Tuesday 30 June 2020

COVID-19 - Updated Guidance on the Rules of Golf

The R&A and USGA have moved to clarify whether a competition being run using temporary measures to help minimise exposing players to COVID-19 is being “played under the Rules of Golf”.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, both governing bodies have issued guidance so that Committees running golf competitions can better understand the options available under the Rules of Golf.

Saturday 27 June 2020

SCOTLAND Ladies MGRanking - week 25 - 2020

1 Linda Urquhart (Banchory) 1312 points
2 Emily Aird (Blairgowrie) 1292
3 Sakuna Ramsay (Edzell) 1244
4 Sharon McPeake (Cawder) 1235
5 Rhona Cameron (Forres) 1228
6 Denise Elrick (Kintore) 1221
7 Orla O’Leary (Torwoodlee) 1197
8 Debbie Milne (Craibstone) 1168
9 Karen Valentine (Canmore) 1146
10 Margaret Parr (Merchants of Edinburgh) 1134 
11 Sue Horne (Thornton) 1133
12 Gillian Mackenzie (Banchory) 1129
13 Alison Melvin (Hirsel) 1103
14 Joanne Maclellan (Stirling GC) 1098 
15 Janice Bridgeman (Grangemouth) 1096

1 Kintore 970
2 Montrose Mercantile 963
 3 Banchory 958
4 Stonehaven 956
5 Torwoodlee 934

Friday 26 June 2020


Meg MacLaren made five birdies and an eagle to win the second Justin Rose Ladies Series event at Moor Park Golf Club.
Many congratulations go to Gemma Dryburgh tied in 4th Place to add to her 7th place finish in the 1st event.


Sheila Adams
Many congratulations go to the current President and Past Ayrshire County Captain Sheila Adams who had a Hole in One at the 17th Hole yesterday at her home course Loudoun Gowf. 
This was Sheila’s 5th Hole in One. 


1 Aileen Anderson (Loudoun Gowf) 1083 points 
2 Lorna Spencer (Largs) 1043
3 Pauline Patrick (Irvine) 969
4 Janet Harkness (Skelmorlie) 922
5 June Dempster (Prestwick St Nicholas) 914
6 Liz Keohane (Loudoun Gowf) 901
7 Christine Whitelaw (Largs) 896
8 Susan Dumigan (Prestwick St Nicholas) 893 
9 Christine Fyfe (Kilmarnock(Barassie)) 881 
10 Anne Burns (Kilmarnock (Barassie)) 857

1 Largs 859
2 Prestwick St Nicholas 836 
3 Skelmorlie 813
4 Loudoun Gowf 772
5 Irvine 720
6 Troon Welbeck 695
7 Prestwick St Cuthbert 693 
8 Kilmarnock (Barassie) 687 
9 Girvan 454
10 Brodick 356 

1 Jackie Lightfoot (Helensburgh) 1138 points 
2 Shaeen Ahmad (Balmore) 1094
3 Margaret Mackinnon (Lochgilphead) 1043 
4 Katharine Hardman (Dunaverty) 1016
5 Caroline King (Clober) 1014
6 Gillian Ross (Bearsden) 943
7 Carol Maclarty (Taynuilt) 913
8 Olive Spicer (Bearsden) 889
9 Isabel Stokes (Bearsden) 850
10 Ailie MacBrayne (Dunavery) 845

1 Clober 860
2 Bearsden 814
3 Dunaverty 811
4 Taynuilt 824
5 Lochgilphead 792 
6 Balmore 749
7 Helensburgh 743 
8 Dullatur 694
9 Palacerigg 598 
10 Douglas Park 568

1 Sharon McPeake (Cawder) 1235 points
2 M A Seymour (Cathkin Braes) 1075
3 J J Weir (Cawder) 1030
4 Vivienne Nisbet (Bothwell Castle) 1023
5 Anne Morrison (Carluke) 1021
6 Anna Turner (Carluke) 1008
7 Catrine Pickard (Wishaw) 970
8 Maggie Archibald (Wishaw) 965
9 Jane Clark (Airdrie) 955
T10 Edel Doherty (Cawder) & Moira Winkler (Wishaw) 945

1 Wishaw 933
2 Carluke 887
3 Cawder 876
4 Airdrie 842
5 Lanark 810
6 Carnwath 809 
7 Hamilton 787 
8 East Kilbride 747 
9 Langlands 745 
10 Strathaven 711 

1 Anabel Kane (Kilmacolm) 1066 points
2 Heather Climson (East Renfrewshire) 978 
3 Ann McKenzie (Old Course Ranfurly) 970 
4 G I Coles (Ralston) 939
5 Sandra Reid (Renfrew) 922
6 L McMillan (Ralston) 865
7 Marion Downie (Old Course Ranfurly) 851 
8 Fiona McPhee (Old Course Ranfurly) 846 
9 Eleanor McNish (Renfrew) 789
10 Suzanne Smith (Old Course Ranfurly) 782

1 Ralston 807
2 Renfrew 787
3 Old Course Ranfurly 780
4 Bonnyton 668
T5 East Renfrewshire & Kilmacolm 565 
7 Caldwell 536
8 Erskine 477
9 Ranfurly Castle 435
10 Cowglen 434

Thursday 25 June 2020


Click to Enlarge for more info
Skelmorlie Greensomes Stableford  that was to be on Sunday 6th September is cancelled due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.
Thanks go to Fiona Agnew for her update.

Tuesday 23 June 2020


Last week, we entered Phase 2 of golf’s return in Scotland. Whilst this move was welcomed by all of us here at Scottish Golf and has allowed for some additional flexibility to the way we enjoy our game, it does remain within the extension to exercise guidelines and not a full return to sport as we know it. One of the most positive changes in Phase 2 is that those who have been shielding can now return to the fairways and we hope that those golfers enjoy being reunited with the game over the days and weeks ahead. 
While the majority of affiliated clubs in Scotland continue to adhere to the guidance set out by us here, there has been some evidence of breaches in guidance by a minority of Golf Clubs. 
In Phase 2, the Scottish Government’s restrictions on travel remain the same, that people should remain local (not travel more than broadly 5 miles) for recreation. In turn, this means that Clubs cannot run Open Competitions in Phase 2. Both as a community of golfers, and as a nation, we have made significant progress in tackling COVID-19, and we must continue to work collectively to adhere to the rules currently in place. By doing this, we will continue towards a return to the traditions of our game as we all know it. 
To support Clubs who are preparing to run Club Competitions, Scottish Golf has issued new guidance to support Committees across Scotland in facilitating counting competitions and this can be found here. 
Our team remain on hand to support all clubs with any questions or queries you might have. For the latest updates on COVID-19, please visit our dedicated website page here.
Kind regards,
Karin Sharp, Scottish Golf COO

Friday 19 June 2020


1 Liz Keohane (Loudoun Gowf) 1091 points 
2 Aileen Anderson (Loudoun Gowf) 1054 
3 Lorna Spencer (Largs) 1043
4 Pauline Patrick (Irvine) 998
5 Robina Gilbertson (Prestwick St Nicholas) 941
6 Janet Harkness (Skelmorlie) 932
7 June Dempster (Prestwick St Nicholas) 914 
8 Susan Dumigan (Prestwick St Nicholas) 900
 9 Christine Whitelaw (Largs) 896
10 Joanne Sharp (Kilmarnock (Barassie) 882

1 Largs 859
2 Skelmorlie 828
T3 Loudoun Gowf & Prestwick St Nicholas 788 
5 Troon Welbeck 748
6 Irvine 730
7 Prestwick St Cuthbert 710
8 Kilmarnock (Barassie) 699
9 Girvan 528
10 Brodick 356

1 Jackie Lightfoot (Helensburgh) 1138 points 
2 Caroline King (Clober) 1074
3 Margaret Mackinnon (Lochgilphead) 1059 
4 Gillian Morrison (Clober) 1039
5 Shaeen Ahmad (Balmore) 1017
6 Katharine Hardman (Dunaverty) 1016
7 Gillian Ross (Bearsden) 943
8 Olive Spicer (Bearsden) 889
9 Deirdre Anderson (Dullatur) 880
10 Avril Leitch (Balmore) 877

1 Clober 876
2 Bearsden 814
3 Dunaverty 811
4 Lochgilphead 792 
5 Helensburgh 743 
6 Balmore 737
7 Dullatur 706
8 Palacerigg 598
9 Machrihanish 571 
10 Douglas Park 568

1 Sharon McPeake (Cawder) 1172 points 
2 M A Seymour (Cathkin Braes) 1048
3 Vivienne Nisbet (Bothwell Castle) 1023 
4 J J Weir (Cawder) 1017
5 Edel Doherty (Cawder) 970
6 Jane Clark (Airdrie) 955
7 M A Stevenson (Cawder) 933
8 Nichola Craig (Lanark) 922
9 Elizabeth Lees (Hamilton) 880
T10 Sheila Fairbairn (Lanark)& Susan Halley (Strathaven) 876

1 Cawder 895
2 Airdrie 842
3 Carnwath 788
4 Lanark 781
5 Hamilton 769
6 Langlands 757 
7 East Kilbride 755 
8 Strathaven 711 
9 Cathkin Braes 705 
10 Bishopbriggs 672

1 Heather Climson (East Renfrewshire) 1116 points 
2 Anabel Kane (Kilmacolm) 1066
3 Helen Abram (Ranfurly Castle) 988
4 G I Coles (Ralston) 968
5 Ann McKenzie (Old Course Ranfurly) 964
6 L McMillan (Ralston) 944
7 Sandra Reid (Renfrew) 922
8 Christine Wilson (Caldwell) 918
9 Carolyn Clark (Ralston) 894
10 Fiona McPhee (Old Course Ranfurly) 862

1 Ralston 950
2 Old Course Ranfurly 794 
3 Renfrew 787
4 Bonnyton 668
5 East Renfrewshire 617 
6 Caldwell 612
7 Ranfurly Castle 599
8 Kilmacolm 597
9 Erskine 546
10 Cowglen 434

Thursday 18 June 2020



The key changes to golf in Scotland under our new Phase 2 Guidance is as follows: 
Tee Times and Access to the Course:
  • Daily time sheets and intervals are at the discretion of the club – the following groupings will be permitted in phase 2:
    • At the discretion of the club groups of up to three players consisting of multiple households are permitted so long as they adhere to the Government’s physical distancing rules
    • A group of four golfers is permitted if they can ensure that only three households are represented in that group
    • Competition play within the club may only resume in accordance with the updated guidelines. There should be no open events run at this time – this is based on the travel restrictions that remain in force and which are very clear in terms of staying local for exercise. 
Karin Sharp, Scottish Golf COO, said, “I have been greatly encouraged by the many positive updates we have received from golf clubs over the last few weeks, with full tee sheets and many clubs signing up new members in pretty healthy numbers. I believe that this next phase on the journey can bring further benefit to the golf community and ask for your continued support in ensuring that we all play our part in operating within the guidelines.
“I hope your members enjoy the increased group sizes permitted and any of the other aspects that you as a club determine will return in the weeks ahead. Let’s ensure that we position the great game of golf in a positive light and continue to demonstrate that we are a healthy sport that can be played giving due consideration to social distancing, whilst contributing to the improved health and mental wellbeing of many people across the country.”


This week, Edinburgh Golf talked to Past Midlothian County Team player and 2014 Scottish Ladies Amateur Champion Gabrielle Macdonald, who recently returned from the Sunshine Ladies Tour in South Africa. 

Gabrielle has shown her passion in golf from a young age, playing at Craigielaw, she is known as "Steely" and developed through their strong Junior section. 

Gabrielle talks us through her experience in the Lothians and becoming a Pro! ---   LISTEN HERE 
(You may have to sign up for free if you do not use spotify) 

Monday 15 June 2020


Ann, June and Morag at the 2019 RLCGA Dinner

Your Webmaster has been keeping in touch with Past Aberdeenshire's Captain, Ann Smart, her good pal Morag Clapperton and Renfrewshire Past Captain June Lockhart -- We chat every Friday evening on "ZOOM" 

As Aberdeenshire's Captain Lorna Johnson said " For those who don' t know  - unfortunately Ann has been battling against lymphoma and I am very disappointed to tell you that her chemotherapy treatment to date has not been totally effective and, consequently, she has to have further treatment that will be specified soon."

"Given lockdown, social distancing, and isolation, Ann has faced an especially arduous time. Her attitude is always inspiring. I know that you will all join with me in sending her our very best wishes through the next stage of her journey to recovery."   --- READ MORE NEWS FROM THE ABERDEENSHIRE WEBSITE

2018 County Team Champions - Aberdeenshire

Ann of course was the Captain of the Winning 2018 Scottish County Team Championship in a close battle against Renfrewshire and everyone was delighted for Ann's team and their success that year - their last victory had been 1986  -- Read More

Hopefully the next lot of treatment will be successful and you need to know Ann we are very much thinking about you, and hoping that you keep fighting this rotten disease Cx 

Sunday 14 June 2020


For 14 years Loudoun Gowf has held an annual fundraiser for Ayrshire Cancer Support (ACS) . Due to Covid-19 this years event was cancelled. 
On the 6th July, Liz Keohone and Sally Hamilton have decided to play 3 rounds of gowf in one day at Loudoun Gowf. 

They are hoping to raise some much needed funds for this amazing Ayrshire charity, very close to both their hearts.

My Golf Ranking - Week 23 - 2012

1 Robina Gilbertson (Prestwick St Nicholas) 1105 points 
2 Liz Keohane (Loudoun Gowf) 1048
3 Joanne Sharp (Kilmarnock (Barassie) 1046
4 Lorna Spencer (Largs) 1043
5 Aileen Anderson (Loudoun Gowf) 1037
6 Pauline Patrick (Irvine) 981
7 Gillian Kennedy (Troon Welbeck) 939
8 Janet Harkness (Skelmorlie) 932
9 Susan Dumigan (Prestwick St Nicholas) 920 
10 Christine Whitelaw (Largs) 916

1 Largs 869
2 Prestwick St Nicholas 827 
3 Skelmorlie 826
4 Loudoun Gowf 786
5 Troon Welbeck 777
6 Prestwick St Cuthbert 756 
7 Irvine 735
8 Kilmarnock (Barassie) 727 
9 Girvan 625
10 Brodick 356

1 Caroline King (Clober) 1133 points
2 Gillian Morrison (Clober) 1076
3 Margaret Mackinnon (Lochgilphead) 1059 
4 Katharine Hardman (Dunaverty) 1016
5 Shaeen Ahmad (Balmore) 985
6 Jackie Lightfoot (Helensburgh) 971
7 Gillian Ross (Bearsden) 947
8 Gemma Canham (Helensburgh) 918
9 Olive Spicer (Bearsden) 889
10 Deirdre Anderson (Dullatur) 874

1 Clober 847
2 Bearsden 816
3 Dunaverty 811
4 Lochgilphead 803 
5 Helensburgh 752 
6 Balmore 743
7 Dullatur 704
8 Palacerigg 686
9 Douglas Park 637 
10 Machrihanish 571

1 Sharon McPeake (Cawder) 1172 points 
2 Jane Clark (Airdrie) 1068
3 M A Seymour (Cathkin Braes) 1045
4 J J Weir (Cawder) 1017
5 Edel Doherty (Cawder) 970
6 Susan Halley (Strathaven) 948
7 Nichola Craig (Lanark) 945
8 M A Stevenson (Cawder) 933
9 Allison Bell (Strathaven) 916
10 Abigail McCafferty (Airdrie) 895

1 Cawder 895
2 Airdrie 847
3 Lanark 790
4 Hamilton 779
5 East Kilbride 796 
6 Langlands 759 
7 Carnwath 745
8 Strathaven 736 
9 Cathkin Braes 730 
10 Kirkhill 680

1 Heather Climson (East Renfrewshire) 1116 points 
2 Christine Wilson (Caldwell) 1069
3 Anabel Kane (Kilmacolm) 1066
4 G I Coles (Ralston) 968
5 Ann McKenzie (Old Course Ranfurly) 964
6 L McMillan (Ralston) 944
7 Sandra Reid (Renfrew) 920
8 Helen Abram (Ranfurly Castle) 911
9 Carolyn Clark (Ralston) 894
10 Fiona McPhee (Old Course Ranfurly) 833

1 Ralston 954
2 Old Course Ranfurly 805 
3 Renfrew 786
4 Caldwell 687
5 Bonnyton 668
6 Ranfurly Castle 630
7 East Renfrewshire 617 
8 Erskine 601
9 Kilmacolm 597
10 Cowglen 576

Wondering why MyGolfRanking changed when no competitive club events were being played?
MyGolfRanking is based on data compiled from a rolling 52 week cycle. 
Your result data from Week 2019/23 is replaced with data from Week 2020/23.

Friday 12 June 2020

Michele Thomson signs with Five Star Sports Agency

Michele and Paul Lawrie

5 Star Sports Agency is delighted that Ladies European Tour Professional, Michele Thomson  has signed to be represented by the Sports Management & Events company owned by Paul Lawrie.

“I’m really pleased to have come on board with 5Star. I’ve known Paul for a number of years, having previously been supported through his Foundation. I’ve also been attached to the Paul Lawrie Golf Centre for the last six months or so and it’s where I practise and play when not travelling and competing. It’ll be great to have the benefit of Paul’s experience both on and off the course. He’s seen all sides of the Pro game and knows exactly where we’re coming from as players. I also know most of my fellow 5Star clients and get along well with them so that’s great too.”

Michele joins the 5Star stable which, in addition to Paul, looks after European, Challenge Tour as well as Professionals on the LET Access and EuroPro Tours.

Michele is now looking forward to getting her season on the Ladies European Tour underway as soon as events can safely return and will have the full support and backing of Paul and the team at 5 Star Sports Agency when she does.

DRYBURGH Praises role model Rose for sponsoring new BRITISH Women’s Series

By Martin Dempster (The Scotsman) 

Gemma Dryburgh has heaped prizes on Justin Rose for standing up to women’s golf by sponsoring a new seven tournament series for women professionals. The opening event of the Justin Rose Ladies series will begin with a one day tournament on 18 June at Brockenhurst Manor in Hampshire, Rose’s home county.

The schedule also includes a trip to Royal St George’s, which had been due to host The Open in July before it was cancelled by the R&A due to the coronavirus crisis.

“I was so amazed when I heard the news Justin and [wife] Kate would be contributing to a series of events for us female professionals,” said Dryburgh, who holds cards for both the LPGA and LET but is waiting for those circuits to start up again.
“Liz Young, one of my fellow players, also deserves a big shout out as she came up with the initial idea of having an event at her home course and it sounds like things transpired from there once Kate and Justin heard about the event at Brockenhurst Manor.

It is such a good feeling to have such a high-profile player like Justin supporting us. It takes people like him to stand up for the women’s game to help move us forward and help people realise we have a great product and deserve more coverage and opportunities to show our skills.”

Dryburgh is hoping to play in the first four events in the series, which is set to be screened on Sky Sports Golf, and will be joined in the first one by Laura Davies. “Justin has always been a role model of mine,” added Dryburgh of the 2013 US Open champion and current Olympic champion.

“I was lucky enough to get a picture with him when I was at university as we used to volunteer at the PGA Tour event, the Zurich Classic, in New Orleans. Looking back on that moment now, it’s cool to think he’s now supporting these events that I’m going to be able to play in.”
Rose, who is believed to be contributing in the region of £35,000 as prize money, said he felt compelled to “step up and help” after reading about Liz Young and resident clubfitter Jason Macniven trying to run a ladies’ event at Brockenhurst Manor.

“I am sad that the Ladies European Tour has been suffering so badly and doesn’t really have a start date yet from what I know,” he said. “To me this seems somewhat unfair, my wife Kate and I felt there was an opportunity to step up and help.

Thursday 11 June 2020


Curtis Cup  photos-- courtesy of the R&A 
Click to enlarge

The 41st Curtis Cup at Conwy, due to take place from 12-14 June, has been rescheduled to 2021 in agreement with the USGA. The revised dates will be advised in due course.


Wednesday 10 June 2020


Rhona has her 1st Hole In One

Was meant to play with Rhona Murison today at Douglas Park Golf Club -- I called off because it was pouring with rain -- 

Rhona decided to maybe have a go at 9 holes and the rain went off and she played 18 holes -- She had her first  HOLE IN ONE at the 3rd witnessed by players on the course
-- The rain went off and only started when she got back to the Car Park !!

Shows you should turn up at the 1st and make a decision then -- as often the weather has nothing to do with what it says -- 

Many congrats Rhona and gutted that I missed it 


Down Memory Lane Photos Curtis Cup 2008 and 2012

The 41st Curtis Cup which was due to be played at Conway in North Wales on 12 - 14 June has been rescheduled to 2021 in agreement with the USGA with revised dates to be fixed.

Apart from all the matches  many of the Past players and Captains meet up and play prior to the event. 

I have therefore added some photos and videos that give you a feel of this wonderful amateur event.

Mary McKenna and Tegwen Mathews were the Captains in 2008 and 2012


If any one would like to share anymore to add to another album please contact me - EMAIL CAROL  and I will see what can be done 

Tuesday 9 June 2020


By Martin Dempster:
 Golf, believe it or not, has been the cause of the closest thing to a disagreement in the Dempster household during lockdown. More specifically, my good lady and I have differing views on the guidance about travel in phase one of restrictions being eased being a “broad five miles”.

In fairness, Mrs Dempster works in childcare, where safety is paramount every step of the way, and is a stickler for rules, hence why she believes that particular guideline, initiated by the Scottish Government and endorsed by Scottish Golf, should be adhered to by everyone for the time being.
That is primarily because, as a family, we have followed the restrictions introduced on 23 March, staying strictly within our local boundary other than delivering shopping to a relative on the shielding list and, as a consequence, feeling we are doing our bit in stopping the spread of Covid-19.

I have been totally on board with that and still am, but, at the same time, I don’t see too many problems, if any, from golfers utilising the “flexibility” talked about by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and using their own “judgment” to enjoy being back out on the course.
In some cases, that “judgment” call has been to jump in a car in Edinburgh and head to East Lothian or travel from Glasgow to Ayrshire because that’s where they normally play, which, surely, can hardly make anyone feel as though they are committing a heinous crime.
Especially not when you take into account the fact that the journey has been made by an individual on his/her own and, for the majority of the time, has been spent out in the fresh air with only one other person in an environment where social distancing is natural.

Since courses in Scotland reopened a week past Friday after being closed for nine weeks due to the coronavirus, I have not heard a single voice of discontent about clubs failing to deliver “safe golf ” through measures drawn up by the R&A, which is testament to staff and committee members at every single club in the country.

As was required, Scotland’s golfers have responded to mandatory restrictions in terms of format, bookings etc in exactly the way the clubs and also Scottish Golf were looking for, giving the impression that, at the end of the first full week of reopening, it was all tickety boo.
Not so, apparently. While it wasn’t aimed directly at golf, a letter sent on Friday to the chief executives of sports governing bodies in Scotland totally changed the tone around that “broad five miles” recommendation for recreation.

Sent by Joe Fitzpatrick MSP, the Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing, and Mel Young, chair of sportscotland, it acknowledged that the “majority” of people had, indeed, adhered to that guidance but also highlighted “evidence” of a minority travelling “significant distances unnecessarily”.
If people continue to make such journeys, the letter states, the Scottish Government “may have to put the restrictions on travel distance

“It’s a shame, really, that the focus from Joe Fitzpatrick and Mel Young about golf’s return is not about the positivity in the game at the moment. The nation’s golfers are generating a real buzz in the game”

Due to the majority of games at the moment being two balls and clubhouses remaining closed, golf clubs are not places where groups of any worrying size are congregating, and both clubs and golfers should be publicly applauded for that by the Scottish Government.
Yes, a few golfers may be travelling a bit further than others at the moment for a game, but threatening them with the law is not necessary. It is over the top, in fact, and it’s a shame, really, that the focus from Fitzpatrick, in particular, but also Young about golf ’s return is not about the positivity around the game at the moment.

Helped by mental health being improved enormously as a result of being back on courses, the nation’s golfers are generating a real buzz in the game, feeling proud to be part of it and no longer cringeing about the possibility of it being knocked from pillar to post.
That’s what we should be highlighting as opposed to nit-picking about someone travelling five miles or 25 miles to enjoy a hit out in the fresh air on a summer’s day, especially in the sport’s cradle.

Click to enlarge and read full article 

Monday 8 June 2020

Justin Rose to sponsor British women's golf series

The Rose Ladies Series will include a tournament at Royal St George’s Golf Club, which would have hosted men at Open Championship in July

By Kate Rowan 7 June 2020 • (The Telegraph) 

Justin Rose and his wife Kate are to sponsor a series of women’s golf tournaments for British professionals starting on June 18.
There will be seven events on the Rose Ladies Series including a tournament at Royal St George’s Golf Club, which would have hosted the men at the Open Championship next month before it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is understood that Rose, the 2013 US Open Champion and gold medallist at the Rio Olympics, is contributing £35,000 into the series as prize money, while all seven golf courses are giving up their facilities free of charge. All the tournaments will be played behind closed doors but Sky Sports will be broadcasting.
Last week the Sunday Telegraph revealed that golf would be the first women’s sport to return in Britain with the hosting of the Women’s Open at Brokenhurst Manor, a one-day event to be held on June 18. 
The tournament was the brainchild of Ladies European Tour player Liz Young and Jason MacNiven, who runs a custom club-fitting company at the Hampshire course. However, the event was without a sponsor and a broadcast partner. 

The Roses read about these efforts and were inspired to help as Justin felt it unfair that he will return to action on the PGA tour with the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial Country Club in Texas on Thursday, two months before his female counterparts can do so. 

The Evian Championship, which is a major, is due to be held between August 6 and 10 at the Evian Resort in the French Alps but not all LET players would be eligible to play. The LET and LPGA are expected to return in August.
“I am keenly aware that I now have the opportunity to go back to work and compete on the PGA Tour but this is not the same for the ladies and some junior tours as well,” said Rose, who also sponsors the Justin Rose Telegraph Junior Golf Championship. 

“I am sad that the Ladies’ European Tour has been suffering so badly. To me this seems somewhat unfair my wife Kate and I felt there was an opportunity to step up and help.
“The prize money is modest because it is me throwing in some money and then the ladies are paying an entry fee and being able to play for a pot. We wanted to give them the opportunity to play and to be ready for when the opportunities arise later in the summer.”
Other courses that have been signed up to host the JR Series are Bearwood Lakes Golf Club in Berkshire, JCB Golf and Country Club in Uttoxeter, Moor Park Golf Club and Buckinghamshire Golf Club

The Roses’ intervention has come at a time when women’s sport has been lagging behind the men in terms of re-opening in the UK with women’s football, rugby and netball leagues all cancelled with no imminent return date.
The cause is particularly close to Kate’s heart as she was a European champion gymnast. “I read about what Liz was trying to do and thought that Justin and I had to help”, said Kate.
“It is so important for the visibility of ladies’ golf that they can play at good courses and on TV because they need to be out there to both attract sponsors and keep their current sponsors happy as well as allowing more people to get to know who they are."  


  • The Scotsman

  • Scottish Golf has been urged to reinforce guidelines for recommended travel in phase one of lockdown restrictions being eased after a warning that the “broad five miles” could become law.

    The message was delivered to the chief executives of all the sports governing bodies in Scotland in a letter from Joe Fitzpatrick MSP, the Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing, and Mel Young, chair of sportscotland.
    They have acknowledged that the “majority” of people had adhered to the guidance to not travel more than five miles since golf was among the sports allowed to return, with courses reopening a week past Friday. But the letter also highlights “evidence” of a minority not abiding by the guidelines and travelling “significant distances unnecessarily”.

    The letter adds: “If people continue to make journeys which risk spreading the virus, we may have to put the restrictions on travel distance into law.
    “This is something we do not want to do, but may have to if we think it is necessary for the collective safety and wellbeing of everyone.
    “We ask that you reinforce this with your clubs and members as a matter of urgency.”

    Saturday 6 June 2020

    £7m R&A funding will filter down to golf clubs but is ‘not a rescue package’

    By Martin Dempster ( The Scotsman) 

    All home nations are receiving a share based on number of clubs in each country

    The R&A has said its recently-launched £7 million Covid-19 Fund is not a “rescue package” but, at the same time, is looking for national associations to use it to support clubs through a “difficult period”.

    Since it was unveiled just over a fortnight ago, the fund has been “very well received” by national associations and other affiliated bodies in Great Britain and Ireland as it aims to help golf deal with the impact of the pandemic.

    The R&A has set out guidelines about how the fund should be used by the likes of Scottish Golf and the other home unions, with the process for it filtering into clubs currently being finalised.

    “A small number of national associations have been in touch so far, with more anticipated, and, following collective discussion with the home nations, they are now working on their plans and proposals,” a spokesperson for the R&A told The Scotsman.

    “The funding will be spent where it can have the most impact. Within GB&I, each home nation is receiving a share based on the number of golf courses in their country. The process is already underway and, within the four home nations, we would reasonably expect grants to be reaching clubs by mid-summer.”

    While courses around the UK and Ireland have now reopened, they all suffered a significant loss of revenue just as the new season was about to swing into action.

    A number of clubs are now enjoying a boost in membership due to golf being one of the first outdoor sports activities to be allowed as lockdown restrictions are eased, but many still face an uncertain future.

    “We don’t see this as a rescue package and haven’t described it as such,” added the spokesperson in reply to being asked if it was hoped the fund can make the difference in some clubs surviving a nine-week closure.

    “But we do expect the funds to be allocated in ways to support clubs through what has been and will be a difficult period. Funds will be allocated by our affiliates where they believe the money will have the most impact.”

    Martin Slumbers, the R&A’s chief executive, described the club scene as the “bedrock of our sport” when the fund was launched, adding the governing body had a “responsibility to do what we can to help in such a crisis”.

    That is why the fund is being aimed at clubs facing “serious financial difficulties”, though, at the same time associations are being encouraged to use it for “other activities key to the future of the sport”.

    Asked to expand on that, the spokesperson said: “As well as supporting golf clubs, we hope some of the funding will be spent on initiatives which we believe will help golf longer term. These include more clubs signing up to The R&A Women in Golf Charter, encouraging family play, ready golf, shorter forms of play and more.”

    Scottish Golf said it will provide an update to member clubs about how it aims to utilise the fund as soon as the nuts and bolts are in place.

    “Having welcomed the funding package for clubs affected by Covid-19, we are now in the process of developing an application framework that aligns to the overarching criteria of the fund and will update all affiliated clubs here in Scotland of the next steps, outlining how and when applications can be made, before the end of the month,” said 
a statement.

    Meantime Scottish Golf’s AGM which was postponed in March as the coronavirus started to hit, has been rescheduled for 25th June, when it will be conducted via video and audio conference call.