Thursday, 4 October 2018

Affiliation Increase Approved at Scottish Golf General Meeting

Scottish Golf’s membership has voted in favour of a resolution to increase the per capita fee at a General Meeting held at the Stirling Court Hotel tonight.
The resolution was passed with a majority vote of 60.2%. The increase from £11.25 to £14.50 will take effect from January 2019 and will be frozen until the collection of subscriptions in January 2022.
The increased revenue of circa £500,000 has been ring-fenced to support the development of key strategic priorities and also to offset proposed cuts announced in light of decreased funding available to Scottish Golf.
To read more go to Specifically, it will also enable Scottish Golf to create a fit-for-purpose national junior programme, explore income generation from non-membership golfers – known as nomadic golfers – and offer a free-of-charge digital service for clubs to support and improve membership services at all levels, including tee-booking, competition management, and handicapping.
To read more go to The Scottish Golf Website