Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Link up with an Open champion aids Clare-Marie Macaulay's golf drive

By Nick Rodger Golf Correspondent - The Glasgow Herald -24th March
In this country, where the dank, grim days of winter are as short as a resigned sigh, the onset of some decent, dry spring weather doesn’t half raise the morale. Well, it would if the coronaviruswasn’t lurking all over the parish.
While nothing is more important than the health of all and sundry, the timing of the Covid-19 assault for those in the golfing industry has been as wonky as high handicapper’s swing.
Clare-Marie Macaulay’s admirable endeavours in spreading the game’s gospel into schools has been, temporarily, plunged into the rough but her enthusiasm for getting a new generation playing and, most of all, enjoying golf knows no bounds.