Wednesday, 11 November 2020


Following the First Ministers update in Parliament on Tuesday 10 November, Scottish Golf has been in further dialogue with our partners at sportscotland to gain further clarity on the current travel guidance in place. We are now able to provide the following updated travel guidance for all golf clubs below: 

 • You should avoid travel to other areas regardless of their level unless essential.

.• For exercise/sport – there is an exemption, however, it is limited: In Level 4, not permitted to drive outside your Local Authority area for exercise – you can cross boundaries in the process of exercising i.e if a golf course straddles two Local Authority area boundaries. 

 In Level 3 - You can travel anywhere within your local authority area to take part in sport. You may cross a local authority boundary by up to 5 miles if necessary, this includes where a golf course straddles two local authority areas. You can currently travel up to 5 miles into another local authority for sport where this is absolutely necessary and you cannot access the sport otherwise. 
If there is a more local option to play golf within your local authority area, this would be recommended as unnecessary travel is being actively discouraged.
 In Levels 0-2 - Adults should, where possible, minimise unnecessary travel between areas and not travel to a Level 3 or 4. It is important that we continue to show good adherence to the current guidance in place and Scottish Golf encourages all clubs and golfers to play their part in demonstrating that as a sport, we are acting responsibly and safely amidst the ongoing restrictions. 

 The current guidance for golf remains the same and is summarised below: 

 • On-course golf activities can continue under our current Phase 3 Guidance, with up to four players from four different households allowed to participate together. 
There are no changes to access to toilet facilities, locker rooms or professional shops which can continue to be utilised provided all appropriate measures, such as the use of face masks, increased sanitation are adhered to. 
• Clubhouses and sports facilities which provide catering and bar services, can operate providing they adhere to Scottish Government guidance appropriate to the protection level in which they are operating.