Monday, 28 October 2019

Nikki Ferguson comments on a ban on Junior Girls playing in ladies Competitions

Nikki Ferguson -- Assistant Pro at Cathcart Castle

Ping have stepped in to overturn a widely criticised ban at Thonock Park Golf Club in Gainsborough. 

The golf club, which is owned by Ping, voted last week to prohibit junior girls playing in ladies competitions.
Ping seemed less than happy with the decision from the club and immediately stepped in to rectify the situation.
“Upon hearing news on the result of this vote, Ping (the proprietors of Thonock Park) immediately revoked the proposal and have it very clear that it goes completely against the values, principles and philosophies of Ping and would never permit this to go ahead,” read a statement from Ping Europe’s managing director, John Clark
“Ping will continue working very closely with the committees of Thonock Park to ensure the club provides every member with the highest quality experience.
The ban received heavy backlash, with many taking to social media to criticise the decision.
Nikki -- D&A county Champion, Milngavie and Clober Champion 2014

As Past D&A County Champion Nikki Ferguson said on social media 

"If I didn’t have the help from Clober and Milngavie GC growing up, I wouldn’t be where I am today! I won the Club Championship when I was a Junior. "

"Dunbartonshire & Argyll Ladies County helped me massively as well. I made so many friends growing up, many I’m still friends with today! "

"This should not be getting asked in this modern world!"