Thursday, 3 November 2016

June Lockhart is the new West Vets Captain

Future, Present and Past Captains -- Chris Fowler, June Lockhart and Marion Stewart

46 ladies attended the AGM of the West Division's SLVGA which was held at Cowglen GC this afternoon - Thursday, November 3rd 2016.

Captain Marion Stewart gave a full review of a successful season for the West Vets. 

She then handed over the Captain's roll to June Lockhart and the new Vice Captain is Chris Fowler (pictured above)

Honorary Members Heather Anderson, Wendy Cameron and Aileen Wilson

Aileen Wilson and Heather Anderson were awarded Honorary Membership of the West Vets and were presented with their Honorary membership certificates. Both Heather and Aileen were delighted and both gave entertaining replies. 
West Vets now have 3 honorary Members - Wendy Cameron being the 3rd - she was awarded the title in 2010
Honorary Member Wendy Cameron then presented the prizes to this year's winners.

Some of the main prizewinners

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