Thursday, 3 June 2021

East Vets win against West Vets

L to R / Top row down -- Games 1- 8 (Order of results) 
Plus presentation at end
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Susan Penman (East Vets Captain) and her team met the West Vets Team at  Douglas Park Golf Club  on Tuesday 1st June.

With Covid restrictions in operation in Glasgow - Gillian Kyle (East Renfrewshire - who lives in Glasgow ) had to withdraw and Donna Jackson (The Ladies Golf Club Troon) suddenly had to withdraw that morning due to work commitments.

Also West Vets Captain Chris Fowler came out to support but unfortunately could not go into the clubhouse due to living in Glasgow. Vice Captain May Hughes who played was able to present the winning Trophy 

However, the match went ahead and was enjoyed by all on a lovely day  

 Results of the matches: West Vets 4 East Vets 5


Liz Stewart won 4 & 3 against Karen Ferguson-Sneddon

Lesley Lloyd won 2 & 1 against Anne Hanson 

Lorraine Campbell lost 4 & 3 against Caroline Steedman

Ruth Hunter lost 2 & 1 against Jennifer Bryan 

May Hughes won 3 & 2 against Ann Sewell

Gill McGinlay lost 2 & 1 against Dulcie Barnes

Linda McDougall won  3 & 2 against Morag Wardrop

Fiona Cameron lost 1 hole against Caroline Johnstone 

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