Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Ireland win the Seniors Hole Internationals with reduced play format

The Irish Winning Team

Ireland has won the Women’s Senior Home Internationals for the third year running after edging out England in the weather-affected round-robin event at County Sligo.
The event was reduced to two days after severe weather was forecast for the third and final day and therefore the decision was made to reschedule and play the five singles games in each match on the second day so that a winner could be determined. 
Ireland and England finished tied for first place on 2½ points after winning their matches against Scotland and Wales, and then sharing the points in the final match against each other. 
Therefore, it was the defending champions who retained the trophy thanks to a superior points total across all three matches played – 12 to England’s 11. 
Scotland finished third after securing a point with a win against Wales.   
The 2020 Women’s Senior Home Internationals will be played at West Kilbride from 22-24 September. 

Day 2 Results
Wales 1 Ireland. 4
Scotland  1 England 4
Morning Singles ( Scottish names first)

Elaine Moffat lost to Caroline Berry 1down
Alison Davidson beat Lulu Houseman 6&4
Sheena Wood lost to Paula Carver 6&4
Donna Jackson  lost to Pyecombe Greenfield 4&3
Lorna Mckinlay lost to Jackie Foster 6&5

England 2.5 Ireland 2.5
Scotland 3 Wales 2
Afternoon Singles (Welsh names first) 

Sharon Roberts lost to Alison Davidson 1 hole
Jane Rees beat Jennifer Bryans 3&1
Julie Thomas lost to Elaine Moffat 4&3
Denise Richards lost to  Aileen Baker 4&3
Anne Lewis beat Lorna McKinlay 2&1

FINAL RESULTS  - Many congrats go to Alison Davidson who won all her 3 singles

Winners Ireland, 12 - 6, 2.5
Runners Up England 11-7 , 2.5
3rd Scotland 6.5 - 11.5,  1
4th Wales 6.4 - 11.5, 0

      Played      Won        Halved    Lost

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