Thursday 21 October 2010

70th Year Celebration Lunch and Presentation for the Greenlees Trophy

The Greenlees Lunch and Presentation of Trophies was held at West Kilbride Golf Club yesterday.
Fiona Roger (The West of Scotland Greenlees Secretary) organised the event.
All clubs from the 3 divisions within the Greenlees Trophy were represented and what a great celebration they all had ---- 70 YEARS SINCE THE GREENLEES TROPHY was first played. They were welcomed warmly by West Kilbride Golf Club with a glass of wine and a terrific lunch to follow.

The winners from all the divisions were presented with the trophies and there was much chat !!

GREENLEES LUNCH 2010 - Fiona's Speech

Another year of Greenlees Matches bites the dust and what an exciting end to the first Two Divisions. I find it hard to believe that I am standing here at West Kilbride when I feel Ihave only left the Troon lunch!

It is a pleasure to be here and I would like to thank West Kilbride on behalf of all those present today for very kindly agreeing to host the 2010 Greenlees Presentation Lunch. A very big thank you to all the staff behind the scenes and front of house for such a lovely lunch. To West Kilbride's Aileen Donaldson, for co-ordinating the day so calmly and efficiently - thank you for your time and effort. West Kilbride Club Captain Janette Mair and Ladies Captain Phyllis Howie for your input - Thank you to everyone for a job well done.

At this stage I would be asking the Ladies Captain to pass on our thanks to the Club Captain and Board. This year I have the pleasure of being able to thank the Club Captain in person and to thank her for her very kind words of welcome before lunch. Janette – I know your life currently isn’t your own – thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us today. I hope you are enjoying being our guest in your own club!!
I am sure that your year to date has been very successful – not I am sure without ups and downs – and I hope when your year of office ends, you will remember it as an enjoyable and fun time.

Thank you Phyllis for also taking the time to be here today and I would be very pleased if you would do us the honour of presenting the trophies later.
Many of you will perhaps not realise, but this is the 70th year that the Greenlees Trophy has been played for.
In 1931 ten teams played in one division - Troon, Prestwick St. Nicholas, Douglas Park, Paisley, Drumpellier, Sandyhills, Kilmacolm, Ranfurly Castle, Cathkin Braes and Cardross. At the end of the season Troon and Prestwick St. Nicholas both had 62 points, they had a play off over Western Gailes and Prestwick St Nicholas won by one match. Mrs Greenlees, on behalf of her husband who donated the trophy, presented it to Prestwick.
Cathkin must have found it all too much because they withdrew after year one and were replaced by Balmore!! I found a report written after the 1934 matches, I presume by the then Secretary. It read ----- matches have not been so keanly contested this year and certain clubs are lacking in team spirit. ----------. this Secretary won’t dare write a report!!

After the 1938 season the clubs on the waiting list were invited to join – West Kilbride, Erskine, Whitecraigs and Milngavie. Haggs Castle were also on the list but were no longer interested. 1939 season was to be played in two divisions but unfortunately the war years intervened and the trophy was not played for again until 1949.

Some of you may already have read this on the Carol’s West Web site.

In 1940 – 70 years ago – Richmond Golf Club displayed temporary rules on their notice board. I won’t read them all, but here are just a few.
These may seem funny to us in 2010 but not so funny in 1940. CLICK HERE TO READ THE LOCAL RULES

I have a small book in my bookcase called Life’s Little Instruction Book.
I often lift it up and have a read. It has 511 suggestions, observations and reminders on how to live a happy and rewarding life!!
Sing in the shower
Floss your teeth
Drink champagne for no reason at all
Put the cap back on the toothpaste
Ride a bike
Treat yourself to a massage on your birthday
Spread crunchy peanut butter on ginger biscuits for the perfect late night
When you know you need help, don’t delay in asking for it.
When I need help with computing problems I never delay asking Carol Fell for help!!

I would like to say a personal thank you to Carol for making sure everything ran smoothly on the web and dealing with the things she won’t let me touch! On behalf of us all thank you for the power of work you do not only for the Greenlees but for the Scottish Ladies Golf in general. It is immense and I sometimes think people don’t realise how immense it is.

Now for the business of the day – presentation of trophies. Phyllis may I ask you to join me for the presentations. ---

As it is the 70th year I would like to say that I am not sure if the Ladies from Troon realise they have been the most prolific winners of the Greenlees Trophy, first winning it in 1932. They did in fact win it 11 times in the first 15 and have their name engraved on the trophy 31 times to date the last being in 2008. In all the years since 1931 6 years is the longest period of time your name has not been on the trophy --- an amazing record - WELL DONE.

Milngavie have won it 9 times, Haggs Castle 8, Prestwick St. Nicholas 6, Cochrane Castle 4, Kilmacolm, West Kilbride and Cardross twice, Ranfurly Castle, Turnberry, Douglas Park and Sandyhills once.

I hope you have all enjoyed another competitive season. What an exciting finish in Division 1 – the last match Milngavie needing 7 points to pip Cathkin Braes by .5 and securing 7.5 points to win the league by 1 and in Division 2 Prestwick winning by just half a point from Whitecraigs and heading straight back to Division 1 for Season 2011. Whitecraigs deserve their promotion to Division 1 and Largs and Cowglen are promoted from Division 3.

To the teams going down a Division don’t despair – look forward to next season on different courses and for everyone the challenge will always be there.
The Greenlees Trophy 2010 is retained by Milngavie Golf Club with 48.5 points.
I had a lovely note from Anna Telfer (the Milngavie Team Captain) , who is unable to be here today
(which Fiona read out to everyone)

The Urn for Runner Up in Division 1 goes to Cathkin Braes for the second year in a row ----
Last year you were beaten into second place be half a point and this year by only a point. I know Joanna you and your team will be disappointed but what another great season you have had. May 2011 be ‘3rd time lucky’

Division 2 is won by Prestwick St Nicholas with 49 points.

Largs win Division 3 with a wonderful total of 46.5 points, remembering that Division 3 have only 7 matches as opposed to 8 in the other divisions.
As this is the 70th year of Greenlees League --- I have a small momento which I would like to give to each of the winners of the Divisions to keep in their Club Trophy Cabinets. May I ask Milngavie, Prestwick and Largs to come up and collect them.

I hope that next year’s Divisions are as closely contested and that we all remember to enjoy. Winter well and look forward to seeing everyone in season 2011
The Final Positions :-
Milngavie 48.5 -- Greenlees Trophy Winners
Cathkin Braes 47.5 -- Greenlees Trophy Runners Up
Kilmarnock Barassie 45
Ranfurly Castle 34.5
Douglas Park 34
Troon 34
Kilmacolm 30.5
West Kilbride 29 - relegated to Division 2
Cardross 21 - relegated to Division 2

Prestwick St. Nicholas 49 - Winners and promoted to Division 1
Whitecraigs 48.5 - Runners Up - Promoted to Division 1
Haggs Castle 44
Hilton Park 40.5
Erskine 34
Eastwood 33.5
Williamwood 28
Lanark 27 - Relegated to Division 3
Bothwell Castle 19.5 - Relegated to Division 3

Largs 46.5 - Winners -- Promoted to Division 2
Cowglen 34 - Runners Up - Promoted to Division 2
Old Ranfurly 33
Greenock 32.5
Lenzie 29
East Renfrewshire 27
Cawder 25.5
Cathcart Castle 24.5
Turnberry 0

(Louden Gowf Club will be joining Division 3 in 2011)


To see some photos from the Presentation and Lunch click on the small thumbnail below

2010 Greenlees Lunch

Jumping with Joy !! --- Milngavie win the Greenlees Trophy --- Click to enlarge