Saturday 21 March 2009

Lanarkshire County Centenary Dinner Success

Lanarkshire Past Captains - Click to enlarge
Captain May Hughes , Hon President Margo Bauer and Past Captains Mary McKay, Anne Prentice, Jean Cameron, Anne Burden, Isobel Kempsell, Jean Reid, Pat Hutton, Margaret Allan, Janice Paterson, Joyce Scott, Sheena Boyd and Elizabeth Nelson--- Click to enlarge (courtesy of Jean McIntyre)

The LLCGA Centenary Dinner , held in Kirkhill Golf Club last night proved to be most enjoyable for the 104 members who attended. The Centenary cake was cut by Honorary President, Margo Bauer. After Vice Captain Lesley Lloyd said grace a very tasty meal was enjoyed.
Captain May Hughes gave a most informative and amusing account of the History of LLCGA outlining the many successes of past and present members and teams.
To read all about it and see some photographs of the event go to the
Lanarkshire County Website