Thursday, 18 June 2020



The key changes to golf in Scotland under our new Phase 2 Guidance is as follows: 
Tee Times and Access to the Course:
  • Daily time sheets and intervals are at the discretion of the club – the following groupings will be permitted in phase 2:
    • At the discretion of the club groups of up to three players consisting of multiple households are permitted so long as they adhere to the Government’s physical distancing rules
    • A group of four golfers is permitted if they can ensure that only three households are represented in that group
    • Competition play within the club may only resume in accordance with the updated guidelines. There should be no open events run at this time – this is based on the travel restrictions that remain in force and which are very clear in terms of staying local for exercise. 
Karin Sharp, Scottish Golf COO, said, “I have been greatly encouraged by the many positive updates we have received from golf clubs over the last few weeks, with full tee sheets and many clubs signing up new members in pretty healthy numbers. I believe that this next phase on the journey can bring further benefit to the golf community and ask for your continued support in ensuring that we all play our part in operating within the guidelines.
“I hope your members enjoy the increased group sizes permitted and any of the other aspects that you as a club determine will return in the weeks ahead. Let’s ensure that we position the great game of golf in a positive light and continue to demonstrate that we are a healthy sport that can be played giving due consideration to social distancing, whilst contributing to the improved health and mental wellbeing of many people across the country.”