Tuesday 24 August 2021



Margot in 2020
at lunch at Erskine GC

For those who knew Margot Stewart  (Erskine) - she died on the 15th August at the age of 99 . 

Margot was born in her parents house where she lived in all her days and died at home (not many people could have managed that) -- She was a real feisty lady in fact a bit of a legend.

She was also  Past Secretary of Renfrewshire Ladies' County Golf Association (1989 - 1991) and treasurer for the West Vets for 5 years retiring in 1999

Many hockey players may remember Margot - She was a Scottish Internationalist (Centre Forward) and then a Scottish International and West District Selector in the 60's and 70's  

As she got older and took up golf she started to get a lot of bother with her knees (as many hockey players do !)  and when your webmaster met her at Erskine she would often ask me how my knees were !!

She used to meet the late Dorothea Hastings, Jean Brown and others every Friday for lunch regularly 

She was a real character who loved her regular wee dram at the Golf Club and was able to drive down to the club until she was about 95 - Her car did get a few dents and scrapes !!

She finally got a taxi down to Erskine after that and it took many of of her friends at the club about 15 minutes to get her out the lounge as she would talk non stop to everyone on the way.

You just had to admire her determination and spirit !! 

The Funeral is on Monday 30th and arrangements are in today’s Glasgow Herald - CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK  —- >>  GLASGOW HERALD