Monday, 8 October 2007

Greenlees Lunch and Presentation

The Greenlees Trophy Winners
75 ladies attended the Greenlees Lunch and presentation of trophies at Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club today.
After a delicious lunch Past SLGA President Nancy Chisholm of Prestwick St Nicholas who was at the top table told us all about Mrs Greenlees who was a member of Prestwick St Nicholas when the club had over 400 lady members and left to join Troon just before the trophy donated by her husband was given in 1931.
Secondly, Prestwick St Nicholas were the 1st winners of the Greenlees Trophy after a play off with Troon Ladies with a slender victory of 5 - 4. This play off was at Western Gailes !
She then mentioned many famous players that have played thro' the years in the Greenlees matches eg to name but a few --- Jean McCulloch, Helen Holm, Nan Baird
The main objective of the competition is to "develop and encourage team spirit and help in particular, young players gain match play experience." Suppose and inclined to forget at the time Mrs Greenlees, Helen Holm in the early 20's and Jean McCulloch in the early 30's.
She talked about the Past, present and future about names that cut their competition teeth on Greenlees ground with a few names that spring to mind --- Betty Singleton, Dorothea Hastings, Belle Robertson, Alison Gemmell,Donna Jackson, Megan Briggs, Karen Fitzgerald, Aileen Wilson and Fiona and Mhairi McKay but to name a few !!
Another few formidable and dedicated characters --- Jean Watson, Jean Brown, Allison Brown, Ann Prentice, Megan Howie, Jessie Donaldson, Gladys Manson and of course our own Willeen McCallum.
Some were side-tracked into Senior Admin Office --- Bunny Grant, Wendy Cameron, Sheila Goudie and Pat Hutton amongst others. BUT THE COMMON DENOMINATOR for all these ladies from THE WEST OF SCOTLAND would have delighted Mrs Greenlees --- They were all active Greenlees Team members.
However there have been many changes that have taken part in dress --- trousers taboo in 1931. Great changes also in fitness and equipment. The advice given to Lady Golfers in the 1930's Nancy quoted "To avoid chills take a hot footbath immediately after each game " --- BUT THE CHIEF DANGER for the woman golfer who wants to preserve her looks is the harm she unconsciously does to her expression. This, of course is caused simply and solely by the tremendous concentration which is required during play and a general anxiety to do her best "It is extremely difficult to regulate one's features and keep them make like but it is quite easy, with a little practice to keep them serene in the face of bunkers and the like! Frowns are devastating to beauty". For some of us this advice may have come a bit late but to the younger ones amongst us - A WORD OF WARNING - Beware when next you are confronted with those of us who hae the odd frown or two you may be up against a "GREENLEES PLAYER with tremendous concentation to do her best". Rather than worrying about her facial features instead she has been practising her putting !!

Willeen McCallum, the Greenlees Secretary then gave a most informative speech detailing how all the divisional matches finished.
Cochrane Castle were the winners of the Greenlees Trophy with 48 Points with Prestwick St Nicholas second on 43.5 points. Relegated are Cardross and Lanark.
Division 2 was won by Troon with 52 points and Douglas Park were runners Up with 45.5 points. Relegated are Haggs Castle and East Renfrewshire
Milngavie were division 3 winners with 57 points with Cowglen runners up on 49 points

Willeen is hoping to retire after 18 years as West of Scotland Greenlees Secretary (Anyone who would like to take over please let us know) and she hoped that the friendships made and the enjoyment of the Greenlees Trophy Competition continues for many years to come.
Notice was given for the annual meeting on the 2nd Tuesday in December --- A notice will be sent out in November
Pearl Orr (Cochrane Castle) --- winners of the Greenlees Trophy for the 4th year out of the last 5 accepted the Greenlees Trophy from Evelyn Girvan (Captain of Prestwick St Nicholas) thanked Willeen for organizing the Greenlees event yet again.

Willeen thanked Evelyn for presenting the Trophies and Rosa Maxwell (Secretary Prestwick St Nicholas) for organizing the beautiful lunch and the Gents Committee for the wine. She also thanked Carol Fell for keeping all the results up to date on this website and the Renfrewshire Website

She then presented Evelyn, Nancy, Rosa and Carol each with wine and flowers in appreciation of their help ---- Many thanks indeed from all of us

In the meantime here are a few PHOTOGRAPHS AND SHORT VIDEO OF THE PRESENTATION SPEECHES from todays lunch and presentation.

Division 1
Cochrane Castle 48 ---- Winners
Prestwick St Nicholas 43.5 ---- Runners Up
Cathkin Braes 42
Kilmarnock Barassie 38
Ranfurly Castle 35.5
Kilmacolm 33.5
Hilton Park 29
Cardross 28
Lanark 26.5

Cardross and Lanark go down to Division 2

Division 2
Troon 52 ---- Winners
Douglas Park 45.5 ---- Runners Up
Erskine 37.5
Bothwell Castle 37.5
West Kilbride 34
Whitecraigs 33
Old Ranfurly 30.5
East Renfrewshire 28
Haggs Castle 26

Troon and Douglas Park are promoted to Division 1
East Renfrewshire and Haggs Castle go down to Division 3

Division 3
Milngavie 57 ---- Winners
Cowglen 49 ---- Runners - Up
Williamwood 48
Largs 44
Greenock 40.5
Eastwood 39
Cathcart Castle 37
Cawder 35
Lenzie 30
Turnberry 21.5

Greenock had -2 deducted against Williamwood Eastwood had -2 deducted against Lenzie
Milngavie and Cowglen are promoted to Division 2