Thursday 23 April 2020

An Open Letter to the Scotsman Newspaper

An open letter to The Scotsman

Scottish Golf would like to address a number of comments made by The Scotsman newspaper in recent days following the departure of Scottish Golf’s CEO, Andrew McKinlay.
It has been indicated in one article that “it is edging close to being time for Scottish golf clubs to be contemplating rebellion.” We have spoken with, and had unprompted support of Scottish Golf’s strategy, vision and leadership from over 50 golf clubs and officials over the last 24 hours alone. This support varies from Club, Area and County representatives.
On social media, it was said that there is “no surprise to hear that Scottish Golf is now being reported to be in legal battles with software companies over its Venue Management System as this has been in the background for the past few months.” Scottish Golf can categorically deny any involvement in any “legal battles.”
Over the past 48 hours, Scottish Golf was not given the right to respond to any of the articles and allegations made towards them. This is despite the fact that we are always open to responding and working with colleagues in the media to address any requests that we receive. 
Allegations made about the Chair of Scottish Golf in editorial by The Scotsman are unfounded and unrepresentative of the truth. We believe the sentiment of which they have been written is on the verge of intimidation and harassment. Eleanor Cannon, who works on a voluntary basis, continues to have the full support of our Board. As an organisation we also continue to work with and have the support of the Government, R&A and sportscotland.
At Scottish Golf, we believe in open, honest and transparent communications at all times. It is our duty to support our member clubs during this difficult time and we remain committed to providing this help for golf clubs across the country.
Scottish Golf Board