Friday, 22 February 2019


From Scottish Golf

Following our last correspondence with you at the end of January, Scottish Golf is pleased to provide clubs with a further update on the new Venue Management System.

 Recruitment: With over 300 clubs expressing their interest in adopting the new system, Scottish Golf identified that there was a need to recruit two new Project Managers to support with the implementation of the VMS across Scotland.

 Ensuring that clubs receive adequate support is crucial, and in order to make the transition for clubs as smooth as possible, the new post-holders will have a specific focus on supporting clubs interested in adopting the system.

 We are pleased to confirm that recruitment has taken place for these roles, with both successful applicants bringing a wealth of experience to the organisation.

Both post-holders have worked in golf, and more importantly, with golf clubs in Scotland and will be a huge asset to the organisation. Both post-holders are looking forward to working with our clubs and will be in touch with all clubs who have expressed an interest in the digital platform in the next 4-6 weeks.

Testing, testing! 

 Since our last correspondence, we are delighted to inform clubs that the system is now up and running in two test clubs.

 While both clubs share the same goal of delivering golf to its members, the way in which this is achieved differs operationally.
It is this difference that provides us with the perfect opportunity to ensure that the full range of features that the platform has to offer are adequately tested in different environments.

 Like with all new technology, it is essential that we take our time to complete a robust test of the system to iron out any potential issues, ensuring that we listen to clubs and make sure that the new system works effectively for the user.

 This is a hugely exciting step forward and we will continue to provide clubs with an update once testing has been complete.

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