Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Lanarkshire Juniors beat Renfrewshire Juniors

Lanarkshire Junior Team
Renfrewshire Junior Team
Lanarkshire Junior Team beat Renfrewshire Junior Team 4-1 at East Renfrewshire on Sunday 30th September 2007

Results-Renfrewshire names first-
Alyson McKechin beat Gillian Scanlan 4 and 3
Lesley Cosh lost to Emma Caddow 2 and 1
Saorcha Warren lost to Abigail Glikstein 3 and 1
Heather Howie lost to Jennifer Black 2 and 1
Samantha Cowan lost to Nicole Benson 2 and 1

Final score Renfrewshire 1 - Lanarkshire 4

Thanks go to Margaret Noblett (Lanarkshire Junior Secretary) for the Photos ---- click on each photo for an enlargement