Sunday, 4 July 2021

Midlothian win the East Division County Jamboree

Photo courtesy of MLCGA

Result -
East Lothian 3.5 Stirling and Clackmannanshire 4.5

Fife 3.5 Midlothian 4.5 

For Day 1 and Day 2 matchplay results -- CLICK HERE

Day 1:
Stirling & Clackmannan 4 Fife 4
Midlothian 4 East Lothian 4

Day 2 :
Stirling & Clackmannan 2.5 Midlothian 5.5
East Lothian 5 Fife 3

Day 3: 
Fife 3.5  Midlothian 4.5
East Lothian 3.5  Stirling & Clackmannan 4.5

Final result
1st - Midlothian ​
2nd - East Lothian 
3rd - Stirling & Clackmannan 
4th - Fife 

MLCGA - East Division County Team Champions
Photo courtesy of MLCGA

For More go to the Midlothian Website -- Click Here  (by Captain Louise Fraser)

The day started off quite exciting and Midlothian players were all full of enthusiasm. Match 1 got underway against Fife who were defending their title and it all became very tense out there as most of our players if not all were all square or down against their opponents.  Team Midlothian dug deep, hung in there and fought well into the back 9. The score line was changing in favour but only slightly. We ended up triumphing in 4 games against Fife with an amazing half at the 18th going via the trees and 3 ‘good’ losses going all the way to the 17th which gave us a satisfying 4 1/2 – 3 1/2 win.

East Lothian Versus Stirling & Clackmannan in Match 2. If East Lothian was to win 5-3, The tournament office were onto the big countback which they had been preparing for updating their stats every day. It was tight most of the way for the majority of their games. Stirling & Clackmannan came through in the end with a 4 1/2 – 3 1/2 win.

Match 2 result today meant Midlothian were out right winners on 5 match points (14 game points). Second was East Lothian 3 match points (12.5 game points), 3rd was Stirling & Clackmannan 3 match points (11 game points) and fourth Fife on 1 match point (10 1/2 game points).