Thursday 23 December 2021


Carol -- It was lovely to finally meet you at the service. 

I can't remember a time when I haven't heard Mum mention you and it was so good to put a face to the name. 
I really appreciate you taking time to come to the service and would like to use this  blog to pass on my thanks to all those involved in the Renfrewshire Ladies County Golf Association, West Vets and beyond who attended the service or sent cards, messages and flowers - these have genuinely meant the world to me and its been a real comfort to know so many other people thought mum was pretty special. 

I would also like to mention those who stood down at Caldwell Golf Club for the cortege passing. Coming over the bridge and along the road to see all the ladies gathered took my breath away. It was both  unexpected and wonderful.  - Mum would have LOVED that so much. 
I have spent the day trying to find the words to express what an amazing scene that was and there really isn't any to do it justice -- so if its ok I'll just say THANK YOU 

A bit like the Pharaoh's, Mum was sent off with the essentials for the after life - best golf jumper, shoes, glove, scorecard, pencil, marker tee and skip ! 

Those that knew her knew she was terrible for always looking to change her clubs so I'm expecting she'll get a new celestial set. I hope you and everyone have a lovely Christmas and wish you all the best for the coming year. 

The photo I took of the flag at half mast down at Caldwell GC on the way home from the service. I thought it summed the day up really well.

Thanks again - Lesley (Anderson)