Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Scotland play England and Wales in singles Women’s Senior Home International Day 2

Due to an adverse weather forecast for Thursday 3 October, the format today (Wednesday 2 October) has been revised.  

Scotland plays England in the morning and Wales in the afternoon (Singles) 

Scotland  1 England 4
Morning Singles ( Scottish names first)

Elaine Moffat lost to Caroline Berry 1down
Alison Davidson beat Lulu Houseman 6&4
Sheena Wood lost to Paula Carver 6&4
Donna Jackson  lost to Pyecombe Greenfield 4&3
Lorna Mckinlay lost to Jackie Foster 6&5

Wales 1 Ireland. 4

Scotland 3 Wales 2
Afternoon Singles (Welsh names first) 

Sharon Roberts lost to Alison Davidson 1 hole
Jane Rees beat Jennifer Bryans 3&1
Julie Thomas lost to Elaine Moffat 4&3
Denise Richards lost to  Aileen Baker 4&3
Anne Lewis beat Lorna McKinlay 2&1

England 2.5 Ireland 2.5


Please Note
There will be no play on Thursday 3 October due to an adverse weather forecast. As such, Thursday's 5 single games in each match will be played on the afternoon of Wednesday 2 October and final team positions will be declared thereafter.

Report to follow later