: Played April 1st /4th, 31 Entries, SSS 73,CSS 76RO/73
Scratch: A Judge 80
Silver: R Ogilvie(18) 72, M Craig (10) 73
Bronze: H Abram (26) 72, M Mirner (33) 73

Thursday 5 April 2007

At last!!!!

I am now able to post on this blog - three cheers!!!
Well done Jean -- D&A Webmaster --- Welcome to the world of Ladies Golf News in the West of Scotland
Cheers Carol

Wednesday 4 April 2007

Farland Quaich - West Kilbride

Farland Quaich April 1, SSS 73, CSS 76, Entries 23.
Silver: J Neilson (8) 77, D Green (15) 80 bih.
Bronze: J Gallagher (26) 74, A Thomson (23) 78.
Trophy Winner J Gallagher

Stableford - Cathcart Castle

Stableford March 25 and 28. SSS 69 css 72 Entries 29.
Silver : A Ford (20) 34pts. B Connor (15) 33 P Connell (19) 28.
Bronze : J Thomson (29) 34, J Henderson (25) 32 bih, O Leach (31) 32.

Spring Foursomes --- Bothwell Castle

Played March 31st Entries 14.
M Robertson and D Warnock (26.5) 59.5, I Boyd and J McEwan (25) 65 bih, H Cuthbert and M Shillitto (22) 65.

Spring Meeting - Lochwinnoch Golf Club

Spring Meeting, March 25th, SSS 73, CSS 72 -- One Class
J MacNab (15) 66, L Dolan (9) 72

March Medal - Buchanan Castle

Played March 21st 2007: CSS 73 Entries 2
Silver: Alison Miller (15) 74, Jean Henderson (19) 75.
Bronze: Shuna Walker (24) 76, Elizabeth Fyfe (26) 79

March Medal - Cochrane Castle

Played March 31st 2007 SSS 72, CSS 75,19 entries.
Silver: D Jackson (2) 74, A McGinnigle (6) 76.
Bronze: C Smith (26) 76, M Morrison (26) 79.

Tuesday 3 April 2007

Husband and Wife Golfing Joke

Out on the golf course with his wife, the husband says, "Twenty years ago I had a brief affair. It meant nothing. I hope you can forgive me."
His wife was hurt but said, "Dearest, those days are long gone. What we have now is far more valuable. I forgive you." They embraced and kissed.
On the seventeenth tee, the husband was starting his back swing when the wife blurted out, "I'm sorry darling, I've been so conscience-stricken since you told me, but since we're being honest with each other, I have something to tell you also. Fifty-two years ago I had a sex change operation, I was a man before I met you. I hope you can forgive me."
The husband, froze at the top of his back swing, then threw a fit! He slammed the driver into the ground, kicked the ball into the woods, stormed off the tee, pushed the golf cart over on its side, broke the rest of his clubs one by one, then started on hers.
He screamed and ranted, "You liar! You cheat! You despicable deceiver! How could you? I trusted you with all my heart and soul... And all these years you've been playing off the ladies tees?!"

Thanks go to Jean Campbell (D&A Webmaster)for that one

Monday 2 April 2007

Globespan holiday golf club booking disaster

Chris Kelly and the The Windyhill Belles, 8 "girls" from Windyhill Golf Club are flying out to Portugal on 30th April for 1 week. They booked their flights ages ago but have only now tried to book 4 Golf bags and clubs this weekend to be told that they are fully booked re golf equipment and we cannot get our clubs on holiday with us. Chris says - " We have been looking forward to this holiday for over a year now and have 3 rounds booked at various courses." "What do we do now? "
She is presently getting in touch with the Company who booked their golf and perhaps they could hire us some clubs, here's hoping. They will certainly be looking at other Airlines when arranging any more trips.

March Medal - Old Ranfurly Golf Club

LGU Medal – 31st March 2007 Entries 19
Silver Winner: S McKnight (15) 71 Runner/up M Taggart (14) 74
Bronze Winner: A Lavety (22) 75 Runner/up F MacPhee (22) 77
Scratch: S McKnight 86

Medal 1 --- Douglas Park Golf Club

Played: 1st April 2007, SSS 72, CSS 73, Entries 21.
Silver: 1st A Miller (15) 71 2nd J Gemmell (7) 76 3rd C Fell (10) 78
Bronze: 1st A White (26) 71 2nd M Brodie (27) 81 3rd S Dorward (30) 82
Scratch: J Gemmell 83